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Family Syrphidae - Hover Flies

Phylum Arthropoda - Arthropods
Subphylum Hexapoda - Hexapods
Class Insecta - Insects
Order Diptera - Flies
No Taxon "Aschiza"
Family Syrphidae - Hover Flies

Subfamily Eristalinae
Tribe Brachyopini
Subtribe Spheginina
Genus Neoascia
No Taxon subgenus Neoasciella
No Taxon subgenus Neoascia
Species metallica - Neoascia metallica
Species tenur - Neoascia tenur
Genus Sphegina
No Taxon subgenus Asiosphegina
Species campanulata - Sphegina campanulata
Species rufiventris - Sphegina rufiventris
No Taxon subgenus Sphegina
Species biannulata - Sphegina biannulata
Species brachygaster - Sphegina brachygaster
Species flavimana - Sphegina flavimana
Species keeniana - Sphegina keeniana
Species lobata - Yellow-lobed Pufftail
Species lobulifera - Sphegina lobulifera
Subtribe Brachyopina
Genus Brachyopa
Species daeckei - Brachyopa daeckei
Species flavescens - Brachyopa flavescens
Species gigas - Brachyopa gigas
Species notata - Brachyopa notata
Species vacua - Brachyopa vacua
Genus Chrysogaster
Species antitheus - Chrysogaster antitheus
Genus Chrysosyrphus
Species frontosus - Chrysosyrphus frontosus
Species latus - Chrysosyrphus latus
Species versipellis - Chrysosyrphus versipellis
Genus Lepidomyia
Species micheneri - Lepidomyia micheneri
Genus Myolepta
Species cornellia - Myolepta cornellia
Species lunulata - Myolepta lunulata
Species nigra - Myolepta nigra
Species pretiosa - Myolepta pretiosa
Species strigilata - Myolepta strigilata
Species varipes - Myolepta varipes
Genus Orthonevra
No Taxon pictipennis species group
Species pulchella - Orthonevra pulchella
Species pictipennis - Orthonevra pictipennis
No Taxon bellula species group
Species bellula - Orthonevra bellula
Species flukei - Orthonevra flukei
Species nitida - Orthonevra nitida
Species feei - Orthonevra feei
Genus Hammerschmidtia
Species rufa - Hammerschmidtia rufa
Tribe Callicerini
Genus Callicera
Species duncani - Callicera duncani
Species erratica - Callicera erratica
Tribe Cerioidini
Genus Ceriana
Species abbreviata - Ceriana abbreviata
Species ancoralis - Ceriana ancoralis
Species mime - Ceriana mime
Species tridens - Ceriana tridens
Genus Monoceromyia
Species floridensis - Monoceromyia floridensis
Genus Polybiomyia
Species bellardii - Polybiomyia bellardii
Species macquarti - Polybiomyia macquarti
Species pedicellata - Polybiomyia pedicellata
Species sayi - Polybiomyia sayi
Species schnablei - Polybiomyia schnablei
Species townsendi - Polybiomyia townsendi
Genus Sphiximorpha
Species cylindrica - Sphiximorpha cylindrica
Species durani - Sphiximorpha durani
Species loewi - Sphiximorpha loewi
Species willistoni - Sphiximorpha willistoni
No Taxon undescribed FL endemic
Tribe Eristalini
Subtribe Eristalina
Genus Eristalinus
Species taeniops - Eristalinus (Eristalodes) taeniops
Species aeneus - Eristalinus (Lathyrophthalmus) aeneus
Genus Eristalis - Drone Flies
No Taxon Subgenus Eoseristalis
Species anthophorina - Eristalis anthophorina
Species arbustorum - Eristalis arbustorum
Species bellardii - Eristalis bellardii
Species brousii - Eristalis brousii
Species cryptarum - Eristalis cryptarum
Species dimidiata - Eristalis dimidiata
Species flavipes - Orange-legged Drone Fly
Species fratercula - Eristalis fratercula 0
Species gomojunovae - Eristalis gomojunovae
Species hirta - Eristalis hirta
