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BugGuide is a National Moth Week Partner. How to add your National Moth Week 2021 photos. July 17-25.

Photos of insects and people from the Spring 2021 gathering in Louisiana, April 28-May 2

National Moth Week 2020 photos of insects and people.

Photos of insects and people from the 2019 BugGuide Gathering in Louisiana, July 25-27

Discussion, insects and people from the 2018 gathering in Virginia, July 27-29

Photos of insects and people from the 2015 gathering in Wisconsin, July 10-12

Photos of insects and people from the 2014 gathering in Virginia, June 4-7.

Photos of insects and people from the 2013 gathering in Arizona, July 25-28

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Family Dytiscidae - Predaceous Diving Beetles

Phylum Arthropoda - Arthropods
Subphylum Hexapoda - Hexapods
Class Insecta - Insects
Order Coleoptera - Beetles
Suborder Adephaga - Ground and Water Beetles
Family Dytiscidae - Predaceous Diving Beetles

Subfamily Agabinae
Genus Agabinus
Species sculpturellus - Agabinus sculpturellus
Species glabrellus - Agabinus glabrellus
Genus Agabus
Species ajax - Agabus ajax
Species ambiguus - Agabus ambiguus
Species ancillus - Agabus ancillus
Species antennatus - Agabus antennatus
Species anthracinus - Agabus anthracinus
Species approximatus - Agabus approximatus
Species arcticus - Agabus arcticus
Species audeni - Agabus audeni
Species austinii - Agabus austinii
Species bicolor - Agabus bicolor
Species bifarius - Agabus bifarius
Species bjorkmanae - Agabus bjorkmanae
Species canadensis - Agabus canadensis
Species clavicornis - Agabus clavicornis
Species confinis - Agabus confinis
Species cordatus - Agabus cordatus
Species discolor - Agabus discolor
Species disintegratus - Disintegrated Diving Beetle
Species elongatus - Agabus elongatus
Species erytropterus - Agabus erytropterus
Species falli - Agabus falli
Species fuscipennis - Agabus fuscipennis
Species griseipennis - Agabus griseipennis
Species infuscatus - Agabus infuscatus
Species inscriptus - Agabus inscriptus
Species kootenai - Agabus kootenai
Species leptapsis - Agabus leptapsis
Species lutosus - Agabus lutosus
Species obliteratus - Agabus obliteratus
Subspecies nectris - Agabus obliteratus nectris
Species phaeopterus - Agabus phaeopterus
Species pisobius - Agabus pisobius
Species punctatus - Agabus punctatus
Species punctulatus - Agabus punctulatus
Species semipunctatus - Agabus semipunctatus
Species strigulosus - Agabus strigulosus
Species smithi - Agabus smithi
Species taeniolatus - Agabus taeniolatus
Species tristis - Agabus tristis
Species triton - Agabus triton
Species verisimilis - Agabus verisimilis
No Taxon Larvae
Genus Carrhydrus
Species crassipes - Carrhydrus crassipes
Genus Hydrotrupes
Species palpalis - Hydrotrupes palpalis
Genus Ilybius
Species angustior - Ilybius angustior
Species biguttulus - Ilybius biguttulus
Species discedens - Ilybius discedens
Species erichsoni - Ilybius erichsoni
Species fraterculus - Ilybius fraterculus
Species gagates - Ilybius gagates
Species hypomelas - Ilybius hypomelas
Species ignarus - Ilybius ignarus
Species incarinatus - Ilybius incarinatus
Species larsoni - Ilybius larsoni
Species lineellus - Ilybius lineellus
Species oblitus - Ilybius oblitus
Species opacus - Ilybius opacus
Species picipes - Ilybius picipes
Species pleuriticus - Ilybius pleuriticus
Species quadrimaculatus - Ilybius quadrimaculatus
Species subaeneus - Ilybius subaeneus
Species vancouverensis - Ilybius vancouverensis
Species wasatjernae - Ilybius wasatjernae
No Taxon Larvae
Genus Ilybiosoma
Species perplexum - Ilybiosoma perplexum
Species seriatum - Ilybiosoma seriatum
Genus Platambus
Species astrictovittatus - Platambus astrictovittatus
Species flavovittatus - Platambus flavovittatus
Species semivittatus - Platambus semivittatus
Subfamily Copelatinae
Genus Copelatus
Species caelatipennis - Copelatus caelatipennis
Species chevrolati - Chevrolat's Dytiscid
Species cubaensis - Copelatus cubaensis
Species debilis - Copelatus debilis
Species distinctus - Copelatus distinctus
