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Family Linyphiidae - Sheetweb and Dwarf Spiders

Phylum Arthropoda - Arthropods
Subphylum Chelicerata - Chelicerates
Class Arachnida - Arachnids
Order Araneae - Spiders
Infraorder Araneomorphae - True Spiders
No Taxon Entelegynae
Family Linyphiidae - Sheetweb and Dwarf Spiders

Subfamily Erigoninae - Dwarf Spiders
Genus Anthrobia
Species acuminata - Anthrobia acuminata
Genus Aphileta
Species misera - Aphileta misera
Genus Baryphyma
Species trifrons - Baryphyma trifrons
Genus Ceraticelus
Species artemisiae - Ceraticelus artemisiae
Species atriceps - Ceraticelus atriceps
Species bulbosus - Ceraticelus bulbosus
Species crassiceps - Ceraticelus crassiceps
Species emertoni - Ceraticelus emertoni
Species fissiceps - Ceraticelus fissiceps
Species laetabilis - Ceraticelus laetabilis
Species minutus - Ceraticelus minutus
Species similis - Ceraticelus similis
Genus Ceratinella
No Taxon Undescribed Species #1
Species brunnea - Ceratinella brunnea
Genus Ceratinops
Species crenatus - Ceratinops crenatus
Genus Ceratinopsidis
Species formosa - Ceratinopsidis formosa
Genus Ceratinopsis
Species interpres - Ceratinopsis interpres
Species labradorensis - Ceratinopsis labradorensis
Species nigripalpis - Ceratinopsis nigripalpis
Species nigriceps - Ceratinopsis nigriceps
Genus Collinsia
Species oxypaederotipus - Collinsia oxypaederotipus
Species ksenius - Collinsia ksenius
Species plumosa - Collinsia plumosa
Genus Coreorgonal
Species monoceros - Coreorgonal monoceros
Species bicornis - Coreorgonal bicornis
Genus Dicymbium
Species nigrum - Dicymbium nigrum
Genus Diplocentria
Species bidentata - Diplocentria bidentata
Genus Diplocephalus
Species subrostratus - Diplocephalus subrostratus
Genus Disembolus
Species corneliae - Disembolus corneliae
Genus Dismodicus
Genus Emertongone
Species montifer - Emertongone montifer
Genus Entelecara
Species acuminata - Entelecara acuminata
Genus Epiceraticelus
Species mandyae - Epiceraticelus mandyae
Genus Eridantes
Species erigonoides - Eridantes erigonoides
Genus Erigone
Species aletris - Erigone aletris
Species atra - Erigone atra
Species autumnalis - Erigone autumnalis
Species blaesa - Erigone blaesa
Species capra - Erigone capra
Species dentigera - Erigone dentigera
Species dentosa - Erigone dentosa
Genus Floricomus
Species plumalis - Floricomus plumalis
Species praedesignatus - Floricomus praedesignatus
Genus Frederickus
Species coylei - Frederickus coylei
Genus Glyphesis
Species scopulifer - Glyphesis scopulifer
Genus Gnathonargus
Species unicorn - Gnathonargus unicorn
Genus Gnathonaroides
Species pedalis - Gnathonaroides pedalis
Genus Gonatium
Species crassipalpum - Gonatium crassipalpum
Genus Goneatara
Species nasutus - Goneatara nasutus
Species platyrhinus - Goneatara platyrhinus
Species plausibilis - Goneatara plausibilis
Genus Grammonota
Species angusta - Grammonota angusta
Species capitata - Grammonota capitata
Species gentilis - Grammonota gentilis
Species gigas - Grammonota gigas
Species inornata - Grammonota inornata
Species kincaidi - Grammonota kincaidi
Species maculata - Grammonota maculata
Species pallipes - Grammonota pallipes
Species pictilis - Grammonota pictilis
Species texana - Grammonota texana
Species vittata - Grammonota vittata
Genus Halorates
Genus Hybauchenidium
Species gibbosum - Hybauchenidium gibbosum
Species cymbadentatum - Hybauchenidium cymbadentatum
Genus Hypselistes
Species florens - Hypselistes florens
No Taxon Hypselistes-like
Genus Idionella
Species rugosa - Idionella rugosa
Genus Islandiana
Species flaveola - Islandiana flaveola
Genus Maro
Genus Masoncus
Species conspectus - Masoncus conspectus
Genus Mermessus
Species bryantae - Mermessus bryantae
Species fradeorum - Mermessus fradeorum
Species maculatus - Mermessus maculatus
Species tridentatus - Mermessus tridentatus
Species trilobatus - Mermessus trilobatus
Species index - Mermessus index
Species albulus - Mermessus albulus
Genus Micrargus
Species longitarsus - Micrargus longitarsus
Genus Mythoplastoides
Species exiguus - Mythoplastoides exiguus
Genus Oedothorax
Species trilobatus - Oedothorax trilobatus
No Taxon Undescribed Species #1 (R. Crawford)
Genus Origanates
Species rostratus - Origanates rostratus
Genus Pocadicnemis
Species pumila - Pocadicnemis pumila
Genus Praestigia
Species kulczynskii - Praestigia kulczynskii
Genus Satilatlas
Species marxi - Satilatlas marxi
Genus Scotinotylus