Species interrupta - Eristalis interrupta
Species obscura - Eristalis obscura
Species rupium - Eristalis rupium
Species saxorum - Eristalis saxorum
Species stipator - Eristalis stipator
Species transversa - Transverse Flower Fly
No Taxon Subgenus Eristalis
Species tenax - Common Drone Fly
Genus Lycastrirhyncha
Species nitens - Lycastrirhyncha nitens
Genus Meromacrus
Species acutus - Meromacrus acutus
No Taxon undescribed species near ruficrus
Species gloriosus - Meromacrus gloriosus
Genus Palpada
Species agrorum - Palpada agrorum
Species albifrons - Palpada albifrons
Species alhambra - Palpada alhambra
Species undescribed-species-near-furcata - undescribed sp. 1
Species mexicana - Palpada mexicana
Species pusilla - Palpada pusilla
Species texana - Palpada texana
Species vinetorum - Palpada vinetorum
Subtribe Sericomyiina
Genus Pyritis
Species kincaidii - Halcyon
Genus Sericomyia
No Taxon chalcopyga complex
Species chalcopyga - Western Pond Fly
Species bifasciata - Long-nosed Pond Fly
Species carolinensis - Two-spotted Pond Fly
Species chrysotoxoides - Oblique-banded Pond Fly
Species flagrans - Spot-winged Pond Fly
Species harveyi - Harvey's Pond Fly
Species lata - White-spotted Pond Fly
Species militaris - Narrow-banded Pond Fly
Species nigra - Polar Pond Fly
Species sexfasciata - Six-banded Pond Fly
Species transversa - Yellow-spotted Pond Fly
Species vockerothi - Vockeroth's Pond Fly
Species slossonae - Slosson's Pond Fly
Species tolli - Great-nosed Pond Fly
Species woodi - Wood's Pond Fly
Subtribe Helophilina
Genus Anasimyia
Species bilinearis - Anasimyia bilinearis
Species chrysostoma - Anasimyia chrysostoma
Species distincta - Anasimyia distincta
Species grisescens - Anasimyia grisescens
Species perfidiosus - Anasimyia perfidiosus
No Taxon grisescens or distincta
No Taxon anausis complex
Genus Arctosyrphus
Species willingii - Arctosyrphus willingii
Genus Asemosyrphus
Species polygrammus - Asemosyrphus polygrammus
Genus Eurimyia
Species stipata - Eurimyia stipata
Genus Helophilus
Species bottnicus - Helophilus bottnicus
Species fasciatus - Helophilus fasciatus
Species groenlandicus - Helophilus groenlandicus
Species hybridus - Helophilus hybridus
Species intentus - Helophilus intentus
Species lapponicus - Helophilus lapponicus
Species latifrons - Helophilus latifrons
Species neoaffinis - Helophilus neoaffinis
Species obscurus - Helophilus obscurus
Genus Mallota
Species albipilis - Mallota albipilis
Species bautias - Mallota bautias
Species bequaerti - Mallota bequaerti
Species diversipennis - Mallota diversipennis
Species illinoensis - Mallota illinoensis
Species mississipensis - Mallota mississipensis
Species posticata - Mallota posticata
Species sackeni - Mallota sackeni
Genus Myathropa
Species florea - Myathropa florea
Genus Parhelophilus
Species divisus - Parhelophilus divisus
Species flavifacies - Parhelophilus flavifacies
Species integer - Parhelophilus integer
Species laetus - Parhelophilus laetus
Species obsoletus - Parhelophilus obsoletus
Species porcus - Black Bog Fly
Species rex - Parhelophilus rex
Genus Polydontomyia
Species curvipes - Polydontomyia curvipes
Tribe Merodontini
Genus Eumerus
Species funeralis - Lesser Bulb Fly
Genus Merodon
Species equestris - Narcissus Bulb Fly
Genus Nausigaster
Species curvinervis - Nausigaster curvinervis 0
Species geminata - Nausigaster geminata
