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Santa Ritan cockroach - Latiblattella lucifrons

Santa Ritan cockroach - Latiblattella lucifrons
Santa Rita Mountains, ~5000 ft, Pima/Santa Cruz County, Arizona, USA
June 27, 2008
Size: 2.5cm
I was surprised to find cockroaches at this altitude. Any roach enthusiasts know family/genus/species?

Moved from Ectobiidae.

Thanks Alan!


Latiblattella lucifrons
adult male

How did you make this ID?
Diagnostic characters, etc.?

those dots on the pronotum
are one of the diagnostic character for this species. Since L. lucifrons is the only species of roach reported from AZ with that character, this one is likely to be L. lucifrons.

Size accurate?
I'm re-thinking this, but the size indicated here is too large for the two other species that are most likely....

It's been a while since I too
It's been a while since I took this photo but I'm pretty sure the size is accurate.

Moved from Cockroaches.

Wood cockroach.
This is probably a male wood cockroach in the genus Parcoblatta.