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larvae and puparia

Flies The Natural History & Diversity of Diptera
By Stephen A. Marshall
Firefly Books, 2012

Kleptoparasitism and phoresy in the Diptera
By Sivinski J., Marshall S.A., Petersson E.
Florida Entomologist 82: 179-197, 1999

Episodic radiations in the fly tree of life
By Wiegmann B.M. et al.
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 108(14): 5690-5695, 2011

Authors of fly names
By Evenhuis N.L.
Bishop Museum Technical Report No. 51. 181 pp., 2010
Full text
"A preliminary list of all authors who have proposed Diptera names at the family-level or below" (5375 names listed, as of 19.vii.2010)

Manual of Central American Diptera
By Brian V. Brown et al.
NRC Research Press, 2009
Does for Central America what the Manual of Nearctic Diptera did for North America.

Vol. 1, ISBN-13 9780660198330, publisher's page
Vol. 2, ISBN-13 9780660199580, publisher's page

Phylogeny and systematics of Diptera: Two decades of progress and prospects
By Yeates D.K., Wiegmann B.M., Courtney G.W., Meier R., Lambkin C., Pape T.
Zootaxa 1668: 565–590, 2007
Full text
Great reading, among other things.

A guide to the breeding habits and immature stages of Diptera Cyclorrhapha
By P. Ferrar
Entomonograph volume 8, 1987
Part 1 is text; a survey of all literature of ecology and morphology of cyclorrhaphous fly larvae up to 1987. It is organized by family and includes many summary tables for particularly complex families such as Muscidae. Part 2 is all figures. These works are peerless in breadth as reference material and are well written enough to be worth reading in full.

The families and genera of North American Diptera
By Charles H. Curran
An interesting old book, 512 pages. Available as a free download from this web page (...but be forewarned, the PDF file is a whopping 33MB!). I get the feeling this work may be a bit of a "classic" in the literature of NA diptera. A biographical summary on the author appears here.