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Lubber - Romalea microptera - female

Lubber - Romalea microptera - Female
Kenner, Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, USA
June 29, 2008
Looks a little like a Horse Lubber (Taeniopoda eques) but wrong wing and antenna coloration... I don't think it is an Eastern Lubber (Romalea microptera) because the adult shouldn't be black. Am I just missing something here? Any ideas?

Please see

Another specimen found the same day.

black lubbers

"(An uncommon black color morph is found on the Gulf of Mexico coast. Adults of this morph are black with yellow markings.)"

Or red markings. At the Jean Lafitte National Historic Park and Preserve in Barataria, where I volunteer, the nymphs are bright red when hatched, and turn black with red racing stripes within about 24 hours.

The morph may be limited to the Gulf Coast, but it's right common in these parts.

There seems to be a
a melanic group of the Eastern - see here
but I agree, it looks much more like a 'horse' except that those don't reach furter east than west Texas.