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Halloween Pennant - Celithemis eponina

Halloween Pennant - Celithemis eponina
Kenner, Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, USA
June 15, 2008
I know these aren't the best pictures but I hope they will be enough to confirm my idea about this being a Halloween Pennant (Celithemis eponina)

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Halloween Pennant - Celithemis eponina Halloween Pennant - Celithemis eponina

Ron, I think these pictures, from an artist's point of view, are beautiful. I also think that from a field guide point a view, they're good too. Not a pro's opinion, but, like with art, I like what I like, and beauty's in the eye of the beholder...

Thanks Jeanne!
It never hurts to hear nice things about your work. This guy was very skittish and hard to shoot. I had followed him for quite a while before deciding to get drastic.

I had to < old army term> low crawl< /old army term> through some tall vegetation swarming with wasp, which I am allergic to, and swaying in the stiff breeze up a fairly steep hill. The shot was made while lying on my stomach and arching upward. I had to hold the camera with one hand because I need the other arm for holding some of the vegetation out of the way. That part didn’t work very well… I felt lucky to have even gotten a picture at all but to get a compliment makes it all the better!

Thanks again Jeanne!