Identification, Images, & Information
For Insects, Spiders & Their Kin
For the United States & Canada

Order Araneae - Spiders

Phylum Arthropoda - Arthropods
Subphylum Chelicerata - Chelicerates
Class Arachnida - Arachnids
Order Araneae - Spiders

Infraorder Araneomorphae - True Spiders
No Taxon Entelegynae
Family Agelenidae - Funnel Weavers
Genus Agelenopsis - Grass Spiders
Species aperta - Agelenopsis aperta
Species emertoni - Agelenopsis emertoni
Species kastoni - Agelenopsis kastoni
Species longistyla - Agelenopsis longistyla
Species naevia - Agelenopsis naevia
Species oregonensis - Agelenopsis oregonensis
Species pennsylvanica - Agelenopsis pennsylvanica
Species potteri - Agelenopsis potteri
Species utahana - Agelenopsis utahana
No Taxon Development/growth
Genus Barronopsis
Species barrowsi - Barronopsis barrowsi
Species floridensis - Barronopsis floridensis
Species texana - Barronopsis texana
Genus Calilena
Species restricta - Calilena restricta
Species angelena - Calilena angelena
Genus Coras
Species aerialis - Coras aerialis
Species juvenilis - Coras juvenilis
Species lamellosus - Coras lamellosus
Species medicinalis - Coras medicinalis
Species montanus - Coras montanus
Genus Eratigena
Species agrestis - Hobo Spider
Species atrica - Eratigena atrica
Species duellica - Giant House Spider
Genus Hololena
Species curta - Hololena curta
Species dana - Hololena dana
Species hola - Hololena hola
Species nedra - Hololena nedra
Species santana - Hololena santana
Species tentativa - Hololena tentativa
Genus Rualena
Genus Tegenaria
Species domestica - Barn Funnel Weaver
Species pagana - Tegenaria pagana
Genus Wadotes
Species hybridus - Wadotes hybridus
Species calcaratus - Wadotes calcaratus
No Taxon Western Ageleninae
No Taxon Juveniles
Family Amaurobiidae - Hacklemesh Weavers
Genus Amaurobius
Species borealis - Amaurobius borealis
Species ferox - Amaurobius ferox
Species similis - Amaurobius similis
Genus Callobius
Species bennetti - Callobius bennetti
Species nomeus - Callobius nomeus
Species pictus - Callobius pictus
Species severus - Callobius severus
Genus Cybaeopsis
Species euopla - Cybaeopsis euopla
Species wabritaska - Cybaeopsis wabritaska
Genus Pimus
Species fractus - Pimus fractus
Family Anapidae
Genus Gertschanapis
Species shantzi - Gertschanapis shantzi
Family Anyphaenidae - Ghost Spiders
Genus Anyphaena
Species aperta - Anyphaena aperta
Species californica - Anyphaena californica
Species celer - Anyphaena celer
Species dixiana - Anyphaena dixiana
Species fraterna - Anyphaena fraterna
Species pacifica - Anyphaena pacifica
Species pectorosa - Anyphaena pectorosa
Genus Arachosia
Species cubana - Arachosia cubana
Genus Hibana
Species futilis - Hibana futilis
Species gracilis - Hibana gracilis
Species incursa - Hibana incursa
Species velox - Hibana velox
Genus Lupettiana
Species mordax - Lupettiana mordax
Genus Wulfila
Species albens - Wulfila albens
Species saltabundus - Wulfila saltabundus
No Taxon Unidentified Juveniles
No Taxon dark orange carapace wide eyes - SE
Family Araneidae - Orb Weavers
Genus Acacesia
Species hamata - Acacesia hamata
Genus Acanthepeira
Species cherokee - Acanthepeira cherokee
Species marion - Acanthepeira marion
Species stellata - Starbellied Orbweaver
Species venusta - Acanthepeira venusta
No Taxon juveniles
No Taxon cherokee / stellata
Genus Aculepeira
Species carbonarioides - Aculepeira carbonarioides
Species packardi - Aculepeira packardi
No Taxon Undescribed prairie species
Genus Allocyclosa
Species bifurca - Allocyclosa bifurca
Genus Araneus
Species alboventris - Araneus alboventris
Species andrewsi - Araneus andrewsi
Species arizonensis - Araneus arizonensis
Species bicentenarius - Giant Lichen Orbweaver
Species bispinosus - Araneus bispinosus
Species bivittatus - Araneus bivittatus
Species bonsallae - Araneus bonsallae
Species calusa - Araneus calusa
Species cavaticus - Barn Spider
Species cingulatus - Araneus cingulatus
Species corticarius - Araneus corticarius
Species detrimentosus - Araneus detrimentosus
Species diadematus - Cross Orbweaver
Species gadus - Araneus gadus
Species gemma - Araneus gemma
Species gemmoides - Cat-Faced Spider
Species groenlandicola - Araneus groenlandicola
Species guttulatus - Araneus guttulatus
Species illaudatus - Araneus illaudatus
Species iviei - Araneus iviei
Species juniperi - Araneus juniperi
Species mammatus - Araneus mammatus
Species marmoreus - Marbled Orbweaver
Species miniatus - Araneus miniatus
Species montereyensis - Araneus montereyensis
Species niveus - Araneus niveus
Species nordmanni - Araneus nordmanni
Species partitus - Araneus partitus
Species pegnia - Araneus pegnia
Species pratensis - Araneus pratensis
Species saevus - Araneus saevus
Species thaddeus - Lattice Orbweaver
Species trifolium - Shamrock Orbweaver
Species yukon - Araneus yukon
No Taxon holding bin for green Araneus
No Taxon illaudatus/gemmoides
Genus Araniella
Species proxima - Araniella proxima
No Taxon displicata/proxima overlap
Species displicata - Sixspotted Orbweaver
Genus Argiope
Species argentata - Silver Argiope
Species aurantia - Black-and-Yellow Argiope
No Taxon juveniles
No Taxon egg sacs
Species blanda - Argiope blanda
Species bruennichi - Argiope bruennichi
Species florida - Florida Argiope
Species trifasciata - Banded Argiope
Genus Cercidia
Species prominens - Cercidia prominens
Genus Cyclosa - Trashline Orbweavers
Species caroli - Cyclosa caroli
Species conica - Cyclosa conica
Species turbinata - Cyclosa turbinata
Species walckenaeri - Cyclosa walckenaeri
Genus Cyrtophora
Species citricola - Tropical tent-web spider
Genus Eriophora
Species edax - Eriophora edax
Species ravilla - Eriophora ravilla
Genus Eustala
Species anastera - Humpbacked Orbweaver
Species californiensis - Eustala californiensis
Species cepina - Eustala cepina
Species conchlea - Eustala conchlea
Species emertoni - Eustala emertoni
Species rosae - Eustala rosae
No Taxon anastera / brevispina
No Taxon anastera / cepina
No Taxon anastera / conchlea
No Taxon juveniles
Genus Gasteracantha
Species cancriformis - Spinybacked Orbweaver
Genus Gea
Species heptagon - Gea heptagon
Genus Hypsosinga
Species funebris - Hypsosinga funebris
Species pygmaea - Hypsosinga pygmaea
Species rubens - Hypsosinga rubens
Genus Kaira - Frilled Orbweavers
Species alba - Pale Frilled Orbweaver
Species altiventer - Kaira altiventer
Genus Larinia
Species borealis - Larinia borealis
Species directa - Larinia directa
No Taxon famulatoria / borealis
Genus Larinioides - Furrow spiders
Species cornutus - Furrow Orbweaver
No Taxon juveniles
Species patagiatus - Larinioides patagiatus
Species sclopetarius - Gray Cross Spider
No Taxon cornutus / patagiatus
No Taxon patagiatus / sclopetarius
No Taxon juveniles
Genus Mangora
Species gibberosa - Lined Orbweaver
Species maculata - Mangora maculata
Species passiva - Mangora passiva
Species placida - Tuftlegged Orbweaver
Species spiculata - Mangora spiculata
No Taxon maculata / spiculata
Genus Mastophora - Bolas Spiders
Species bisaccata - Mastophora bisaccata
Species cornigera - Mastophora cornigera
Species hutchinsoni - Mastophora hutchinsoni
Species leucabulba - Mastophora leucabulba
Species phrynosoma - Mastophora phrynosoma
Species timuqua - Mastophora timuqua
Species yeargani - Mastophora yeargani
Genus Mecynogea
Species lemniscata - Basilica Orbweaver
Genus Metazygia
Species wittfeldae - Metazygia wittfeldae
Species zilloides - Metazygia zilloides
Genus Metepeira
Species arizonica - Metepeira arizonica
Species comanche - Metepeira comanche
Species crassipes - Metepeira crassipes
Species datona - Metepeira datona
Species foxi - Metepeira foxi
Species gosoga - Metepeira gosoga
Species grandiosa - Metepeira grandiosa
Species labyrinthea - Labyrinth Orbweaver
Species minima - Metepeira minima
Species palustris - Metepeira palustris
Species pimungan - Metepeira pimungan
Species spinipes - Metepeira spinipes
Species ventura - Metepeira ventura
No Taxon unidentified spiderlings/juveniles
No Taxon Coastal Counties of California
Genus Micrathena
Species funebris - Micrathena funebris
Species gracilis - Spined Micrathena
Species mitrata - White Micrathena
Species sagittata - Arrowshaped Micrathena
Genus Neoscona - Spotted Orbweavers
Species arabesca - Arabesque Orbweaver
Species crucifera - Neoscona crucifera
Species domiciliorum - Spotted Orbweaver
Species nautica - Neoscona nautica
Species oaxacensis - Western Spotted Orbweaver
Species pratensis - Neoscona pratensis
Species utahana - Neoscona utahana
No Taxon unidentified juveniles
Genus Ocrepeira
Species ectypa - Ocrepeira ectypa
Species georgia - Ocrepeira georgia
Genus Scoloderus
Species nigriceps - Scoloderus nigriceps
Genus Singa
Species eugeni - Singa eugeni
Species keyserlingi - Singa keyserlingi
Genus Trichonephila - Golden Orb-weavers
Species clavata - Joro Spider
Species clavipes - Golden Silk Orbweaver
No Taxon juveniles
Genus Verrucosa
Species arenata - Arrowhead Spider
Genus Wagneriana
Species tauricornis - Wagneriana tauricornis
Genus Zygiella
Species atrica - Zygiella atrica