Species punctulata - Nausigaster punctulata
Species scutellaris - Nausigaster scutellaris 0
Species texana - Nausigaster texana
Species unimaculata - Nausigaster unimaculata
Genus Psilota
Tribe Milesiini
Subtribe Blerina
Genus Blera
Species analis - Blera analis
Species armillata - Blera armillata
Species badia - Blera badia
Species confusa - Blera confusa
Species flukei - Blera flukei
Species humeralis - Blera humeralis
Species nigra - Blera nigra
Species pictipes - Blera pictipes
Species robusta - Blera robusta
Species scitula - Blera scitula
Species umbratilis - Blera umbratilis
Genus Somula
Species decora - Somula decora
Genus Cynorhinella
Species bella - Cynorhinella bella
Species longinasus - Cynorhinella longinasus
Genus Lejota
Species aerea - Lejota aerea
Subtribe Temnostomina
Genus Pterallastes
Species thoracicus - Pterallastes thoracicus
Genus Temnostoma
Species alternans - Temnostoma alternans
Species balyras - Temnostoma balyras
Species barberi - Temnostoma barberi
Species daochus - Temnostoma daochus
Species excentrica - Temnostoma excentrica
Species trifasciatum - Temnostoma trifasciatum
Species obscurum - Temnostoma obscurum
No Taxon balyras, barberi, obscurum, or trifasciatum
Species venustum - Temnostoma venustum
Genus Teuchocnemis
Species lituratus - Teuchocnemis lituratus
Species bacuntius - Teuchocnemis bacuntius
Subtribe Xylotina
Genus Brachypalpus
No Taxon subgenus Brachypalpus
Species oarus - Brachypalpus oarus
No Taxon subgenus Crioprora
Species alopex - Brachypalpus alopex
Species cyanella - Brachypalpus cyanella
Species cyanogaster - Brachypalpus cyanogaster
Species femorata - Brachypalpus femorata
Species undescribed-b - Southern Californian Species
Species undescribed - Boreal Forest Species
Genus Chalcosyrphus
No Taxon subgenus Xylotomima
Species anthreas - Chalcosyrphus anthreas
Species chalybeus - Chalcosyrphus chalybeus
Species curvarius - Chalcosyrphus curvarius
Species inarmatus - Chalcosyrphus inarmatus
Species libo - Chalcosyrphus libo
Species metallicus - Chalcosyrphus metallicus
Species metallifer - Chalcosyrphus metallifer
Species nemorum - Chalcosyrphus nemorum
Species piger - Chalcosyrphus piger
Species plesia - Chalcosyrphus plesia
Species satanicus - Chalcosyrphus satanicus
Species vecors - Chalcosyrphus vecors
Genus Hadromyia
No Taxon subgenus Chrysosomidia
Species aldrichi - Hadromyia aldrichi
Species crawfordi - Hadromyia crawfordi
Species pulchra - Hadromyia pulchra
Species aepalius - Hadromyia aepalius
No Taxon subgenus Hadromyia
Species grandis - Hadromyia grandis
Genus Pocota
Species bomboides - Pocota bomboides
Genus Xylota
No Taxon subgenus Xylota
Species angustiventris - Xylota angustiventris
Species annulifera - Xylota annulifera
Species bicolor - Xylota bicolor
Species flavitibia - Xylota flavitibia
Species quadrimaculata - Xylota quadrimaculata
Species segnis - Xylota segnis
No Taxon Xylota or Chalcosyrphus
Subtribe Tropidiina
Genus Syritta
Species flaviventris - Syritta flaviventris
Species pipiens - Syritta pipiens
Genus Tropidia
Species albistylum - Tropidia albistylum
Species mamillata - Tropidia mamillata
Species quadrata - Tropidia quadrata
Subtribe Criorhinina
Genus Criorhina
Species aurea - Criorhina aurea
Species bubulcus - Criorhina bubulcus
Species caudata - Criorhina caudata
Species coquilletti - Criorhina coquilletti
Species kincaidi - Criorhina kincaidi