Species glyphicus - Copelatus glyphicus
Genus Hydrodytes
Species dodgei - Hydrodytes dodgei
Subfamily Colymbetinae
Tribe Colymbetini
Genus Colymbetes
Species dahuricus - Colymbetes dahuricus
Species densus - Colymbetes densus
Species dolabratus - Colymbetes dolabratus
Species exaratus - Colymbetes exaratus
Species incognitus - Colymbetes incognitus
Species longulus - Colymbetes longulus
Species sculptilis - Colymbetes sculptilis
Genus Hoperius
Species planatus - Hoperius planatus
Genus Meridiorhantus
Species calidus - Meridiorhantus calidus
Genus Nartus
Species sinuatus - Nartus sinuatus
Genus Neoscutopterus
Species angustus - Neoscutopterus angustus
Species hornii - Neoscutopterus hornii
Genus Rhantus
Species atricolor - Rhantus atricolor
Species binotatus - Rhantus binotatus
Species consimilis - Rhantus consimilis
Species frontalis - Rhantus frontalis
Species gutticollis - Rhantus gutticollis
Species sericans - Rhantus sericans
Species suturellus - Rhantus suturellus
Species wallisi - Rhantus wallisi
Subfamily Coptotominae
Genus Coptotomus
Species interrogatus - Coptotomus interrogatus
Species longulus - Coptotomus longulus
Species loticus - Coptotomus loticus
Species venustus - Coptotomus venustus
Subfamily Dytiscinae
Genus Dytiscus
Species alaskanus - Boreal Water Beetle
Species carolinus - Dytiscus carolinus
Species circumcinctus - Dytiscus circumcinctus
Species cordieri - Dytiscus cordieri
Species dauricus - Dytiscus dauricus
Species fasciventris - Understriped Diving Beetle
Species habilis - Dytiscus habilis
Species harrisii - Harris's Diving Beetle
Species hatchi - Dytiscus hatchi
Species hybridus - Dytiscus hybridus
Species marginicollis - Giant Green Water Beetle
Species verticalis - Vertical Diving Beetle
No Taxon Larvae
Genus Eretes
Species explicitus - Eretes explicitus
Species sticticus - Eretes sticticus
Tribe Aciliini
Genus Acilius
Species abbreviatus - Acilius abbreviatus
Species athabascae - Acilius athabascae
Species confusus - Acilius confusus
Species fraternus - Acilius fraternus
Species mediatus - Acilius mediatus
Species semisulcatus - Acilius semisulcatus
Species sylvanus - Acilius sylvanus
No Taxon Larvae
Genus Graphoderus
Species fascicollis - Graphoderus fascicollis
Species liberus - Graphoderus liberus
Species occidentalis - Graphoderus occidentalis
Species perplexus - Graphoderus perplexus
Genus Thermonectus
Species basillaris - Thermonectus basillaris
Species intermedius - Thermonectus intermedius
Species marmoratus - Sunburst Diving Beetle
Species nigrofasciatus - Thermonectus nigrofasciatus
Subspecies ornaticollis - Thermonectus nigrofasciatus ornaticollis
Subspecies nigrofasciatus - Thermonectus nigrofasciatus nigrofasciatus
Species sibleyi - Thermonectus sibleyi
Tribe Hydaticini
Genus Hydaticus
Species aruspex - Hydaticus aruspex
Species cinctipennis - Hydaticus cinctipennis
Species piceus - Hydaticus piceus
Genus Prodaticus
Species bimarginatus - Prodaticus bimarginatus
Tribe Cybistrini
Genus Cybister
Species explanatus - Cybister explanatus
Species fimbriolatus - Cybister fimbriolatus
No Taxon Larvae
Genus Megadytes
Species fraternus - Megadytes fraternus
Subfamily Hydroporinae
Genus Celina
Species angustata - Celina angustata
Species grossula - Celina grossula 0
Species hubbelli - Celina hubbelli
Species imitatrix - Celina imitatrix
Species occidentalis - Celina occidentalis
Species slossoni - Celina slossoni
Genus Laccornis
Species conoideus - Laccornis conoideus
Species latens - Laccornis latens
Species pacificus - Laccornis pacificus
Tribe Hydroporini
Genus Boreonectes
Species griseostriatus - Boreonectes griseostriatus
Species spenceri - Boreonectes spenceri
Genus Clarkhydrus
Species corvinus - Clarkhydrus corvinus
Species decemsignatus - Clarkhydrus decemsignatus
Species deceptus - Clarkhydrus deceptus
Species roffi - Clarkhydrus roffi
Genus Deuteronectes
Species angustior - Deuteronectes angustior
Species picturatus - Deuteronectes picturatus
Genus Haedeoporus
Species texanus - Haedeoporus texanus
Genus Heterosternuta
Species cocheconis - Heterosternuta cocheconis