Species carpenteri - Zygiella carpenteri
Species dispar - Zygiella dispar
Species nearctica - Zygiella nearctica
Species x-notata - Zygiella x-notata
No Taxon atrica / x-notata overlap
No Taxon Parazygiella / Zygiella
No Taxon unidentified egg sacs, spiderlings, & young spiders
No Taxon Reviewed / Currently No ID
No Taxon holding bin--ventral sides only
Family Cheiracanthiidae
Genus Cheiracanthium - Longlegged Sac Spiders
Species inclusum - Cheiracanthium inclusum
Species mildei - Cheiracanthium mildei
Genus Strotarchus
Species piscatorius - Strotarchus piscatorius
Family Cithaeronidae
Genus Cithaeron
Species praedonius - Cithaeron praedonius
Family Clubionidae - Sac Spiders
Genus Elaver
Species excepta - Elaver excepta
Genus Clubiona - Leafcurling Sac Spiders
Species abboti - Clubiona abboti
Species bishopi - Clubiona bishopi
Species canadensis - Clubiona canadensis
Species johnsoni - Clubiona johnsoni
Species kastoni - Clubiona kastoni
Species kulczynskii - Clubiona kulczynskii
Species lutescens - Clubiona lutescens
Species maritima - Clubiona maritima
Species mimula - Clubiona mimula
Species moesta - Clubiona moesta
Species norvegica - Clubiona norvegica
Species obesa - Clubiona obesa
Species pacifica - Clubiona pacifica
Species pallidula - Clubiona pallidula
Species pikei - Clubiona pikei
Species pygmaea - Clubiona pygmaea
Species riparia - Clubiona riparia
Species spiralis - Clubiona spiralis
Species trivialis - Clubiona trivialis
Family Corinnidae - Antmimics and Ground Sac Spiders
Genus Castianeira
Species alteranda - Castianeira alteranda
Species amoena - Castianeira amoena
Species athena - Castianeira athena
Species cingulata - Twobanded Antmimic
Species crocata - Castianeira crocata
Species crucigera - Castianeira crucigera
Species descripta - Redspotted Antmimic
Species dorsata - Castianeira dorsata
Species floridana - Castianeira floridana
Species gertschi - Castianeira gertschi
Species longipalpa - Castianeira longipalpa
Species occidens - Castianeira occidens
Species thalia - Castianeira thalia
Species trilineata - Castianeira trilineata
Species variata - Castianeira variata
Species walsinghami - Castianeira walsinghami
No Taxon crocata / descripta
No Taxon longipalpa / variata
No Taxon possibly undescribed species in Arizona
No Taxon unknown Northeastern species
Genus Creugas
Species bajulus - Creugas bajulus
Species gulosus - Creugas gulosus
Genus Falconina
Species gracilis - Falconina gracilis
Genus Myrmecotypus
Species lineatus - Myrmecotypus lineatus
Genus Septentrinna
Species bicalcarata - Septentrinna bicalcarata
No Taxon egg sac
Family Ctenidae - Wandering Spiders
Genus Anahita
Species punctulata - Anahita punctulata
Genus Ctenus - Tropical wolf spiders
Species hibernalis - Ctenus hibernalis
Species valverdiensis - Ctenus valverdiensis
Species exlineae - Ctenus exlineae
Species captiosus - Ctenus captiosus
Genus Leptoctenus
Species byrrhus - Leptoctenus byrrhus
Family Cybaeidae
Genus Blabomma
Species californicum - Blabomma californicum
No Taxon Unnamed Species #3
Genus Calymmaria
Species californica - Calymmaria californica
Species emertoni - Calymmaria emertoni
Species monicae - Calymmaria monicae
Species monterey - Calymmaria monterey
Species nana - Calymmaria nana
Species persica - Calymmaria persica
Species suprema - Calymmaria suprema
Genus Cryphoeca
Species exlineae - Cryphoeca exlineae
Species montana - Cryphoeca montana
Genus Cybaeota
Species shastae - Cybaeota shastae
Genus Cybaeus
Species eutypus - Cybaeus eutypus
Species reticulatus - Cybaeus reticulatus
Species signifer - Cybaeus signifer
Genus Dirksia
Species cinctipes - Dirksia cinctipes
Genus Ethobuella
Species tuonops - Ethobuella tuonops
Genus Yorima
Species angelica - Yorima angelica
Family Deinopidae - Ogrefaced spider
Genus Deinopis - Ogrefaced spider
Species spinosa - Ogrefaced spider
Family Desidae
Genus Badumna
Species longinqua - Badumna longinqua
Genus Metaltella
Species simoni - Metaltella simoni
Family Dictynidae - Mesh Web Weavers
Genus Argenna
Species obesa - Argenna obesa
Genus Dictyna
Species agressa - Dictyna agressa
Species alaskae - Dictyna alaskae
Species bostoniensis - Dictyna bostoniensis
Species brevitarsa - Dictyna brevitarsa
Species calcarata - Dictyna calcarata
Species coloradensis - Dictyna coloradensis
Species foliacea - Dictyna foliacea
Species formidolosa - Dictyna formidolosa
Species major - Dictyna major
Species personata - Dictyna personata
Species saepei - Dictyna saepei
Species secuta - Dictyna secuta
Species volucripes - Dictyna volucripes
No Taxon "Dictyna-like"
Genus Emblyna
Species annulipes - Emblyna annulipes
Species completa - Emblyna completa
Species cruciata - Emblyna cruciata
Species francisca - Emblyna francisca
Species hentzi - Emblyna hentzi
Species manitoba - Emblyna manitoba
Species olympiana - Emblyna olympiana
Species oregona - Emblyna oregona
Species phylax - Emblyna phylax
Species reticulata - Emblyna reticulata
Species roscida - Emblyna roscida
Species saylori - Emblyna saylori
Species sublata - Emblyna sublata
Species uintana - Emblyna uintana
Genus Mallos
Species niveus - Mallos niveus
Species pallidus - Mallos pallidus
Species pearcei - Mallos pearcei
Genus Nigma
Species linsdalei - Nigma linsdalei
Genus Phantyna
Species bicornis - Phantyna bicornis
Genus Saltonia
Species incerta - Saltonia incerta
Genus Tivyna
Species moaba - Tivyna moaba
Genus Tricholathys
Species monterea - Tricholathys monterea
Family Gnaphosidae - Ground Spiders
Genus Callilepis
Species gertschi - Callilepis gertschi
Species gosoga - Callilepis gosoga
Species imbecilla - Callilepis imbecilla
Species mumai - Callilepis mumai
Species pluto - Callilepis pluto
Genus Camillina
Species pulchra - Camillina pulchra
Genus Cesonia
Species bilineata - Cesonia bilineata
Species classica - Cesonia classica
Species gertschi - Cesonia gertschi
Species josephus - Cesonia josephus
Species rothi - Cesonia rothi
Species sincera - Cesonia sincera
Species trivittata - Cesonia trivittata
Species ubicki - Cesonia ubicki
Genus Drassodes
Species auriculoides - Drassodes auriculoides
Species gosiutus - Drassodes gosiutus
Species neglectus - Drassodes neglectus
Species saccatus - Drassodes saccatus
Genus Drassyllus
Species aprilinus - Drassyllus aprilinus
Species covensis - Drassyllus covensis
Species creolus - Drassyllus creolus
Species depressus - Drassyllus depressus
Species fallens - Drassyllus fallens
Species insularis - Drassyllus insularis
Species lepidus - Drassyllus lepidus
Species mormon - Drassyllus mormon
Species mumai - Drassyllus mumai
Species niger - Drassyllus niger
Species novus - Drassyllus novus
Species proclesis - Drassyllus proclesis
Species prosaphes - Drassyllus prosaphes
Genus Eilica
Species bicolor - Eilica bicolor
Genus Gnaphosa
Species borea - Gnaphosa borea
Species clara - Gnaphosa clara
Species dentata - Gnaphosa dentata
Species fontinalis - Gnaphosa fontinalis
Species muscorum - Gnaphosa muscorum
Species parvula - Gnaphosa parvula
Species sericata - Gnaphosa sericata
Genus Haplodrassus
Species bicornis - Haplodrassus bicornis
Species hiemalis - Haplodrassus hiemalis
Species signifer - Haplodrassus signifer
Genus Herpyllus
Species cockerelli - Herpyllus cockerelli
Species ecclesiasticus - Eastern Parson Spider
Species hesperolus - Herpyllus hesperolus
Species propinquus - Western Parson Spider
Genus Heser
Species nilicola - Heser nilicola
Species schmitzi - Heser schmitzi
Genus Litopyllus
Species cubanus - Litopyllus cubanus
Species temporarius - Litopyllus temporarius
Genus Micaria
Species emertoni - Micaria emertoni
Species gertschi - Micaria gertschi
Species gosiuta - Micaria gosiuta
Species jeanae - Micaria jeanae
Species longipes - Micaria longipes
Species longispina - Micaria longispina
Species medica - Micaria medica
Species pasadena - Micaria pasadena
Species pulicaria - Micaria pulicaria
Species rossica - Micaria rossica
Species triangulosa - Micaria triangulosa
Genus Nodocion
Species voluntarius - Nodocion voluntarius
Species floridanus - Nodocion floridanus
Genus Orodrassus
Species canadensis - Orodrassus canadensis
Species coloradensis - Orodrassus coloradensis
Genus Scopoides
Species cambridgei - Scopoides cambridgei
Species catharius - Scopoides catharius
Species naturalisticus - Scopoides naturalisticus
Genus Scotophaeus
Species blackwalli - Scotophaeus blackwalli
Genus Sergiolus
Species angustus - Sergiolus angustus
Species capulatus - Sergiolus capulatus
Species columbianus - Sergiolus columbianus
Species gertschi - Sergiolus gertschi
Species montanus - Sergiolus montanus
Species ocellatus - Sergiolus ocellatus
Species tennesseensis - Sergiolus tennesseensis
Genus Sosticus
Species insularis - Sosticus insularis
Genus Talanites
Species echinus - Talanites echinus
Species exlineae - Talanites exlineae
Genus Trachyzelotes
Species barbatus - Trachyzelotes barbatus
Species lyonneti - Trachyzelotes lyonneti
Genus Urozelotes
Species rusticus - Urozelotes rusticus
Genus Zelotes
Species anthereus - Zelotes anthereus
Species duplex - Zelotes duplex
Species fratris - Zelotes fratris
