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Asilid - Lestomyia - male - female

Asilid - Lestomyia - Male Female
Yosemite National Park, Mariposa County, California, USA
June 22, 2008
Size: 1.5cm or so
I think this might be in Asilinae, but I'm not sure. What are the characteristics to look for to sort Asilids to subfamily? I don't think it's a Promachus, it seemed much too small for that, hopefully someone can ID this mating pair. If it helps it was found on rocky soil/sand near Sentinel Dome at about 5000+ feet.

Lestomyia sp.
Hi Will, Herschel. These are nice picts of an unidentifiable sp. of Lestomyia (probably an undescribed one - as are most Lestomyia). Members of this genus are ground perchers and are active mainly in the Spring/ early Summer.

Asilinae. From the antenna. They are like a Ceratainiops or Laphriinae relative. Wonderful robber. Very strongly marked. Dr. Fisher may know it on sight. Asilinae have antenna ending in a fine or elongate thin segment.

I would hacve grabbed him for you but we were in the park at the time. I'm still keeping my eye out for 'legal' robbers for you. Do you think you could pass this along to Dr. Fisher? Thanks again!