Species nigripes - Criorhina nigripes
Species nigriventris - Criorhina nigriventris
Species verbosa - Criorhina verbosa
Species fusca - Criorhina fusca
Species nasica - Criorhina nasica
Species tricolor - Criorhina tricolor
Species occidentalis - Criorhina occidentalis
Species villosa - Criorhina villosa
Genus Sphecomyia
Species brevicornis - Sphecomyia brevicornis
Species columbiana - Sphecomyia columbiana
Species cryptica - Sphecomyia cryptica
Species dyari - Sphecomyia dyari
Species hoguei - Sphecomyia hoguei
Species interrupta - Sphecomyia interrupta
Species oraria - Sphecomyia oraria
Species pattonii - Sphecomyia pattonii
Species pseudosphecomima - Sphecomyia pseudosphecomima
Species sexfasciata - Sphecomyia sexfasciata
Species vittata - Sphecomyia vittata
Species weismani - Sphecomyia weismani
Species metallica - Sphecomyia metallica
Subtribe Milesiina
Genus Milesia
Species bella - Milesia bella
Species scutellata - Milesia scutellata
Species virginiensis - Yellowjacket Hover Fly
Genus Spilomyia
Species alcimus - Spilomyia alcimus
Species citima - Spilomyia citima
Species crandalli - Spilomyia crandalli
Species foxleei - Spilomyia foxleei
Species fusca - Bald-faced Hornet Fly
Species interrupta - Spilomyia interrupta
Species kahli - Spilomyia kahli
Species liturata - Spilomyia liturata
Species longicornis - Spilomyia longicornis
Species sayi - Four-lined Hornet Fly
Species texana - Spilomyia texana
Tribe Rhingiini
Subtribe Pelecocerina
Genus Pelecocera
Species pergandei - Pelecocera pergandei
Subtribe Rhingiina
Genus Rhingia
Species nasica - Rhingia nasica
Subtribe Cheilosiina
Genus Cheilosia
Species albitarsis - Cheilosia albitarsis
Species grossa - Cheilosia grossa
Species pallipes - Cheilosia pallipes
Species shannoni - Cheilosia shannoni
Genus Ferdinandea
Species buccata - Ferdinandea buccata
Species croesus - Ferdinandea croesus
Genus Hiatomyia
Tribe Volucellini
Genus Copestylum
Species anna - Anna's Bromeliad Fly
Species apiciferum - Copestylum apiciferum
Species avidum - Yellow-spotted Bromeliad Fly
Species comstocki - Comstock's Bromeliad Fly
Species florida - Florida Bromeliad Fly
Species fornax - Copestylum fornax
Species fraudulentum - Copestylum fraudulentum
Species haagii - Haag's Bromeliad Fly
Species isabellina - Isabelle's Bromeliad Fly
Species macrocephalum - Copestylum macrocephalum
Species opinator - Copestylum opinator
Species posticum - Copestylum posticum
Species satur - Spotted-wing Bromeliad Fly
Species sexmaculatum - Six-spotted Bromeliad Fly
Species tamaulipanum - Copestylum tamaulipanum
Species victoria - Victoria's Bromeliad Fly
Species vittatum - Striped Bromeliad Fly
No Taxon marginatum group
Species caudatum - Hairy-horned Bromeliad Fly
Species lentum - Copestylum lentum
Species limbipenne - Copestylum limbipenne
Species marginatum - Copestylum marginatum
No Taxon lentum or marginatum
No Taxon mexicanum-violaceum group
Species mexicanum - Mexican Cactus Fly
Species violaceum - Purple Bromeliad Fly
No Taxon vesicularium group
Species barei - Violet Bromeliad Fly
Species opalescens - Copestylum opalescens
Species vesicularium - Iridescent Bromeliad Fly
No Taxon chalybescens group
Species tricinctum - Copestylum tricinctum
Genus Volucella
Species arctica - Volucella arctica
Species evecta - Volucella evecta
Species facialis - Volucella facialis
No Taxon undescribed Volucella sp.