Species funestus - Zelotes funestus
Species gabriel - Zelotes gabriel
Species hentzi - Zelotes hentzi
Species lasalanus - Zelotes lasalanus
Species pseustes - Zelotes pseustes
Species puritanus - Zelotes puritanus
Species subterraneus - Zelotes subterraneus
Species tenuis - Zelotes tenuis
Family Hahniidae
Genus Antistea
Species brunnea - Antistea brunnea
Genus Cicurina
Species arcuata - Cicurina arcuata
Species brevis - Cicurina brevis
Species bryantae - Cicurina bryantae
Species intermedia - Cicurina intermedia
Species itasca - Cicurina itasca
Species japonica - Cicurina japonica
Species madla - Cicurina madla
Species pallida - Cicurina pallida
Species pusilla - Cicurina pusilla
Species robusta - Cicurina robusta
Species simplex - Cicurina simplex
Species tersa - Cicurina tersa
No Taxon idahoana (sensu lato)
Genus Hahnia
Species glacialis - Hahnia glacialis
Species cinerea - Hahnia cinerea
Genus Neoantistea
Species agilis - Neoantistea agilis
Species magna - Neoantistea magna
Species riparia - Neoantistea riparia
Family Hersiliidae - Hersiliids
Genus Murricia
Species uva - Murricia uva
Genus Neotama
Species mexicana - Neotama mexicana
Family Homalonychidae
Genus Homalonychus
Species theologus - Homalonychus theologus
Species selenopoides - Homalonychus selenopoides
Family Linyphiidae - Sheetweb and Dwarf Spiders
Subfamily Erigoninae - Dwarf Spiders
Genus Aphileta
Species misera - Aphileta misera
Genus Baryphyma
Species trifrons - Baryphyma trifrons
Genus Ceraticelus
Species atriceps - Ceraticelus atriceps
Species bulbosus - Ceraticelus bulbosus
Species crassiceps - Ceraticelus crassiceps
Species emertoni - Ceraticelus emertoni
Species fissiceps - Ceraticelus fissiceps
Species laetabilis - Ceraticelus laetabilis
Species minutus - Ceraticelus minutus
Species similis - Ceraticelus similis
Genus Ceratinella
Species brunnea - Ceratinella brunnea
No Taxon Undescribed Species #1
Genus Ceratinops
Species crenatus - Ceratinops crenatus
Genus Ceratinopsidis
Species formosa - Ceratinopsidis formosa
Genus Ceratinopsis
Species interpres - Ceratinopsis interpres
Species labradorensis - Ceratinopsis labradorensis
Species nigriceps - Ceratinopsis nigriceps
Genus Collinsia
Species ksenius - Collinsia ksenius
Species plumosa - Collinsia plumosa
Species oxypaederotipus - Collinsia oxypaederotipus
Genus Coreorgonal
Species monoceros - Coreorgonal monoceros
Genus Dicymbium
Species nigrum - Dicymbium nigrum
Genus Diplocentria
Species bidentata - Diplocentria bidentata
Genus Diplocephalus
Species subrostratus - Diplocephalus subrostratus
Genus Disembolus
Species corneliae - Disembolus corneliae
Genus Dismodicus
Genus Entelecara
Species acuminata - Entelecara acuminata
Genus Eridantes
Species erigonoides - Eridantes erigonoides
Genus Erigone
Species aletris - Erigone aletris
Species atra - Erigone atra
Species autumnalis - Erigone autumnalis
Species blaesa - Erigone blaesa
Species capra - Erigone capra
Species dentosa - Erigone dentosa
Species dentigera - Erigone dentigera
Genus Floricomus
Species plumalis - Floricomus plumalis
Species praedesignatus - Floricomus praedesignatus
Genus Frederickus
Species coylei - Frederickus coylei
Genus Glyphesis
Species scopulifer - Glyphesis scopulifer
Genus Gnathonargus
Species unicorn - Gnathonargus unicorn
Genus Gnathonaroides
Species pedalis - Gnathonaroides pedalis
Genus Gonatium
Species crassipalpum - Gonatium crassipalpum
Genus Goneatara
Species plausibilis - Goneatara plausibilis
Genus Grammonota
Species angusta - Grammonota angusta
Species capitata - Grammonota capitata
Species gentilis - Grammonota gentilis
Species gigas - Grammonota gigas
Species inornata - Grammonota inornata
Species kincaidi - Grammonota kincaidi
Species maculata - Grammonota maculata
Species pallipes - Grammonota pallipes
Species pictilis - Grammonota pictilis
Species texana - Grammonota texana
Species vittata - Grammonota vittata
Genus Halorates
Genus Hybauchenidium
Species gibbosum - Hybauchenidium gibbosum
Species cymbadentatum - Hybauchenidium cymbadentatum
Genus Hypselistes
Species florens - Hypselistes florens
No Taxon Hypselistes-like
Genus Idionella
Species rugosa - Idionella rugosa
Genus Islandiana
Species flaveola - Islandiana flaveola
Genus Masoncus
Species conspectus - Masoncus conspectus
Genus Mermessus
Species bryantae - Mermessus bryantae
Species maculatus - Mermessus maculatus
Species tridentatus - Mermessus tridentatus
Species trilobatus - Mermessus trilobatus
Genus Micrargus
Species longitarsus - Micrargus longitarsus
Genus Mythoplastoides
Species exiguus - Mythoplastoides exiguus
Genus Oedothorax
Species montifer - Oedothorax montifer
Species trilobatus - Oedothorax trilobatus
No Taxon Undescribed Species #1 (R. Crawford)
Genus Origanates
Species rostratus - Origanates rostratus
Genus Pocadicnemis
Species pumila - Pocadicnemis pumila
Genus Praestigia
Species kulczynskii - Praestigia kulczynskii
Genus Scotinotylus
Species vernalis - Scotinotylus vernalis
Species sanctus - Scotinotylus sanctus
Genus Scylaceus
Species pallidus - Scylaceus pallidus
Genus Sisicottus
Species quoylei - Sisicottus quoylei
Genus Sisicus
Species penifusifer - Sisicus penifusifer
Genus Souessa
Species spinifera - Souessa spinifera
Genus Sougambus
Species bostoniensis - Sougambus bostoniensis
Genus Soulgas
Species corticarius - Soulgas corticarius
Genus Spirembolus
Species mundus - Spirembolus mundus
Genus Styloctetor
Species purpurescens - Styloctetor purpurescens
Genus Tachygyna
Species vancouverana - Tachygyna vancouverana
Genus Tapinocyba
Species simplex - Tapinocyba simplex
Genus Tmeticus
Species ornatus - Tmeticus ornatus
Genus Vermontia
Species thoracica - Vermontia thoracica
Genus Walckenaeria
Species auranticeps - Walckenaeria auranticeps
Species bifida - Walckenaeria bifida
Species carolina - Walckenaeria carolina
Species castanea - Walckenaeria castanea
Species columbia - Walckenaeria columbia
Species communis - Walckenaeria communis
Species cornuella - Walckenaeria cornuella
Species digitata - Walckenaeria digitata
Species directa - Walckenaeria directa
Species dondalei - Walckenaeria dondalei
Species exigua - Walckenaeria exigua
Species occidentalis - Walckenaeria occidentalis
Species pallida - Walckenaeria pallida
No Taxon spiralis group
Species spiralis - Walckenaeria spiralis
Species subdirecta - Walckenaeria subdirecta
Species tibialis - Walckenaeria tibialis
Genus Zornella
Species armata - Zornella armata
Subfamily Linyphiinae - Sheetweb Spiders
Genus Agyneta
Species angulata - Agyneta angulata
Species barrowsi - Agyneta barrowsi
Species fabra - Agyneta fabra
Species fillmorana - Agyneta fillmorana
Species micaria - Agyneta micaria
Species semipallida - Agyneta semipallida
Species serrata - Agyneta serrata
Species sheffordiana - Agyneta sheffordiana
Species unimaculata - Agyneta unimaculata
Genus Allomengea
Species dentisetis - Allomengea dentisetis
Genus Arcuphantes
Species arcuatulus - Arcuphantes arcuatulus
Genus Bathyphantes
Species alascensis - Bathyphantes alascensis
Species alboventris - Bathyphantes alboventris
Species brevipes - Bathyphantes brevipes
Species brevis - Bathyphantes brevis
Species keeni - Bathyphantes keeni
Species orica - Bathyphantes orica
Species pallidus - Bathyphantes pallidus
Species weyeri - Bathyphantes weyeri
Genus Centromerita
Species bicolor - Centromerita bicolor
Genus Centromerus
Species sylvaticus - Centromerus sylvaticus
No Taxon Unnamed Species #1
Species cornupalpis - Centromerus cornupalpis
Species persolutus - Centromerus persolutus
Genus Diplostyla
Species concolor - Diplostyla concolor
Genus Drapetisca
Species alteranda - Drapetisca alteranda
Genus Estrandia
Species grandaeva - Estrandia grandaeva
Genus Florinda
Species coccinea - Florinda coccinea
Genus Frontinella
Species huachuca - Frontinella huachuca
Species pyramitela - Bowl and Doily Weaver
Genus Graphomoa
Species theridioides - Graphomoa theridioides
Genus Helophora
Species reducta - Helophora reducta
Species insignis - Helophora insignis
Genus Kaestneria
Species pullata - Kaestneria pullata
Genus Lepthyphantes
Species leprosus - Lepthyphantes leprosus
Species turbatrix - Lepthyphantes turbatrix
Genus Linyphantes
Species pualla - Linyphantes pualla
Species victoria - Linyphantes victoria
No Taxon Undescribed Species #1 (R. Crawford)
No Taxon Unnamed Species #8
Genus Linyphia
Species triangularis - European Sheetweb Spider
Species rita - Linyphia rita
Genus Macrargus
Species multesimus - Macrargus multesimus
Genus Megalepthyphantes
Species nebulosus - Megalepthyphantes nebulosus
Genus Microlinyphia - Platform spiders
Species pusilla - Microlinyphia pusilla
Species impigra - Microlinyphia impigra
Species dana - Microlinyphia dana
Species mandibulata - Microlinyphia mandibulata
Subspecies mandibulata - Microlinyphia mandibulata mandibulata
Subspecies punctata - Microlinyphia mandibulata punctata
Genus Microneta
Species viaria - Microneta viaria
Genus Neriene
Species clathrata - Neriene clathrata
Species digna - Neriene digna
Species litigiosa - Sierra Dome Spider