Species diversicornis - Heterosternuta diversicornis
Species ohionis - Heterosternuta ohionis
Species pulchra - Heterosternuta pulchra
Species wickhami - Heterosternuta wickhami
Genus Hornectes
Species quadrimaculatus - Hornectes quadrimaculatus
Genus Hydrocolus
Species deflatus - Hydrocolus deflatus
Species oblitus - Hydrocolus oblitus
Species paugus - Hydrocolus paugus
Species persimilis - Hydrocolus persimilis
Species stagnalis - Hydrocolus stagnalis
Genus Hydroporus
Species appalachius - Hydroporus appalachius
Species badiellus - Hydroporus badiellus
Species columbianus - Hydroporus columbianus
Species dentellus - Hydroporus dentellus
Species despectus - Hydroporus despectus
Species fortis - Hydroporus fortis
Species fuscipennis - Hydroporus fuscipennis
Species gossei - Hydroporus gossei
Species lapponum - Hydroporus lapponum
Species larsoni - Hydroporus larsoni
Species longiusculus - Hydroporus longiusculus
Species mannerheimi - Hydroporus mannerheimi
Species melsheimeri - Hydroporus melsheimeri
Species morio - Hydroporus morio
Species niger - Hydroporus niger
Species notabilis - Hydroporus notabilis
Species occidentalis - Hydroporus occidentalis
Species pervicinus - Hydroporus pervicinus
Species pseudoniger - Hydroporus pseudoniger
Species puberulus - Hydroporus puberulus
Species rectus - Hydroporus rectus
Species rufilabris - Hydroporus rufilabris
Species rufinasus - Hydroporus rufinasus
Species signatus - Hydroporus signatus
Species striola - Hydroporus striola
Species subpubescens - Hydroporus subpubescens
Species tartaricus - Hydroporus tartaricus
Species tenebrosus - Hydroporus tenebrosus
Species tristis - Hydroporus tristis
Genus Leconectes
Species striatellus - Leconectes striatellus
Genus Lioporeus
Species triangularis - Lioporeus triangularis
Species pilatei - Lioporeus pilatei
Genus Mystonectes
Species coelamboides - Mystonectes coelamboides
Species panaminti - Mystonectes panaminti
Genus Nebrioporus
Species depressus - Nebrioporus depressus
Species macronychus - Nebrioporus macronychus
Genus Nectoboreus
Species aequinoctialis - Nectoboreus aequinoctialis
Species funereus - Nectoboreus funereus
Genus Nectoporus
Species abbreviatus - Nectoporus abbreviatus
Species congruus - Nectoporus congruus
Species crassulus - Nectoporus crassulus
Species obesus - Nectoporus obesus
Species sanmarkii - Nectoporus sanmarkii
Genus Neoporus
Species arizonicus - Neoporus arizonicus
Species aulicus - Neoporus aulicus
Species blanchardi - Neoporus blanchardi
Species carolinus - Neoporus carolinus
Species cimicoides - Neoporus cimicoides
Species clypealis - Neoporus clypealis
Species dilatatus - Neoporus dilatatus
Species dimidiatus - Neoporus dimidiatus
Species gaudens - Neoporus gaudens
Species hebes - Neoporus hebes
Species hybridus - Neoporus hybridus
Species lobatus - Neoporus lobatus
Species mellitus - Neoporus mellitus
Species psammodytes - Neoporus psammodytes
Species shermani - Neoporus shermani
Species spurius - Neoporus spurius
Species striatopunctatus - Neoporus striatopunctatus
Species sulcipennis - Neoporus sulcipennis
Species superioris - Neoporus superioris
Species undulatus - Neoporus undulatus
Species vitiosus - Neoporus vitiosus
Species vittatipennis - Neoporus vittatipennis
Species uniformis - Neoporus uniformis
Genus Oreodytes
Species alaskanus - Oreodytes alaskanus
Species humboldtensis - Oreodytes humboldtensis
Species laevis - Oreodytes laevis
Species scitulus - Oreodytes scitulus
Species snoqualmie - Oreodytes snoqualmie
Genus Sanfilippodytes
Species brumalis - Sanfilippodytes brumalis
Species compertus - Sanfilippodytes compertus
Species edwardsi - Sanfilippodytes edwardsi
Species latebrosus - Sanfilippodytes latebrosus
Species pacificus - Sanfilippodytes pacificus
Species pseudovilis - Sanfilippodytes pseudovilis
Species rossi - Sanfilippodytes rossi
Species terminalis - Sanfilippodytes terminalis
Genus Stygoporus
Species oregonensis - Stygoporus oregonensis
Genus Hydrovatus
Species brevipes - Hydrovatus brevipes
Species hornii - Hydrovatus hornii
Species peninsularis - Hydrovatus peninsularis