Genus Ornidia
Species obesa - Green Jewel Fly
No Taxon Rat-tailed maggots & other eristaline larvae
Subfamily Microdontinae
Genus Laetodon
Species laetus - Laetodon laetus
Genus Microdon
No Taxon subgenus Chymophila
Species fulgens - Microdon fulgens
No Taxon subgenus Dimeraspis
Species abditus - Microdon abditus
Species globosus - Microdon globosus
No Taxon subgenus Microdon
Species aurulentus - Microdon aurulentus
Species cothurnatus - Microdon cothurnatus
Species lanceolatus - Microdon lanceolatus
Species manitobensis - Microdon manitobensis
Species megalogaster - Microdon megalogaster
Species scauros - Microdon scauros
Species ruficrus - Microdon ruficrus
Species tristis - Microdon tristis
No Taxon subgenus Omegasyrphus
Species painteri - Microdon painteri
Species pallipennis - Microdon pallipennis
Species craigheadii - Microdon craigheadii
Genus Mixogaster
Species breviventris - Mixogaster breviventris
Species fattigi - Mixogaster fattigi
Genus Rhopalosyrphus
Species ramulorum - Rhopalosyrphus ramulorum
Species guentherii - Rhopalosyrphus guentherii
Subfamily Syrphinae
Tribe Bacchini
Genus Baccha
Species cognata - Baccha cognata
Genus Melanostoma
Species mellinum - Melanostoma mellinum
Genus Platycheirus
No Taxon subgenus Carposcalis
Species confusus - Platycheirus confusus
Species stegnus - Platycheirus stegnus
Species trichopus - Platycheirus trichopus
No Taxon subgenus Platycheirus
Species coerulescens - Platycheirus coerulescens
Species hyperboreus - Platycheirus hyperboreus
Species kelloggi - Platycheirus kelloggi
Species nearcticus - Platycheirus nearcticus
Species obscurus - Platycheirus obscurus
Species quadratus - Platycheirus quadratus
Species russatus - Platycheirus russatus
Species scambus - Platycheirus scambus
Species scutatus - Platycheirus scutatus
Species thylax - Platycheirus thylax
No Taxon larvae and puparia
Genus Pyrophaena
Species granditarsis - Pyrophaena granditarsis
Species rosarum - Pyrophaena rosarum
No Taxon Platycheirus or Melanostoma
Tribe Syrphini
Genus Allograpta
Species exotica - Allograpta exotica
Species obliqua - Common Oblique Syrphid Fly
Species radiata - Allograpta radiata
No Taxon obliqua or exotica
No Taxon larvae and puparia
Genus Chrysotoxum
Species chinook - Chrysotoxum chinook
Species derivatum - Chrysotoxum derivatum
Species perplexum - Chrysotoxum perplexum
Genus Dasysyrphus
No Taxon tricinctus group
Species limatus - Dasysyrphus limatus
No Taxon pinastri group
Species creper - Dasysyrphus creper
Species laticaudus - Dasysyrphus laticaudus
Species occidualis - Dasysyrphus occidualis
Species pacificus - Dasysyrphus pacificus
Species pauxillus - Dasysyrphus pauxillus
No Taxon pacificus or pauxillus
No Taxon venustus group
Species intrudens - intrudens complex
Species venustus - Dasysyrphus venustus
No Taxon larvae and puparia
Genus Didea
Species alneti - Didea alneti
Species fuscipes - Didea fuscipes
Genus Dioprosopa
Species clavata - Dioprosopa clavata
Genus Doros
Species aequalis - Doros aequalis
Genus Eosalpingogaster
Species cochenillivora - Eosalpingogaster cochenillivora
Species nepenthe - Eosalpingogaster nepenthe
Genus Epistrophe
Species grossulariae - Epistrophe grossulariae
Species nitidicollis - Epistrophe nitidicollis
Species xanthostoma - Epistrophe xanthostoma
No Taxon larvae and puparia
Genus Epistrophella
Species emarginata - Epistrophella emarginata
Genus Eupeodes
No Taxon subgenus Eupeodes
Species volucris - Bird Hover Fly
No Taxon subgenus Metasyrphus
Species americanus - American Hover Fly
Species flukei - Eupeodes flukei
Species fumipennis - Eupeodes fumipennis
Species latifasciatus - Eupeodes latifasciatus
Species montivagus - Eupeodes montivagus
Species perplexus - Eupeodes perplexus
Species pomus - Eupeodes pomus
Species snowi - Eupeodes snowi
No Taxon americanus/pomus group
No Taxon fumipennis/pomus group
No Taxon subgenus Metasyrphus larvae and puparia
Genus Fazia
Species micrura - Fazia micrura
Genus Hybobathus
Species lineatus - Hybobathus lineatus
Genus Hypocritanus