Species montana - Neriene montana
Species radiata - Filmy Dome Spider
Species variabilis - Neriene variabilis
Genus Oreophantes
Species recurvatus - Oreophantes recurvatus
Genus Ostearius
Species melanopygius - Ostearius melanopygius
Genus Pityohyphantes - Hammock Spiders
Species costatus - Hammock Spider
Species cristatus - Pityohyphantes cristatus
Species minidoka - Pityohyphantes minidoka
Species rubrofasciatus - Pityohyphantes rubrofasciatus
Species subarcticus - Pityohyphantes subarcticus
Species tacoma - Pityohyphantes tacoma
Genus Poeciloneta
Species lyrica - Poeciloneta lyrica
Genus Porrhomma
Species convexum - Porrhomma convexum
Species terrestre - Porrhomma terrestre
Genus Saaristoa
Species sammamish - Saaristoa sammamish
Genus Stemonyphantes
Genus Tapinopa
Species bilineata - Tapinopa bilineata
Genus Tennesseellum
Species formica - Tennesseellum formica
Genus Tenuiphantes
Species sabulosus - Tenuiphantes sabulosus
Species tenuis - Tenuiphantes tenuis
Species zelatus - Tenuiphantes zelatus
Species zebra - Tenuiphantes zebra
Species zibus - Tenuiphantes zibus
Genus Wubana
Species pacifica - Wubana pacifica
Species atypica - Wubana atypica
Species drassoides - Wubana drassoides
Family Liocranidae - Liocranid Sac Spiders
Genus Agroeca
Species minuta - Agroeca minuta
Species ornata - Agroeca ornata
Species pratensis - Agroeca pratensis
Species trivittata - Agroeca trivittata
Genus Neoanagraphis
Species chamberlini - Neoanagraphis chamberlini
Genus Hesperocranum
Species rothi - Hesperocranum rothi
Family Lycosidae - Wolf Spiders
Genus Allocosa
Species chamberlini - Allocosa chamberlini
Species funerea - Allocosa funerea
Species noctuabunda - Allocosa noctuabunda
Species sublata - Allocosa sublata
Genus Alopecosa
Species aculeata - Alopecosa aculeata
Species exasperans - Alopecosa exasperans
Species kochi - Alopecosa kochi
Species pictilis - Alopecosa pictilis
Genus Arctosa
Species alpigena - Arctosa alpigena
Species emertoni - Arctosa emertoni
Species littoralis - Arctosa littoralis
Species perita - Arctosa perita
Species raptor - Arctosa raptor
Species rubicunda - Arctosa rubicunda
Species sanctaerosae - Santa Rosa Wolf Spider
Species virgo - Arctosa virgo
No Taxon alpigena/insignita
No Taxon emertoni/rubicunda
Genus Camptocosa
Species texana - Camptocosa texana
Species parallela - Camptocosa parallela
Genus Geolycosa - Burrowing Wolf Spiders
Species fatifera - Geolycosa fatifera
Species gosoga - Geolycosa gosoga
Species hubbelli - Geolycosa hubbelli
Species micanopy - Geolycosa micanopy
Species missouriensis - Geolycosa missouriensis
Species ornatipes - Geolycosa ornatipes
Species patellonigra - Geolycosa patellonigra
Species pikei - Geolycosa pikei
Species rafaelana - Geolycosa rafaelana
Species riograndae - Geolycosa riograndae
Species turricola - Geolycosa turricola
Species wrighti - Geolycosa wrighti
Species xera - Geolycosa xera
Subspecies archboldi - Geolycosa xera archboldi
Genus Gladicosa
Species gulosa - Gladicosa gulosa
Species pulchra - Gladicosa pulchra
Genus Hesperocosa
Species unica - Hesperocosa unica
Genus Hogna
Species antelucana - Hogna antelucana
Species baltimoriana - Hogna baltimoriana
Species carolinensis - Carolina Wolf Spider
Species coloradensis - Hogna coloradensis
Species frondicola - Hogna frondicola
Species lenta - Hogna lenta
No Taxon lenta group
No Taxon possible timuqua
No Taxon uknown species from west Texas/New Mexico
Genus Melocosa
Species fumosa - Melocosa fumosa
Genus Pardosa - Thin-legged Wolf Spiders
Species atlantica - Pardosa atlantica
Species atromedia - Pardosa atromedia
Species californica - Pardosa californica
Species concinna - Pardosa concinna
Species distincta - Pardosa distincta
Species dorsuncata - Pardosa dorsuncata
Species fuscula - Pardosa fuscula
Species groenlandica - Pardosa groenlandica
Species hyperborea - Pardosa hyperborea
Species lapidicina - Stone Spider
Species lowriei - Pardosa lowriei
Species mackenziana - Pardosa mackenziana
Species mercurialis - Pardosa mercurialis
Species metlakatla - Pardosa metlakatla
Species milvina - Shore spider
Species modica - Pardosa modica
Species moesta - Pardosa moesta
Species ontariensis - Pardosa ontariensis
Species orophila - Pardosa orophila
Species pauxilla - Pardosa pauxilla
Species ramulosa - Pardosa ramulosa
Species saxatilis - Pardosa saxatilis
Species steva - Pardosa steva
Species tesquorum - Pardosa tesquorum
Species tuoba - Pardosa tuoba
Species vadosa - Pardosa vadosa
Species vancouveri - Pardosa vancouveri
Species xerampelina - Pardosa xerampelina
Species yavapa - Pardosa yavapa
Genus Pirata - Pirate Wolf Spiders
Species alachuus - Pirata alachuus
Species aspirans - Pirata aspirans
Species montanoides - Pirata montanoides
Species montanus - Pirata montanus
Species piraticus - Pirata piraticus
Species sedentarius - Pirata sedentarius
Genus Piratula
Species canadensis - Piratula canadensis
Species cantralli - Piratula cantralli
Species insularis - Piratula insularis
No Taxon insularis group
Species minuta - Piratula minuta
No Taxon Pirata/Piratula
Genus Rabidosa
Species carrana - Rabidosa carrana
Species hentzi - Rabidosa hentzi
Species punctulata - Dotted Wolf Spider
Species rabida - Rabid Wolf Spider
Species santrita - Rabidosa santrita
Genus Schizocosa
Species avida - Schizocosa avida
Species bilineata - Schizocosa bilineata
Species crassipalpata - Schizocosa crassipalpata
Species crassipes - Schizocosa crassipes
Species maxima - Schizocosa maxima
Species mccooki - Schizocosa mccooki
Species minnesotensis - Schizocosa minnesotensis
Species ocreata - Schizocosa ocreata
Species perplexa - Schizocosa perplexa
Species retrorsa - Schizocosa retrorsa
Species saltatrix - Schizocosa saltatrix
No Taxon Unknown species A
Genus Sosippus - Funnel Web Wolf Spiders
Species californicus - Sosippus californicus
Species floridanus - Sosippus floridanus
Species janus - Sosippus janus
Species texanus - Sosippus texanus
Species placidus - Sosippus placidus
Species mimus - Sosippus mimus
Genus Tigrosa
Species annexa - Tigrosa annexa
Species aspersa - Tigrosa aspersa
Species georgicola - Tigrosa georgicola
Species grandis - Tigrosa grandis
Species helluo - Tigrosa helluo
Genus Trabeops
Species aurantiacus - Trabeops aurantiacus
Genus Trebacosa
Species marxi - Trebacosa marxi
Genus Trochosa
Species abdita - Trochosa abdita
Species ruricola - Trochosa ruricola
Species sepulchralis - Trochosa sepulchralis
Species terricola - Trochosa terricola
Genus Varacosa
Species avara - Varacosa avara
Species parthenus - Varacosa parthenus
Species shenandoa - Varacosa shenandoa
No Taxon possible gosiuta
No Taxon Hogna-like from Florida
No Taxon Trochosa-like A (broad ovoid median carapace stripe)
No Taxon Trochosa-like B (broad median carapace stripe)
No Taxon unidentified juveniles
No Taxon Wolf Spiders covered with young
Family Mimetidae - Pirate spiders
Genus Ero
Species pensacolae - Ero pensacolae
Species canionis - Ero canionis
Species leonina - Ero leonina
Genus Mimetus
Species epeiroides - Mimetus epeiroides
Species hesperus - Mimetus hesperus
Species notius - Mimetus notius
Species puritanus - Mimetus puritanus
Genus Reo
Species eutypus - Reo eutypus
Family Miturgidae - Prowling Spiders
Genus Syspira
Genus Teminius
Species insularis - Teminius insularis
Species affinis - Teminius affinis
Genus Zora
Species pumila - Zora pumila
Species hespera - Zora hespera
Family Mysmenidae
Genus Microdipoena
Species guttata - Microdipoena guttata
Genus Trogloneta
Species paradoxa - Trogloneta paradoxa
Family Nesticidae
Genus Eidmannella
Species pallida - Eidmannella pallida
Genus Nesticus
Species barri - Nesticus barri
Species furtivus - Nesticus furtivus
Species silvestrii - Nesticus silvestrii
Family Oecobiidae - Wall spiders
Genus Oecobius - Wall spiders
Species amboseli - Oecobius amboseli
Species annulipes - Oecobius annulipes
Species cellariorum - Oecobius cellariorum
Species isolatus - Oecobius isolatus
Species maculatus - Oecobius maculatus
Species navus - Wall spider
Species putus - Oecobius putus
Family Oxyopidae - Lynx Spiders
Genus Hamataliwa
Species unca - Hamataliwa unca
Species helia - Hamataliwa helia
Species grisea - Hamataliwa grisea
Genus Oxyopes
No Taxon acleistus group
Species acleistus - Oxyopes acleistus
Species aglossus - Oxyopes aglossus
Species occidens - Oxyopes occidens
No Taxon tridens group
Species apollo - Oxyopes apollo
Species tridens - Oxyopes tridens
Species salticus - Striped Lynx
Species scalaris - Western Lynx Spider
No Taxon possible aglossus
Genus Peucetia
Species longipalpis - Peucetia longipalpis
Species viridans - Green Lynx
No Taxon juveniles
Family Philodromidae - Running Crab Spiders
Genus Apollophanes
Species margareta - Apollophanes margareta
Species texanus - Apollophanes texanus
Genus Ebo
Species evansae - Ebo evansae
Species latithorax - Ebo latithorax
Species pepinensis - Ebo pepinensis
Genus Philodromus
Species anomalus - Philodromus anomalus
Species californicus - Philodromus californicus
Species cespitum - Philodromus cespitum
Species dispar - Philodromus dispar
