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Pleasing Fungus Beetle - Dacne quadrimaculata

Pleasing Fungus Beetle - Dacne quadrimaculata
Horner Park, Richmond Hill (N43º52'20.2"W079º24'45.6"elev.199m), York Region, Ontario, Canada
June 5, 2008
Size: 3 mm
Collected 11 of these via the "conk-bonking" method. It looks a Glischrochilus of sorts, and if my suspicion is correct, then it is not one that's already in the guide.
This individual was getting off from a ride on a Tetratomid.

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Pleasing Fungus Beetle - Dacne quadrimaculata Sap-feeding Beetle - Dacne quadrimaculata Pleasing Fungus Beetle - Dacne quadrimaculata - male

Moved from Dacne.


couldn't this be a Dacne or smtg?
looks like Dacne to me

It does look to be an erotylid ... very similar to this. Perhaps D. quadrimaculata?

I'll vote for D. quardimuculata.
After all, it has four maculae. That's the only Dacne in New Hampshire btw.

only one
and from Downie and Arnett, this is the only one (of 5 NAm) listed for the NorthEast.

Looks like we have a match, then...
and another new species for BugGuide!

it sure does look like this.
that's exactly what i said. but the spp. would all look about the same on a drawing, and i'm not familiar with NA fauna anyway

The antennae are lighter in color
than any of the Glishros I've seen.

Will do...
I still have a whole bunch of these beetles living in the fungus. We do have all the northeastern species as you said. Thanks for reminding me.

or not
I don't believe this is a Glischrochilus, as we already have all the North Eastern species pictured in BugGuide, and this one is clearly not one of them. But beyond that, I haven't been able to offer any alternatives. Still, I'd suggest moving back to family level until someone can offer more positive ID.

A ventral image might be helpful if you still have the beetle.