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Stenopogon cazieri - female

Stenopogon cazieri - Female
Mount Diablo State Park, Contra Costa County, California, USA
June 28, 2008
Size: 2cm
Different species, but I still don't know which

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Stenopogon cazieri - female Stenopogon cazieri - female

Fine CA robber shot. I think Dr. Fisher must be out of town. Weird pale scutellum. Excellent facial prominence and black mystax. Wild thoracic hairiness. Another cigar-abdomen female. I will be interested to try and discern what group this is in. And then Dr. Fisher will know it immediately.

Stenopogoon cazieri.
Yes, fine shot of this Steno cazieri female (either well-fed or ready to lay eggs). White color at scutellum actually are alulae of wings; base of wings white in many Calif. Stenopogon (especially pronounced in males).

Thanks again Eric!
Thanks again Eric!

How helpful is wing veination for robber identification? I'll try to start getting shots that include a more dorsal view if it helps. Thanks a lot Herschel