Species exilis - Philodromus exilis
Species floridensis - Philodromus floridensis
Species imbecillus - Philodromus imbecillus
Species insperatus - Philodromus insperatus
Species josemitensis - Philodromus josemitensis
Species keyserlingi - Philodromus keyserlingi
Species laticeps - Philodromus laticeps
Species marxi - Metallic Crab Spider
Species mineri - Philodromus mineri
Species minutus - Philodromus minutus
Species oneida - Philodromus oneida
Species peninsulanus - Philodromus peninsulanus
Species pinyonelis - Philodromus pinyonelis
Species placidus - Philodromus placidus
Species praelustris - Philodromus praelustris
Species quercicola - Philodromus quercicola
Species rodecki - Philodromus rodecki
Species rufus - Philodromus rufus
Subspecies quartus - Philodromus rufus quartus
Subspecies pacificus - Philodromus rufus pacificus
Subspecies vibrans - Philodromus rufus vibrans
Species speciosus - Philodromus speciosus
Species spectabilis - Philodromus spectabilis
Species vulgaris - Philodromus vulgaris
Species possiblepratariae - Philodromus cf. pratariae
Species unknownspeciesb - Philodromus unknownspeciesb
Species unknownspeciesd - Philodromus unknownspeciesd
No Taxon juveniles
Genus Rhysodromus
Species alascensis - Rhysodromus alascensis
Species histrio - Rhysodromus histrio
Species mysticus - Rhysodromus mysticus
Genus Thanatus
Species altimontis - Thanatus altimontis
Species formicinus - Thanatus formicinus
Species striatus - Thanatus striatus
Species vulgaris - Thanatus vulgaris
No Taxon accidental adventives
Genus Tibellus - Slender Crab Spiders
Species chamberlini - Tibellus chamberlini
Species duttoni - Tibellus duttoni
Species maritimus - Tibellus maritimus
Species oblongus - Tibellus oblongus
Genus Titanebo
Species californicus - Titanebo californicus
Family Phrurolithidae
Genus Phrurolithus
Species pipensis - Phrurolithus pipensis
Genus Phruronellus
Species formica - Phruronellus formica
Genus Phrurotimpus
Species alarius - Phrurotimpus alarius
Species borealis - Phrurotimpus borealis
Species certus - Phrurotimpus certus
Genus Piabuna
Species pallida - Piabuna pallida
Genus Scotinella
Species fratrella - Scotinella fratrella
Species minnetonka - Scotinella minnetonka
Species redempta - Scotinella redempta
Species sculleni - Scotinella sculleni
Family Pimoidae
Genus Pimoa
Species altioculata - Pimoa altioculata
Species haden - Pimoa haden
No Taxon haden / jellisoni
Family Pisauridae - Nursery Web Spiders
Genus Pisaurina
Species brevipes - Pisaurina brevipes
Species dubia - Pisaurina dubia
Species mira - Nursery Web Spider
Species undulata - Pisaurina undulata
Genus Dolomedes - Fishing Spiders
No Taxon tenebrosus group
Species okefinokensis - Dolomedes okefinokensis
Species tenebrosus - Dolomedes tenebrosus
No Taxon fimbriatus group
Species albineus - Whitebanded Fishing Spider
Species gertschi - Dolomedes gertschi
Species scriptus - Dolomedes scriptus
Species striatus - Dolomedes striatus
Species triton - Six-spotted Fishing Spider
Species vittatus - Dolomedes vittatus
No Taxon unidentified juveniles
Genus Tinus
Species peregrinus - Tinus peregrinus
No Taxon Unidentified Juveniles
Family Prodidomidae
Genus Prodidomus
Species rufus - Prodidomus rufus
Family Salticidae - Jumping Spiders
Genus Admestina
Species archboldi - Admestina archboldi
Species tibialis - Admestina tibialis
Species wheeleri - Admestina wheeleri
Genus Anasaitis
Species canosa - Twinflagged Jumping Spider
Genus Attidops
Species cinctipes - Attidops cinctipes
Species cutleri - Attidops cutleri
Species youngi - Attidops youngi
Genus Attulus
Species ammophilus - Attulus ammophilus
Genus Bagheera
Species prosper - Bagheera prosper
Genus Beata
Species wickhami - Beata wickhami
Genus Calositticus
Species palustris - Calositticus palustris
Species floricola - Calositticus floricola
Genus Chalcoscirtus
Species diminutus - Chalcoscirtus diminutus
Genus Cheliferoides
Species longimanus - Cheliferoides longimanus
Species segmentatus - Cheliferoides segmentatus
Genus Chinattus
Species parvulus - Chinattus parvulus
Genus Colonus
Species hesperus - Colonus hesperus
Species puerperus - Colonus puerperus
Species sylvanus - Colonus sylvanus
Genus Dendryphantes
Species nigromaculatus - Dendryphantes nigromaculatus
Genus Eris
Species flava - Eris flava
Species floridana - Eris floridana
Species militaris - Bronze Jumper
Species rufa - Eris rufa
Genus Euophrys
Species monadnock - Euophrys monadnock
Genus Evarcha
Species proszynskii - Evarcha proszynskii
Species hoyi - Evarcha hoyi
Genus Ghelna
Species canadensis - Ghelna canadensis
Genus Habronattus
No Taxon agilis group
Species agilis - Habronattus agilis
Species alachua - Habronattus alachua
Species cognatus - Habronattus cognatus
Species conjunctus - Habronattus conjunctus
Species contigens - Habronattus contigens
Species elegans - Habronattus elegans
Species georgiensis - Habronattus georgiensis
Species mataxus - Habronattus mataxus
Species peckhami - Habronattus peckhami
No Taxon americanus group
Species aestus - Habronattus aestus
Species americanus - Habronattus americanus
Species bulbipes - Habronattus bulbipes
Species gigas - Habronattus gigas
Species kawini - Habronattus kawini
Species mustaciata - Habronattus mustaciata
Species ophrys - Habronattus ophrys
Species sansoni - Habronattus sansoni
Species tarsalis - Habronattus tarsalis
Species tuberculatus - Habronattus tuberculatus
Species waughi - Habronattus waughi
No Taxon amicus group
Species amicus - Habronattus amicus
Species signatus - Habronattus signatus
Species ustulatus - Habronattus ustulatus
No Taxon clypeatus group
Species arcalorus - Habronattus arcalorus
Species aztecanus - Habronattus aztecanus
Species californicus - Habronattus californicus
Species clypeatus - Habronattus clypeatus
Species divaricatus - Habronattus divaricatus
Species dossenus - Habronattus dossenus
Species forticulus - Habronattus forticulus
Species formosus - Habronattus formosus
Species gilaensis - Habronattus gilaensis
Species velivolus - Habronattus velivolus
No Taxon coecatus group
Species anepsius - Habronattus anepsius
Species ballatoris - Habronattus ballatoris
Species borealis - Habronattus borealis
Species brunneus - Habronattus brunneus
Species captiosus - Habronattus captiosus
Species coecatus - Habronattus coecatus
Species cuspidatus - Habronattus cuspidatus
Species festus - Habronattus festus
Species klauseri - Habronattus klauseri
Species mexicanus - Habronattus mexicanus
Species pyrrithrix - Habronattus pyrrithrix
Species sabulosus - Habronattus sabulosus
Species schlingeri - Habronattus schlingeri
Species virgulatus - Habronattus virgulatus
No Taxon dorotheae group
Species geronimoi - Habronattus geronimoi
No Taxon decorus group
Species carolinensis - Habronattus carolinensis
Species cockerelli - Habronattus cockerelli
Species ocala - Ocala Jumper
Species decorus - Habronattus decorus
No Taxon fallax group
Species fallax - Habronattus fallax
No Taxon pugillis group
Species hallani - Habronattus hallani
Species luminosus - Habronattus luminosus
Species pugillis - Habronattus pugillis
No Taxon texanus group
Species altanus - Habronattus altanus
Species texanus - Habronattus texanus
No Taxon tranquillus group
Species tranquillus - Habronattus tranquillus
Species cfhirsutus - Habronattus cfhirsutus
Species hirsutus - Habronattus hirsutus
No Taxon viridipes group
Species calcaratus - Habronattus calcaratus
Subspecies agricola - Habronattus calcaratus agricola
Subspecies calcaratus - Habronattus calcaratus calcaratus
Subspecies maddisoni - Habronattus calcaratus maddisoni
Species jucundus - Habronattus jucundus
Species moratus - Habronattus moratus
Species notialis - Eyebrowed Jumper
Species orbus - Habronattus orbus
Species trimaculatus - Habronattus trimaculatus
Species viridipes - Habronattus viridipes
No Taxon cf. calcaratus
No Taxon Species Incertae Sedis
Species icenoglei - Habronattus icenoglei
Species oregonensis - Habronattus oregonensis
Genus Hakka
Species himeshimensis - Hakka himeshimensis
Genus Hasarius
Species adansoni - Adanson's House Spider
Genus Heliophanus
Species kochii - Heliophanus kochii
Genus Hentzia
Species alamosa - Hentzia alamosa
Species chekika - Hentzia chekika
Species grenada - Hentzia grenada
Species mitrata - Hentzia mitrata
Species palmarum - Hentzia palmarum
Genus Hyetussa
Species alternata - Hyetussa alternata
Species complicata - Hyetussa complicata
Genus Leptofreya
Species ambigua - Leptofreya ambigua
No Taxon Life Cycle
Genus Lyssomanes - Translucent Green Jumpers
Species viridis - Magnolia Green Jumper
Genus Maevia
Species inclemens - Dimorphic Jumper
Species a - Maevia undescribed
Genus Marchena
Species minuta - Marchena minuta
Genus Marpissa
Species bina - Marpissa bina
Species formosa - Marpissa formosa
Species grata - Marpissa grata
Species lineata - Marpissa lineata
Species obtusa - Marpissa obtusa
Species pikei - Pike Slender Jumper
Species robusta - Marpissa robusta
Genus Menemerus
Species bivittatus - Gray Wall Jumper
Species semilimbatus - Menemerus semilimbatus
Genus Messua
