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Soft millipede, Polyxenidae - Polyxenus lagurus

Soft millipede, Polyxenidae - Polyxenus lagurus
Nashua, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire, USA
May 31, 2005
Size: 3 - 5 mm
Saw a couple of these under bark of 6 - 8 inch diam. conifer log.

Thank you, Rowland.
Moved from Polyxenidae.

Polyxenus ?lagurus
This penicillate ("pin-cushion") millipede is probably Polyxenus lagurus (L., 1758). It is a Holarctic species that occurs in both the Nearctic (North America) & Palaearctic (Europe) regions.

The Golden Guide to Spiders has an image that looks very similar. The Polyxenidae belong to the Pselaphognatha (subclass of soft millipedes). As long as the names haven't changed since 1968. ;)

I think you're right! Thanks Lynette.
I've just done a google image search on Polyxenidae and that's definitely what I shot. There were tiny black cara*bids and the tiniest scoly*tids I've ever seen making their living under the same bark this polyxenid was under.