Species fascipennis - Hypocritanus fascipennis
Species lemur - Hypocritanus lemur
Genus Lapposyrphus
Species aberrantis - Lapposyrphus aberrantis
Species lapponicus - Lapposyrphus lapponicus
Genus Leucozona
Species americana - Leucozona (Leucozona) americana
No Taxon subgenus Ischyrosyrphus
Species velutina - Leucozona velutina
Species xylotoides - Leucozona xylotoides
Genus Megasyrphus
Species catalina - Megasyrphus catalina
Species laxus - Megasyrphus laxus
Genus Melangyna
Species arctica - Melangyna arctica
Species coei - Melangyna coei
Species fisherii - Melangyna fisherii
Species labiatarum - Melangyna labiatarum
Species umbellatarum - Melangyna umbellatarum
Genus Meligramma
Species cincta - Meligramma cincta
Species triangulifera - Meligramma triangulifera
Species guttata - Meligramma guttata
Genus Meliscaeva
Species cinctella - Meliscaeva cinctella
Genus Nuntianus
Species cubanus - Nuntianus cubanus
Genus Ocyptamus
Species antiphates - Ocyptamus antiphates
Species dimidiatus - Ocyptamus dimidiatus
Species fuscipennis - Ocyptamus fuscipennis
Species gastrostactus - Ocyptamus gastrostactus
No Taxon larvae and puparia
Genus Orphnabaccha
Species jactator - Orphnabaccha jactator
Species coerulea - Orphnabaccha coerulea
Genus Paragus
No Taxon subgenus Paragus
Species angustifrons - Paragus angustifrons
No Taxon larvae and puparia
No Taxon subgenus Pandasyopthalmus
Species haemorrhous - Paragus haemorrhous
Genus Parasyrphus
Species currani - Parasyrphus currani
Species genualis - Parasyrphus genualis
Species relictus - Parasyrphus relictus
Species semiinterruptus - Parasyrphus semiinterruptus
Species tarsatus - Parasyrphus tarsatus
No Taxon semiinterruptus or vockerothi
No Taxon larvae and puparia
Genus Pelecinobaccha
Species costata - Pelecinobaccha costata
Genus Pseudoscaeva
Species diversifasciata - Pseudoscaeva diversifasciata
Genus Salpingogaster
Species punctifrons - Salpingogaster punctifrons
Genus Scaeva
Species affinis - Scaeva affinis
Species selenitica - Scaeva selenitica
Genus Sphaerophoria
Species contigua - Sphaerophoria contigua
Species novaeangliae - Sphaerophoria novaeangliae
Species philanthus - Sphaerophoria philanthus
Species pyrrhina - Sphaerophoria pyrrhina
Species sulphuripes - Sphaerophoria sulphuripes
No Taxon contigua, novaeangliae, pyrrhina, or sulphuripes
Genus Syrphus
Species attenuatus - Syrphus attenuatus
Species knabi - Syrphus knabi
Species opinator - Syrphus opinator
Species rectus - Syrphus rectus
Species ribesii - Syrphus ribesii
Species torvus - Syrphus torvus
Species vitripennis - Syrphus vitripennis
No Taxon larvae and puparia
Genus Toxomerus
Species arcifer - Toxomerus arcifer
Species boscii - Toxomerus boscii
Species corbis - Toxomerus corbis
Species dispar - Toxomerus dispar
Species floralis - Toxomerus floralis
Species geminatus - Eastern Calligrapher
Species jussiaeae - Toxomerus jussiaeae
Species marginatus - Toxomerus marginatus
Species mutuus - Toxomerus mutuus
Species occidentalis - Toxomerus occidentalis
Species parvulus - Toxomerus parvulus
Species politus - Toxomerus politus
Species verticalis - Toxomerus verticalis
No Taxon Unidentified Florida Individuals
No Taxon unidentified larvae and puparia
Genus Victoriana
Species attenuata - Victoriana attenuata
Species parvicornis - Victoriana parvicornis
Genus Xanthogramma
Species flavipes - Xanthogramma flavipes
No Taxon Syrphus or Parasyrphus or Epistrophe or Eupeodes
No Taxon unidentified immatures of Meligramma or Melangyna
No Taxon unidentified immatures of Didea or Megasyrphus
No Taxon other unidentified immatures - Syrphini
No Taxon Unidentified Immature Stages
Subfamily Pipizinae
Genus Heringia
Species canadensis - Heringia canadensis
Species salax - Heringia salax
Genus Neocnemodon
Species elongata - Elongate Spikeleg
Genus Pipiza
Species puella - Pipiza puella
Species femoralis - Pipiza femoralis
Species quadrimaculata - Pipiza quadrimaculata
Genus Trichopsomyia - Psyllid-killer
Species banksi - White-faced Psyllid Killer
No Taxon Unidentified immature stages
No Taxon missing taxa