Species limbata - Messua limbata
Genus Metacyrba
Species floridana - Metacyrba floridana
Species punctata - Metacyrba punctata
Species taeniola - Metacyrba taeniola
Subspecies taeniola - Metacyrba taeniola taeniola
Subspecies similis - Metacyrba taeniola similis
Genus Metaphidippus
Species chera - Metaphidippus chera
Species diplacis - Metaphidippus diplacis
Species iviei - Metaphidippus iviei
Species manni - Metaphidippus manni
Species siticulosus - Metaphidippus siticulosus
Genus Mexigonus
Species minutus - Mexigonus minutus
Species morosus - Mexigonus morosus
Genus Myrmarachne
Species formicaria - Myrmarachne formicaria
Genus Naphrys
Species acerba - Naphrys acerba
Species pulex - Naphrys pulex
Species xerophila - Naphrys xerophila
Genus Neon
Species avalonus - Neon avalonus
Species ellamae - Neon ellamae
Species nelli - Neon nelli
Species pixii - Neon pixii
Species reticulatus - Neon reticulatus
Genus Paramaevia
Species michelsoni - Paramaevia michelsoni
Species poultoni - Paramaevia poultoni
Genus Paramarpissa
Genus Paraphidippus
Species aurantius - Paraphidippus aurantius
Species basalis - Paraphidippus basalis
Genus Peckhamia
Species americana - Peckhamia americana
Species picata - Antmimic Jumper
No Taxon undescribed
Genus Pelegrina
Species aeneola - Pelegrina aeneola
Species arizonensis - Pelegrina arizonensis
Species balia - Pelegrina balia
Species clemata - Pelegrina clemata
Species exigua - Pelegrina exigua
Species flaviceps - Pelegrina flaviceps
Species flavipes - Pelegrina flavipes
Species galathea - Peppered Jumper
Species helenae - Pelegrina helenae
Species insignis - Pelegrina insignis
Species pervaga - Pelegrina pervaga
Species proterva - Pelegrina proterva
Species sabinema - Pelegrina sabinema
Species tillandsiae - Pelegrina tillandsiae
Genus Pellenes
Species longimanus - Pellenes longimanus
Species peninsularis - Pellenes peninsularis
Genus Phanias
Species albeolus - Phanias albeolus
Species concoloratus - Phanias concoloratus
Species harfordi - Phanias harfordi
Species watonus - Phanias watonus
Genus Phidippus
No Taxon audax group
Species audax - Bold Jumper
Species bidentatus - Phidippus bidentatus
Species princeps - Phidippus princeps
Subspecies pulcherrimus - Phidippus princeps pulcherrimus
Species workmani - Workman's Jumper
No Taxon cardinalis group
Species cardinalis - Cardinal Jumper
No Taxon Life Cycle
Species clarus - Phidippus clarus
Species tux - Phidippus tux
No Taxon insignarius group
Species adumbratus - Phidippus adumbratus
Species boei - Phidippus boei
Species carneus - Phidippus carneus
No Taxon melanistic form
No Taxon montivagus form
Species insignarius - Phidippus insignarius
Species phoenix - Phidippus phoenix
Species tyrrellii - Phidippus tyrrellii
No Taxon johnsoni group
Species cryptus - Phidippus cryptus
Species johnsoni - Phidippus johnsoni
Species whitmani - Phidippus whitmani
No Taxon Black variation
No Taxon mystaceus group
Species arizonensis - Phidippus arizonensis
Species asotus - Phidippus asotus
Species mystaceus - Phidippus mystaceus
Species pruinosus - Phidippus pruinosus
Species tigris - Phidippus tigris
Species toro - Phidippus toro
No Taxon octopunctatus group
Species octopunctatus - Phidippus octopunctatus
No Taxon otiosus group
Species californicus - Phidippus californicus
Species otiosus - Phidippus otiosus
Species pius - Phidippus pius
No Taxon Life Cycle
Species regius - Regal Jumper
No Taxon regius x otiosus
No Taxon purpuratus group
Species apacheanus - Phidippus apacheanus
No Taxon Development
Species ardens - Phidippus ardens
Species borealis - Phidippus borealis
Species nikites - Phidippus nikites
Species purpuratus - Phidippus purpuratus
Species texanus - Phidippus texanus
No Taxon putnami group
Species carolinensis - Phidippus carolinensis
Species comatus - Phidippus comatus
Species putnami - Phidippus putnami
Species richmani - Phidippus richmani
No Taxon Review Group A (clarus/princeps like)
No Taxon Review Group B (princeps/putnami)
No Taxon Review Group C (ardens/carneus like)
No Taxon Review Group D
No Taxon Review Group E (apacheanus/cardinalis)
No Taxon Review Group F (adumbratus/comatus like)
No Taxon Review Group G (arizonensis/carolinensis)
No Taxon Review Group H (californicus/texanus like)
No Taxon Review Group I (whitmani/cryptus like)
No Taxon Review Group J (johnsoni like)
No Taxon Review Group L (Patternless dorsum)
No Taxon Review Group M (Western males)
No Taxon Review Group N (Western juveniles)
Genus Phlegra
Species hentzi - Phlegra hentzi
Genus Platycryptus
Species arizonensis - Platycryptus arizonensis
Species californicus - Platycryptus californicus
Species undatus - Platycryptus undatus
Genus Plexippus
Species paykulli - Pantropical Jumper
Genus Poultonella
Species alboimmaculata - Poultonella alboimmaculata
Genus Pseudeuophrys
Species erratica - Pseudeuophrys erratica
Genus Rhetenor
Species texanus - Rhetenor texanus
Genus Salticus
Species austinensis - Salticus austinensis
Species palpalis - Salticus palpalis
Species peckhamae - Salticus peckhamae
Species scenicus - Zebra Jumper
Genus Sarinda
Species hentzi - Sarinda hentzi
Genus Sassacus
Species cyaneus - Sassacus cyaneus
Species paiutus - Sassacus paiutus
Species papenhoei - Sassacus papenhoei
Species vitis - Sassacus vitis
Genus Sitticus
Species concolor - Sitticus concolor
Species dorsatus - Sitticus dorsatus
Species fasciger - Sitticus fasciger
Species finschi - Sitticus finschi
Genus Sittipub
Species pubescens - Sittipub pubescens
Genus Synageles
Species bishopi - Synageles bishopi
Species noxiosus - Synageles noxiosus
Species occidentalis - Synageles occidentalis
Species venator - Synageles venator
Genus Synemosyna
Species formica - Synemosyna formica
Species petrunkevitchi - Synemosyna petrunkevitchi
Genus Talavera
Species minuta - Talavera minuta
Genus Terralonus
Species californicus - Terralonus californicus
Genus Tutelina
Species elegans - Tutelina elegans
Species formicaria - Tutelina formicaria
Species harti - Tutelina harti
Species similis - Tutelina similis
No Taxon n. sp. cf. elegans
Genus Zuniga
Species laeta-cf - an ant-like jumping spider
Genus Zygoballus
Species nervosus - Zygoballus nervosus
Species rufipes - Hammerjawed Jumper
Species sexpunctatus - Zygoballus sexpunctatus
No Taxon Unidentified/Further Review—Ant-like Jumpers
No Taxon Unidentified--Habronattus/Pellenes
No Taxon Unidentified/Further Review--Eris/Metaphidippus/Pelegrina/Phanias
No Taxon Unidentified miscellaneous—review groups
No Taxon Unidentified spiderlings/young jumpers
Family Selenopidae - Flatties
Genus Selenops
Species insularis - Selenops insularis
Species submaculosus - Selenops submaculosus
Family Sparassidae - Giant Crab Spiders
Genus Curicaberis
Species abnormis - Curicaberis abnormis
Species bibranchiatus - Curicaberis bibranchiatus
Species peninsulanus - Curicaberis peninsulanus
Species ferrugineus - Curicaberis ferrugineus
Genus Decaphora
Species cubana - Decaphora cubana
Genus Heteropoda
Species venatoria - Huntsman Spider
Genus Olios
Species giganteus - Olios giganteus
No Taxon accidental adventives
Family Tetragnathidae - Long-jawed Orb Weavers
Genus Alcimosphenus
Species licinus - Dominican Spider
Genus Azilia
Species affinis - Azilia affinis
Genus Dolichognatha
Species pentagona - Dolichognatha pentagona
Genus Glenognatha
Species foxi - Glenognatha foxi
Genus Leucauge
Species argyra - Leucauge argyra
Species argyrobapta - Leucauge argyrobapta
Species venusta - Orchard Spider
No Taxon juveniles
Genus Meta - Cave Orb Weavers
Species dolloff - Meta dolloff
Species ovalis - Meta ovalis
Genus Metellina
Species curtisi - Metellina curtisi
Species mimetoides - Metellina mimetoides
Species segmentata - Metellina segmentata
Genus Pachygnatha - Thickjawed Orb Weavers
Species autumnalis - Pachygnatha autumnalis
Species brevis - Pachygnatha brevis
Species clercki - Pachygnatha clercki
Species furcillata - Pachygnatha furcillata
Species tristriata - Pachygnatha tristriata
Species xanthostoma - Pachygnatha xanthostoma
Genus Tetragnatha - Longjawed Orbweavers
Species caudata - Tetragnatha caudata
Species dearmata - Tetragnatha dearmata
Species elongata - Tetragnatha elongata
Species extensa - Tetragnatha extensa
Species guatemalensis - Tetragnatha guatemalensis
Species laboriosa - Silver Longjawed Orbweaver
Species nitens - Tetragnatha nitens
Species pallescens - Tetragnatha pallescens
Species straminea - Tetragnatha straminea
Species versicolor - Tetragnatha versicolor
Species viridis - Tetragnatha viridis
No Taxon dark folium with white outline
No Taxon folium constricted narrowly, ill definded segments
No Taxon dark folium, narrow white outline
No Taxon golden, dark fishbone pattern
No Taxon rows of dots
No Taxon wide, humped, sweeping sidelines
No Taxon profile like Levi fig 149, straminea?
No Taxon long, thin, gold
No Taxon long, thin, red
No Taxon long, thin, reddish gold, light fishbone pattern
No Taxon dark folium, unsorted, nitens, earmra, dearmata, versicolor
No Taxon full, round, pointed, relatively short abdomen, no dark dorsum
No Taxon juveniles?
