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Isopod - Sphaeroma

Isopod - Sphaeroma
Jacksonville , Duval County, Florida, USA
March 4, 2020
So based on a paper I just read “ The body of Sphaeroma quadridentatum lacks tubercles, easily dis­ tinguishing it from S. terebrans” i believe this to be S. quadridentata. It also has serrated uropods which seem to be a defining feature as well.

Moved from Sphaeromatidea.

Moved from Isopods.

It should be fine to put at genus
No other genus in Florida has such strongly-serrated uropods like this

Looks good for Sphaeroma
I don't know the genus in Florida very well but I think both S. quadridentatum and S. serratum both have smooth telsons. S. quadridentatum is supposed to have a pointier telson like the central isopod here but I haven't really figured out how to tell them apart.

The serrated uropod exopods should definitely make these Sphaeroma though