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Cryptus albitarsis? - Cryptus albitarsis

Cryptus albitarsis? - Cryptus albitarsis
Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada
October 5, 2019

Moved from Atrophini.

The first abdominal segment is significantly too petiolate for Atrophini. Note as well the shape of the areolet. Carol's ID appears to be correct.

These ichneumonid misidentifications are beginning to become a bit problematic. Several are erroneous at the subfamily level and unreasonably diverge from taxonomic definitions. (For instance, all Rhyssinae have a strongly striated mesoscutum, but I've just had to remove a fair chunk that are clearly much too smooth.)

Moved from Ichneumonid Wasps.

Atrophini (male)…
See reference here.

Moved from ID Request.