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Recommendations for a very simple photo editor?

Hi all,

After Google Picassa died, I switched to Adobe Lightroom, but it runs very slowly on my laptop (I have the minimum amount of RAM needed, but not the recommended amount for optimal performance), makes me sign in constantly and is quite expensive. I know that Lightroom is very highly regarded, but I am ready to switch to something simpler. In my case, I do NOT need cloud storage/backup, I don't need all of the myriad "effects", etc. Believe it or not, Microsoft Photos is almost sufficient for what I want to do (which is basically crop, make some minor changes in the contrast/lighting and save), but I would like to have some sort of "auto contrast" feature that Photos seems to lack.

Any suggestions for something simple that might work for me? I am quite willing to pay to purchase the software, but don't want a monthly fee. Something that doesn't use a lot of RAM...


I've used a program called Pinta for a while now and like it. Not exactly sure how efficient it is, but it's free so worth a shot.

Photo Editor
You may like FastStone Image viewer. For a free program it packs a lot of punch. It's a small program so it may work well (fast) on your laptop. it does not do layers as Gimp but is very easy to use--it will not require a long learning curve.

some suggestions
For the most part I use GIMP. Another program I use is Irfanview. Both are free programs. I don't know if either program would be of use to you but they may be worth looking at. I suspect that GIMP may use more RAM than you would like.

Agree with irfanview
I used it for a long time when I was on Windows. After switching to a Mac I have been using Apple Photos in almost the identical way you described, Ken.

Thanks Ilona!
I just downloaded Irfanview and it looks promising...