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Subfamily Bolboceratinae

Beetle - Eucanthus Tiny Triceratops Beetle - Odonteus thoracicornis Beetle unknown - Odonteus Geotrupidae -? - Eucanthus impressus Bolbelasmus hornii (Rivers) - Bolbelasmus hornii - male Earth-Boring Machine - Bolbocerastes imperialis - female Another Geotrupid? - Odonteus Beetle - Bolbocerosoma bruneri
Kingdom Animalia (Animals)
Phylum Arthropoda (Arthropods)
Subphylum Hexapoda (Hexapods)
Class Insecta (Insects)
Order Coleoptera (Beetles)
Suborder Polyphaga (Water, Rove, Scarab, Long-horned, Leaf and Snout Beetles)
Superfamily Scarabaeoidea (Scarab, Stag and Bess Beetles)
Family Geotrupidae (Earth-Boring Scarab Beetles)
Subfamily Bolboceratinae
Explanation of Names
From Bolboceras (a junior synonym of Odonteus), 'bulbous horn'
ca. 40 spp. in 7 genera in our area, >300 spp. in 13 genera total(1)
antennae with 11 segments, last 3 forming a club; eyes partially or completely divided by a canthus
worldwide, incl. most of our area(1)
adults feed on fungi; larvae of some genera (Eucanthus, Bolboceras, Bolbocerosoma), on fine humus formed into a brood ball(1)
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