No Taxon Alberta and Saskatchewan
No Taxon Vermont, Quebec, and East
No Taxon ventral image only submitted
No Taxon lateral image only submitted
No Taxon very dark pattern
No Taxon Green but not viridis
No Taxon too small to see pattern
No Taxon very long pattern
No Taxon lateral and ventral images
No Taxon strikingly different patterns
Family Theridiidae - Cobweb Spiders
Genus Anelosimus - Social cobweb spiders
Species analyticus - Anelosimus analyticus
Species studiosus - Anelosimus studiosus
Genus Arctachaea
Genus Argyrodes - Dewdrop Spiders
Species elevatus - Argyrodes elevatus
Species nephilae - Argyrodes nephilae
Species pluto - Argyrodes pluto
Genus Asagena
Species americana - Asagena americana
Species fulva - Asagena fulva
Species medialis - Asagena medialis
Species pulcher - Asagena pulcher
Genus Canalidion
Species montanum - Canalidion montanum
Genus Chrosiothes
Species jocosus - Chrosiothes jocosus
Species jenningsi - Chrosiothes jenningsi
Genus Chrysso
Species albomaculata - Chrysso albomaculata
Species pulcherrima - Chrysso pulcherrima
Genus Coleosoma
Species floridanum - Coleosoma floridanum
Species normale - Coleosoma normale
Species acutiventer - Coleosoma acutiventer
Genus Crustulina
Species altera - Crustulina altera
Species sticta - Crustulina sticta
Genus Cryptachaea
Species blattea - Cryptachaea blattea
Species porteri - Cryptachaea porteri
Species rupicola - Cryptachaea rupicola
Genus Dipoena
Species dorsata - Dipoena dorsata
Species malkini - Dipoena malkini
Species nigra - Dipoena nigra
Species washougalia - Dipoena washougalia
Genus Enoplognatha
Species caricis - Enoplognatha caricis
Species intrepida - Enoplognatha intrepida
Species joshua - Enoplognatha joshua
Species latimana - Enoplognatha latimana
Species marmorata - Marbled Cobweb Spider
Species ovata - Enoplognatha ovata
Species thoracica - Enoplognatha thoracica
No Taxon caricis / marmorata overlap region
Genus Episinus
Species amoenus - Episinus amoenus
Genus Euryopis
Species argentea - Euryopis argentea
Species californica - Euryopis californica
Species formosa - Euryopis formosa
Species funebris - Euryopis funebris
Species quinquemaculata - Euryopis quinquemaculata
Species tavara - Euryopis tavara
Species texana - Euryopis texana
Genus Faiditus
Species cancellatus - Faiditus cancellatus
Genus Hentziectypus
Species globosus - Hentziectypus globosus
Genus Neopisinus
Species cognatus - Neopisinus cognatus
Genus Latrodectus - Widow Spiders
Species bishopi - Red Widow
Species geometricus - Brown Widow
Species hesperus - Western Black Widow
No Taxon juveniles
No Taxon Accidental Adventives
Species mactans - Southern Black Widow
Species variolus - Northern Black Widow
Genus Neospintharus
Species furcatus - Neospintharus furcatus
Species trigonum - Neospintharus trigonum
Genus Neottiura
Species bimaculata - Neottiura bimaculata
Genus Nesticodes
Species rufipes - Red House Spider
Genus Parasteatoda
Species tabulata - Parasteatoda tabulata
Species tepidariorum - Common House Spider
No Taxon juveniles
Genus Phoroncidia
Species americana - Phoroncidia americana
Genus Phylloneta
Species impressa - Phylloneta impressa
Species pictipes - Phylloneta pictipes
Genus Platnickina
Species alabamensis - Platnickina alabamensis
Species mneon - Platnickina mneon
Species tincta - Platnickina tincta
Genus Rhomphaea
Species fictilium - Rhomphaea fictilium
Species projiciens - Rhomphaea projiciens
Genus Robertus
Species banksi - Robertus banksi
Species eremophilus - Robertus eremophilus
Species frontatus - Robertus frontatus
Species pumilus - Robertus pumilus
Species riparius - Robertus riparius
Species vigerens - Robertus vigerens
Genus Rugathodes
Species aurantius - Rugathodes aurantius
Species sexpunctatus - Rugathodes sexpunctatus
Genus Spintharus
Species flavidus - Spintharus flavidus
Genus Steatoda
Species albomaculata - Steatoda albomaculata
Species bipunctata - Steatoda bipunctata
Species borealis - Steatoda borealis
Species castanea - Steatoda castanea
Species erigoniformis - Steatoda erigoniformis
Species grandis - Steatoda grandis
Species grossa - False Black Widow
Species hespera - Steatoda hespera
Species nobilis - Steatoda nobilis
Species palomara - Steatoda palomara
Species punctulata - Steatoda punctulata
Species triangulosa - Steatoda triangulosa
Species variata - Steatoda variata
Genus Theridion
Species albidum - Theridion albidum
Species californicum - Theridion californicum
Species cheimatos - Theridion cheimatos
Species differens - Theridion differens
Species dilutum - Theridion dilutum
Species flavonotatum - Theridion flavonotatum
Species frondeum - Theridion frondeum
Species glaucescens - Theridion glaucescens
Species kawea - Theridion kawea
Species lawrencei - Theridion lawrencei
Species leechi - Theridion leechi
Species llano - Theridion llano
Species melanurum - Theridion melanurum
Species michelbacheri - Theridion michelbacheri
Species murarium - Theridion murarium
Species neomexicanum - Theridion neomexicanum
Species neshamini - Theridion neshamini
Species pennsylvanicum - Theridion pennsylvanicum
Species petraeum - Theridion petraeum
Species pictum - Theridion pictum
Species punctipes - Theridion punctipes
Species rabuni - Theridion rabuni
Species simile - Theridion simile
Species submissum - Theridion submissum
Species varians - Theridion varians
No Taxon frondeum/albidum sibling pair
No Taxon juveniles
Genus Theridula
Species emertoni - Theridula emertoni
Species gonygaster - Theridula gonygaster
Species opulenta - Theridula opulenta
Genus Thymoites
Species unimaculatus - Thymoites unimaculatus
Species camano - Thymoites camano
Genus Tidarren
Species haemorrhoidale - Tidarren haemorrhoidale
Species sisyphoides - Tidarren sisyphoides
Genus Wamba
Species crispulus - Wamba crispulus
Genus Yunohamella
Species lyrica - Yunohamella lyrica
No Taxon Argyrodes/Faiditus/Neospintharus/Rhomphaea
No Taxon Unidentified Spiderlings & Juveniles
No Taxon Holding bin for Brown with Cream Spots
Family Theridiosomatidae - Ray Spiders
Genus Theridiosoma
Species gemmosum - Theridiosoma gemmosum
Family Thomisidae - Crab Spiders
Genus Bassaniana - Bark Crab Spiders
Species floridana - Bassaniana floridana
Species utahensis - Bassaniana utahensis
Species versicolor - Bassaniana versicolor
No Taxon overlap area utahensis and versicolor
Genus Coriarachne
Species brunneipes - Coriarachne brunneipes
No Taxon Bassaniana or Coriarachne
Genus Bucranium
Species affinis - Bucranium affinis
Genus Diaea
Species livens - Diaea livens
Genus Isaloides
Genus Mecaphesa
Species asperata - Northern Crab Spider
Species californica - Mecaphesa californica
Species carletonica - Mecaphesa carletonica
Species celer - Swift Crab Spider
Species coloradensis - Mecaphesa coloradensis
Species deserti - Mecaphesa deserti
Species dubia - Mecaphesa dubia
Species gabrielensis - Mecaphesa gabrielensis
Species importuna - Mecaphesa importuna
Species quercina - Oak Crab Spider
Species rothi - Mecaphesa rothi
Species schlingeri - Mecaphesa schlingeri
Species sierrensis - Mecaphesa sierrensis
Species verityi - Mecaphesa verityi
No Taxon aikoae-californica-carletonica complex
No Taxon celer-importuna-lepida complex
No Taxon possible asperata
No Taxon possible celer
No Taxon possible dubia
No Taxon Great Lakes asperata or celer
Genus Misumena - Flower Crab Spiders
Species vatia - Goldenrod Crab Spider
Genus Misumenoides
Species formosipes - Whitebanded Crab Spider
Genus Misumenops
Species bellulus - Misumenops bellulus
Genus Misumessus
Species dicaprioi - Misumessus dicaprioi
Species lappi - Misumessus lappi
Species oblongus - Misumessus oblongus
Species tamiami - Misumessus tamiami
No Taxon Possible Misumessus
Genus Modysticus
Species floridanus - Modysticus floridanus
Species modestus - Modysticus modestus
Genus Ozyptila
Species americana - Ozyptila americana
Species conspurcata - Ozyptila conspurcata
Species distans - Ozyptila distans
Species monroensis - Ozyptila monroensis
Species pacifica - Ozyptila pacifica
Species praticola - Ozyptila praticola
Species sincera - Ozyptila sincera
Subspecies canadensis - Ozyptila sincera canadensis
Subspecies oraria - Ozyptila sincera oraria
Genus Psammitis
Species labradorensis - Psammitis labradorensis
Genus Spiracme
Species nigromaculatus - Spiracme nigromaculatus
Genus Synema
Species parvulum - Synema parvulum
Species viridans - Synema viridans
Genus Tmarus
Species minutus - Tmarus minutus
Species floridensis - Tmarus floridensis
Species angulatus - Tmarus angulatus
Genus Xysticus - Ground Crab Spiders
Species acquiescens - Xysticus acquiescens
Species alboniger - Ground Crab Spider
Species ampullatus - Xysticus ampullatus
Species apachecus - Xysticus apachecus
Species aprilinus - Xysticus aprilinus
Species auctificus - Xysticus auctificus
Species bicuspis - Xysticus bicuspis
Species britcheri - Xysticus britcheri
Species californicus - Xysticus californicus
Species canadensis - Xysticus canadensis
Species concursus - Xysticus concursus
Species cristatus - Xysticus cristatus
Species cunctator - Xysticus cunctator
Species discursans - Xysticus discursans
Species elegans - Elegant Crab Spider
Species ellipticus - Xysticus ellipticus
Species emertoni - Xysticus emertoni
Species ferox - Xysticus ferox
Species fervidus - Xysticus fervidus
Species fraternus - Xysticus fraternus
