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Species Zygiella x-notata

Orb Weaver with 6 legs - Zygiella x-notata Little brown spider - Zygiella x-notata - female spider - Zygiella x-notata - male Spider on iron fence - Zygiella x-notata Light Spider - Zygiella x-notata Light Spider - Zygiella x-notata Orb Spider - Zygiella x-notata Zygiella - Zygiella x-notata - female
Kingdom Animalia (Animals)
Phylum Arthropoda (Arthropods)
Subphylum Chelicerata (Chelicerates)
Class Arachnida (Arachnids)
Order Araneae (Spiders)
Infraorder Araneomorphae (True Spiders)
No Taxon (Entelegynes )
Family Araneidae (Orb Weavers)
No Taxon (Parazygiella / Zygiella)
Genus Zygiella
Species x-notata (Zygiella x-notata)
Body length of female = 7.4-8.7 mm; of male 6-6.5 mm. (1)
New England south to Virginia and west to the Pacific Coast and British Columbia. (1)
Introduced from Europe.

If it's found on a structure it's more likely Z. x-notata than Z. atrica.

Rod Crawford says "Which species can't be told from color alone. Z. x-notata and Z. atrica occur in urbanized habitats, the former on buildings and the latter on trees. Z. dispar is found in natural forest."
… 15 June, 2008
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