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Family Syrphidae - Syrphid Flies

Bee003 - Eristalis dimidiata Syrphid Flies (Syrphidae) - Parhelophilus HSP Fly or BEE mimic - Brachypalpus oarus Fly on flower  - Palpada furcata fly (Syrphidae) - Helophilus  Chalcosyrphus subgenus Xylotomima  - Chalcosyrphus curvaria Eristalis sp. - Eristalis dimidiata Fly on flowers on Sprg Island - Copestylum florida - male

Bug or beetle - Microdon fly - Microdon Mixogaster breviventris Syrphid Fly - Rhopalosyrphus guentherii - male Diptera - Microdon small red-orange fly with black wings and yellow halteres - Mixogaster Hover Fly - Microdon Small little fly - Laetodon

Syrphid Flies Mating - Toxomerus marginatus - male - female Baccha elongata? C - Baccha elongata Cylindrical Saskatchewan Sphaerophoria Syrphid - Sphaerophoria Red Headed fly - Ocyptamus fuscipennis Hoverfly (Toxomerus sp.?) - Toxomerus marginatus Fly on Sitka willow Fly - Platycheirus Syrphidae

Caterpillar? No, Syrphid Larva. syrphid spiky larva Rat-tailed maggots ID please tiny inchworm/larva Larva Syrphid larva??