Species funestus - Xysticus funestus
Species gosiutus - Xysticus gosiutus
Species gulosus - Xysticus gulosus
Species locuples - Xysticus locuples
Species luctans - Xysticus luctans
Species luctuosus - Xysticus luctuosus
Species montanensis - Xysticus montanensis
Species obscurus - Xysticus obscurus
Species paiutus - Xysticus paiutus
Species pellax - Xysticus pellax
Species pretiosus - Xysticus pretiosus
Species punctatus - Xysticus punctatus
Species robinsoni - Xysticus robinsoni
Species texanus - Xysticus texanus
Species triguttatus - Three-banded Crab Spider
Species possiblefunestus - uniform peach/red temp group
Species speciesd - dark legs dark carapace patterened abdomen temp group
Species speciese - dark legs dark carapace striped abdomen temp group
No Taxon Unidentified Spiderlings/Juveniles
Family Titanoecidae
Genus Titanoeca
Species americana - Titanoeca americana
Species brunnea - Titanoeca brunnea
Species nigrella - Titanoeca nigrella
Family Trachelidae
Genus Meriola
Species arcifera - Meriola arcifera
Species californica - Meriola californica
Species decepta - Meriola decepta
Genus Trachelas
Species pacificus - Trachelas pacificus
Species tranquillus - Trachelas tranquillus
Species volutus - Trachelas volutus
Family Trechaleidae
Genus Trechalea
Species gertschi - Trechalea gertschi
Family Uloboridae - Cribellate Orb Weavers
Genus Hyptiotes - Triangle web spiders
Species cavatus - Hyptiotes cavatus
Species gertschi - Hyptiotes gertschi
Species puebla - Hyptiotes puebla
Genus Miagrammopes
Species mexicanus - Miagrammopes mexicanus
Genus Octonoba
Species sinensis - Octonoba sinensis
Genus Philoponella
Species oweni - Philoponella oweni
Genus Uloborus
Species campestratus - Uloborus campestratus
Species diversus - Uloborus diversus
Species glomosus - Uloborus glomosus
No Taxon Arizona - temporary holding
Genus Zosis
Species geniculata - Zosis geniculata
Family Zodariidae
Genus Lutica
Genus Zodarion
Family Zoropsidae - False Wolf Spiders & Wandering Spiders
Genus Anachemmis
Species linsdalei - Anachemmis linsdalei
Species sober - Anachemmis sober
Genus Lauricius
Species hooki - Lauricius hooki
Genus Liocranoides
Genus Titiotus
Species costa - Titiotus costa
Species flavescens - Titiotus flavescens
Species shantzi - Titiotus shantzi
Genus Socalchemmis
Species miramar - Socalchemmis miramar
Species idyllwild - Socalchemmis idyllwild
Species kastoni - Socalchemmis kastoni
Species shantzi - Socalchemmis shantzi
Genus Zorocrates
Genus Zoropsis
Species spinimana - Zoropsis spinimana
No Taxon Unidentified Spiderlings/Juveniles
No Taxon Fungus-ridden Spiders
No Taxon collected specimens - possible ID coming
No Taxon Micaria/Castianeira
No Taxon Haplogynae
Family Caponiidae
Genus Orthonops
Species gertschi - Orthonops gertschi
Species lapanus - Orthonops lapanus
Species zebra - Orthonops zebra
Genus Tarsonops
Species systematicus - Tarsonops systematicus
Family Diguetidae - Desertshrub Spiders
Genus Diguetia
Species albolineata - Diguetia albolineata
Species canities - Diguetia canities
Species signata - Diguetia signata
Family Dysderidae - Dysderids
Genus Dysdera
Species crocata - Woodlouse Hunter
Family Filistatidae - Crevice Weavers
Genus Filistatinella
Genus Kukulcania
Species arizonica - Kukulcania arizonica
Species geophila - Kukulcania geophila
Species hibernalis - Southern House Spider
Species hurca - Kukulcania hurca
Species utahana - Kukulcania utahana
No Taxon arizonica, geophila, utahana
No Taxon accidental adventives
Family Oonopidae - Goblin Spiders
Genus Escaphiella
Species hespera - Escaphiella hespera
Genus Heteroonops
Species spinimanus - Heteroonops spinimanus
Genus Opopaea
Species deserticola - Opopaea deserticola
Genus Orchestina
Genus Tapinesthis
Species inermis - Tapinesthis inermis
Family Pholcidae - Cellar Spiders
Genus Artema
Species atlanta - Artema atlanta
Genus Crossopriza
Species lyoni - Crossopriza lyoni
No Taxon accidental adventives
Genus Holocnemus
Species pluchei - Marbled Cellar Spider
Genus Micropholcus
Species fauroti - Micropholcus fauroti
Genus Modisimus
Species culicinus - Modisimus culicinus
Genus Pholcophora
Species americana - Pholcophora americana
Genus Pholcus
Species manueli - Pholcus manueli
Species opilionoides - Pholcus opilionoides
Species phalangioides - Longbodied Cellar Spider
No Taxon possibile crypticolens
Genus Physocyclus
Species enaulus - Physocyclus enaulus
Species californicus - Physocyclus californicus
Species globosus - Physocyclus globosus
Genus Psilochorus
Species apicalis - Psilochorus apicalis
Species californiae - Psilochorus californiae
Species hesperus - Psilochorus hesperus
Species imitatus - Psilochorus imitatus
Species simoni - Psilochorus simoni
Species utahensis - Psilochorus utahensis
Genus Smeringopus
Species pallidus - Smeringopus pallidus
Genus Spermophora
Species senoculata - Shortbodied Cellar Spider
Family Plectreuridae
Genus Kibramoa
Species madrona - Kibramoa madrona
Genus Plectreurys
Species tristis - Plectreurys tristis
No Taxon Life Cycle
Family Scytodidae - Spitting Spiders
Genus Scytodes
Species fusca - Scytodes fusca
Species longipes - Scytodes longipes
Species lugubris - Scytodes lugubris
Species thoracica - Scytodes thoracica
Species univittata - Scytodes univittata
Family Segestriidae - Tube Web Spiders
Genus Ariadna
Species bicolor - Ariadna bicolor
Genus Segestria
Species pacifica - Segestria pacifica
Family Sicariidae
Genus Loxosceles - Brown Spiders
Species apachea - Loxosceles apachea
Species arizonica - Arizona Recluse
Species blanda - Big Bend Recluse
Species deserta - Desert Recluse
Species devia - Texas Recluse
Species reclusa - Brown Recluse
Species rufescens - Mediterranean Recluse
Family Telemidae
Genus Usofila
Species pacifica - Usofila pacifica
Family Trogloraptoridae
Genus Trogloraptor
Species marchingtoni - Trogloraptor marchingtoni
Family Leptonetidae
No Taxon Hypochiloidea
Family Hypochilidae - Lampshade Weavers
Genus Hypochilus
Species bonneti - Hypochilus bonneti
Species coylei - Hypochilus coylei
Species gertschi - Hypochilus gertschi
Species pococki - Hypochilus pococki
Species thorelli - Hypochilus thorelli
Infraorder Mygalomorphae - Mygalomorphs
Family Antrodiaetidae - Folding-door Spiders
Genus Aliatypus
Species gulosus - Aliatypus gulosus
Species coylei - Aliatypus coylei
Species californicus - Aliatypus californicus
Genus Antrodiaetus
Species hageni - Antrodiaetus hageni
Species lincolnianus - Antrodiaetus lincolnianus
Species microunicolor - Antrodiaetus microunicolor
Species montanus - Antrodiaetus montanus
Species pacificus - Antrodiaetus pacificus
Species pugnax - Antrodiaetus pugnax
Species unicolor - Antrodiaetus unicolor
Genus Atypoides
Species gertschi - Antrodiaetus gertschi
Species riversi - Antrodiaetus riversi
Genus Hexura
Species rothi - Hexura rothi
Species picea - Hexura picea
Family Atypidae - Purseweb Spiders
Genus Atypus
Species snetsingeri - Atypus snetsingeri
Genus Sphodros
Species abboti - Abbot purseweb spider
Species atlanticus - Atlantic purseweb spider
Species fitchi - Sphodros fitchi
Species niger - Black purseweb spider
Species paisano - Sphodros paisano
Species rufipes - Redlegged purseweb spider
Family Dipluridae
Genus Microhexura
Species idahoana - Microhexura idahoana
Genus Euagrus
Species chisoseus - Euagrus chisoseus
Family Euctenizidae - Wafer-lid trapdoor spiders
Genus Apomastus
Species kristenae - Apomastus kristenae
Genus Aptostichus
Species atomarius - San Bernardino Hills Trapdoor Spider
Species miwok - Miwok Trapdoor Spider
Species simus - Southern Coastal Dune Trapdoor Spider
Species stanfordianus - Stanford Hills Trapdoor Spider
Genus Entychides
Species arizonica - Entychides arizonica
Genus Eucteniza
Species relata - Southwestern Trapdoor Spider
Genus Myrmekiaphila
Species comstocki - Myrmekiaphila comstocki
Genus Neoapachella
Species rothi - Neoapachella rothi
Genus Promyrmekiaphila
Species clathrata - Promyrmekiaphila clathrata
Species winnemem - Promyrmekiaphila winnemem
Family Halonoproctidae - Cork-lid trapdoor spiders
Genus Bothriocyrtum
Species californicum - California Trapdoor Spider
Genus Cyclocosmia
Species torreya - Cyclocosmia torreya
Species truncata - Cyclocosmia truncata
Genus Hebestatis
Species theveneti - Hebestatis theveneti
Genus Ummidia
Family Hexurellidae
Genus Hexurella
Family Megahexuridae
Genus Megahexura
Species fulva - Megahexura fulva
Family Nemesiidae - False tarantulas
Genus Calisoga
Species longitarsis - Calisoga longitarsis
Family Theraphosidae - Tarantulas
Genus Aphonopelma
Species anax - Texas Tan Tarantula
Species armada - Aphonopelma armada
Species chalcodes - Desert Blond Tarantula
Species chiricahua - Aphonopelma chiricahua
Species eutylenum - Aphonopelma eutylenum
Species gabeli - Aphonopelma gabeli
Species hentzi - Texas Brown Tarantula
Species icenoglei - Aphonopelma icenoglei
Species iodius - Aphonopelma iodius
Species madera - Aphonopelma madera
Species marxi - Aphonopelma marxi
Species moderatum - Aphonopelma moderatum
Species steindachneri - Aphonopelma steindachneri
Species vorhiesi - Aphonopelma vorhiesi
Species paloma - Aphonopelma paloma
Species catalina - Aphonopelma catalina
Species johnnycashi - Aphonopelma johnnycashi
Genus Brachypelma
Species vagans - Brachypelma vagans
No Taxon Unidentified Spider Egg Sacs, Webs, Retreats, and Droppings