Species pustulatus - Hydrovatus pustulatus
Species platycornis - Hydrovatus platycornis
Tribe Vatellini
Genus Derovatellus
Species floridanus - Derovatellus floridanus
Genus Vatellus
Species mexicanus - Vatellus mexicanus
Tribe Bidessini
Genus Anodocheilus
Species exiguus - Anodocheilus exiguus
Genus Bidessonotus
Species pulicarius - Bidessonotus pulicarius
Species inconspicuus - Bidessonotus inconspicuus
Genus Brachyvatus
Species apicatus - Brachyvatus apicatus
Genus Comaldessus
Species stygius - Comal Springs Diving Beetle
Genus Liodessus
Species affinis - Liodessus affinis
No Taxon affinis complex
Species cantralli - Liodessus cantralli
Species crotchi - Liodessus crotchi
Species noviaffinis - Liodessus noviaffinis
Species obscurellus - Liodessus obscurellus
Genus Neobidessus
Species pulloides - Neobidessus pulloides
Species pullus - Neobidessus pullus
Species youngi - Neobidessus youngi
Genus Neoclypeodytes
Species amybethae - Neoclypeodytes amybethae
Species cinctellus - Neoclypeodytes cinctellus
Species discretus - Neoclypeodytes discretus
Species fryii - Neoclypeodytes fryii
Species haroldi - Neoclypeodytes haroldi
Species leachi - Neoclypeodytes leachi
Species ornatellus - Neoclypeodytes ornatellus
Species pictodes - Neoclypeodytes pictodes
Species plicipennis - Neoclypeodytes plicipennis
Species quadripustulatus - Neoclypeodytes quadripustulatus
Species roughleyi - Neoclypeodytes roughleyi
Genus Uvarus
Species falli - Uvarus falli
Species granarius - Uvarus granarius
Species lacustris - Uvarus lacustris
Species subtilis - Uvarus subtilis
Species texanus - Uvarus texanus
Tribe Hyphydrini
No Taxon GROUP convexa
No Taxon GROUP dispersa
No Taxon GROUP glabricula
Genus Desmopachria
Species convexa - Desmopachria convexa
Species dispersa - Desmopachria dispersa
Species mexicana - Desmopachria mexicana
Species seminola - Desmopachria seminola
Species portmanni - Desmopachria portmanni
Genus Pachydrus
Species princeps - Pachydrus princeps
Tribe Hygrotini
Genus Clemnius
Species laccophilinus - Clemnius laccophilinus
Species sylvanus - Clemnius sylvanus
Genus Hygrotus
Species compar - Hygrotus compar
Species dissimilis - Hygrotus dissimilis
Species falli - Hygrotus falli
Species fraternus - Hygrotus fraternus
Species impressopunctatus - Hygrotus impressopunctatus
Species infuscatus - Hygrotus infuscatus
Species lutescens - Hygrotus lutescens
Species marklini - Hygrotus marklini
Species masculinus - Hygrotus masculinus
Species nubilus - Hygrotus nubilus
Species patruelis - Hygrotus patruelis
Species picatus - Hygrotus picatus
Species punctilineatus - Hygrotus punctilineatus
Species salinarius - Hygrotus salinarius
Species sayi - Hygrotus sayi
Species sellatus - Hygrotus sellatus
Species semivittatus - Hygrotus semivittatus
Species suturalis - Hygrotus suturalis
Species tumidiventris - Hygrotus tumidiventris
Species turbidus - Hygrotus turbidus
Species unguicularis - Hygrotus unguicularis
No Taxon pedalis group
Species fontinalis - Hygrotus fontinalis
Subfamily Laccophilinae
Genus Agabetes
Species acuductus - Agabetes acuductus
Genus Laccomimus
Species pumilio - Laccomimus pumilio
Genus Laccophilus
Species biguttatus - Laccophilus biguttatus
Species fasciatus - Laccophilus fasciatus
Subspecies terminalis - Laccophilus fasciatus terminalis
Species gentilis - Laccophilus gentilis
Species horni - Laccophilus horni
Species maculosus - Laccophilus maculosus
Subspecies shermani - Laccophilus maculosus shermani
Subspecies decipiens - Laccophilus maculosus decipiens
Subspecies maculosus - Laccophilus maculosus maculosus
Species mexicanus - Laccophilus mexicanus
Species oscillator - Laccophilus oscillator
Species pictus - Laccophilus pictus
Subspecies coccinelloides - Laccophilus pictus coccinelloides
Subspecies insignis - Laccophilus pictus insignis
Species proximus - Laccophilus proximus
Species quadrilineatus - Laccophilus quadrilineatus
Species undatus - Laccophilus undatus
No Taxon Larvae
Subfamily Matinae
Genus Matus
Species bicarinatus - Matus bicarinatus
Species ovatus - Matus ovatus
No Taxon Unidentified Immature Stages