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Unknown 01 - Scolops

Unknown 01 - Scolops
Florien, Sabine Parish, Louisiana, USA
June 11, 2008
Close to Scolops sulcipes but not quite. Any Ideas? Thanks in advance!

Nice pic and nice find Ron.

Start here.

You might have read...
my initial post where I stated that I didn't have a clue but as soon as I saw the image after upping it I was struck with the notion to look through the planthoppers. I found the partridge bug (Scolops sulcipes) but it didn't look quite the same to me. I even googled and didn't come up with anything. Then I edited my original note with the picture... Sorry about that.

And thanks for the kind words and the help!

This is a long-winged individual of a species that usually has the wings shorter and rounder, more beetle-like. It is probably S. robustus, but if so, it is further east than this species has been recorded (AZ to TX and NE). If you have a side view showing the shape of the head process, this might help with the identification.

I am very sorry...
Dr. Hamilton, I was only able to get a few dorsal shots. It is also unfortunate that I will not be back in the area anytime soon as this was taken while on vacation. I have googled S. robustus and was unable to locate any images. If you could point me to a link or two of the species maybe I can determine if this is it or not.

Thanks again for your assistance!