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Very Strange Crossbreed Looking Bumble Bee

I saw in my yard, a year or so ago, the strangest insect. It had the body of a bumblebee, quad wings, and huge feathery antenna like that of a moth. I only saw it once... and it's never returned as far as I know. It was thinner and smaller than the big fat furry bumble bees I usually observe in our gardens. It didn't seem aggressive or easily threatened either.

Is this some kind of freak of nature, or is it an actual type of bumble bee found in North America? I live in Richmond Virginia.

This is crazy, but...
Today, I saw a weird bumblebee in my yard. I was longer than a normal bumblebee...almost twice as long. It was predominantly dark with two yellow stripes around its tail section. It acted like a bee, and other than being a bit more agile than a bumblebee, it just looked...stretched, and had a lack of color (just the two yellow-gold stripes). It was feeding on Phlox flowers, and I didn't get inside to my camera fast enough. This thing looked like a hybrid of some kind. I did not notice any feathery antennae. I am also in Richmond, Virginia.


I'd put my money on a bee-like robberfly...the third picture.

Nope, it wasn't any of those.
Nope, it wasn't any of those. It looked exactly like a bumble bee, only a little slimmer, same size, same dimensions, but it had 4 wings that appeared to be bumble bee sized wings, and huuuuuge feathery antennae.

Maybe a bee and one of these other guys knocked boots? :D

There are all kinds of insects that mimic bees- off the top of my head I can think of moths, beetles, and flies, but I'm sure there are others. The flies in question have only two wings and short antennae, but that still leaves moths and beetles. I'll see if I can track down some examples.



Thanks! I look forward to wha
Thanks! I look forward to what you find!

It was the huge feathery antennae and the four wings that made me go "Wow! Look at that! Where's my freakin camera!" And the battery was of course dead...