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Hyphantria cunea

Hyphantria cunea
Sevenmile Creek, 8 kilometers northwest of Helena, Lewis and Clark County, Montana, USA
August 18, 2020
Ca 30 larvae in web nest about 2 m high in a Prunus virginiana surrounded by grasses above a stream terrace. One of several nests noted in chokecherries along about 2 km of stream this fall. Frass present and chokecherry leaves brown and dry within nest. Elevation ca 4000 feet. Disturbed, shrubby riparian corridor on stream restoration site within a patchwork of native and non-native grassland. My apologies for the poor image quality.

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Hyphantria cunea Hyphantria cunea Hyphantria cunea

Yes, Hyphantria cunea
Moved from ID Request.

Time of year and position of web on the tree (enclosing leaves at the end of a branch as opposed to a web at the crotch of a branch) rules out the tent caterpillars. Appearance of the caterpillars also matches Hyphantria cunea.

Thank you!
Thank you! Glad for the confirmation.