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How to find queen wasp- Vespula/Where to buy

I live in CA, how can I find any queen wasps of the species Vespula, aka yellowjackets? I’ve had no luck finding them so far. No one even sells queen wasps, though I tried without avail to find anyone selling them. Does anyone know any place to buy queen wasps

If you wait until spring, or
If you wait until spring, or whenever you first see social wasps out and about, you can set out fermenting fruit, soda, moth bait, and similar things. At that time of year, there should mostly be queen wasps active. You can then capture individuals at the bait. What are the queens for?

Bugguide policies
I am pretty sure that Bugguide has a policy against buying and selling information. I confess I can't find it but I am pretty sure this is not the right place for this question.

I think he's OK
The submission form for adding a new forum topic states that "The trading or selling of bugs, except for research purposes" is off topic. Also, there is a whole forum for reporting unsolicited commercial posts (aka SPAM) for deletion. The poster is not interested in trading or selling anything.

That said, I'm unaware of any commercial use of Vespula spp., so I doubt if there is a seller out there. I suggest raiding a nest if such destruction is justified for educational or research purposes.