Species formicarius - Scotinotylus formicarius
Species pallidus - Scotinotylus pallidus
Species sanctus - Scotinotylus sanctus
Species vernalis - Scotinotylus vernalis
Genus Scylaceus
Species pallidus - Scylaceus pallidus
Genus Sisicottus
Species quoylei - Sisicottus quoylei
Genus Sisicus
Species penifusifer - Sisicus penifusifer
Genus Souessa
Species spinifera - Souessa spinifera
Genus Sougambus
Species bostoniensis - Sougambus bostoniensis
Genus Soulgas
Species corticarius - Soulgas corticarius
Genus Spirembolus
Species dispar - Spirembolus dispar
Species mundus - Spirembolus mundus
Genus Styloctetor
Species purpurescens - Styloctetor purpurescens
Genus Tachygyna
Species vancouverana - Tachygyna vancouverana
Genus Tapinocyba
Species cameroni - Tapinocyba cameroni
Species simplex - Tapinocyba simplex
Genus Tmeticus
Species ornatus - Tmeticus ornatus
Genus Vermontia
Species thoracica - Vermontia thoracica
Genus Walckenaeria
Species auranticeps - Walckenaeria auranticeps
Species bifida - Walckenaeria bifida
Species carolina - Walckenaeria carolina
Species castanea - Walckenaeria castanea
Species columbia - Walckenaeria columbia
Species communis - Walckenaeria communis
Species cornuella - Walckenaeria cornuella
Species digitata - Walckenaeria digitata
Species directa - Walckenaeria directa
Species dondalei - Walckenaeria dondalei
Species exigua - Walckenaeria exigua
Species occidentalis - Walckenaeria occidentalis
Species pallida - Walckenaeria pallida
No Taxon spiralis group
Species spiralis - Walckenaeria spiralis
Species subdirecta - Walckenaeria subdirecta
Species tibialis - Walckenaeria tibialis
Genus Zornella
Species armata - Zornella armata
Subfamily Linyphiinae - Sheetweb Spiders
Genus Agnyphantes
Species arboreus - Agnyphantes arboreus
Genus Agyneta
Species angulata - Agyneta angulata
Species barrowsi - Agyneta barrowsi
Species bronx - Agyneta bronx
Species fabra - Agyneta fabra
Species fillmorana - Agyneta fillmorana
Species olivacea - Agyneta olivacea
Species micaria - Agyneta micaria
Species semipallida - Agyneta semipallida
Species serrata - Agyneta serrata
Species sheffordiana - Agyneta sheffordiana
Species unimaculata - Agyneta unimaculata
Genus Allomengea
Species dentisetis - Allomengea dentisetis
Genus Arcuphantes
Species arcuatulus - Arcuphantes arcuatulus
Genus Bathyphantes
Species alascensis - Bathyphantes alascensis
Species alboventris - Bathyphantes alboventris
Species brevipes - Bathyphantes brevipes
Species brevis - Bathyphantes brevis
Species canadensis - Bathyphantes canadensis
Species keeni - Bathyphantes keeni
Species orica - Bathyphantes orica
Species pallidus - Bathyphantes pallidus
Species weyeri - Bathyphantes weyeri
Genus Centromerita
Species bicolor - Centromerita bicolor
Genus Centromerus
No Taxon Unnamed Species #1
Species persolutus - Centromerus persolutus
Species sylvaticus - Centromerus sylvaticus
Species cornupalpis - Centromerus cornupalpis
Genus Diplostyla
Species concolor - Diplostyla concolor
Genus Drapetisca
Species alteranda - Drapetisca alteranda
Genus Estrandia
Species grandaeva - Estrandia grandaeva
Genus Florinda
Species coccinea - Florinda coccinea
Genus Frontinella
Species huachuca - Frontinella huachuca
Species pyramitela - Bowl and Doily Weaver
Genus Helophora
Species insignis - Helophora insignis
Species reducta - Helophora reducta
Genus Kaestneria
Species pullata - Kaestneria pullata
Genus Lepthyphantes
Species leprosus - Lepthyphantes leprosus
Species turbatrix - Lepthyphantes turbatrix
Genus Linyphantes
Species orcinus - Linyphantes orcinus
Species pualla - Linyphantes pualla
Species victoria - Linyphantes victoria
No Taxon Undescribed Species #1 (R. Crawford)
No Taxon Unnamed Species #8
Genus Linyphia
Species triangularis - European Sheetweb Spider
Species rita - Linyphia rita
Genus Macrargus
Species multesimus - Macrargus multesimus
Genus Megalepthyphantes
Species nebulosus - Megalepthyphantes nebulosus
Genus Microlinyphia - Platform Spiders
Species dana - Microlinyphia dana
Species mandibulata - Microlinyphia mandibulata
Subspecies punctata - Microlinyphia mandibulata punctata
Subspecies mandibulata - Microlinyphia mandibulata mandibulata
Species impigra - Microlinyphia impigra
Species pusilla - Microlinyphia pusilla
Genus Microneta
Species viaria - Microneta viaria
Genus Neriene
Species clathrata - Neriene clathrata
Species digna - Neriene digna
Species litigiosa - Sierra Dome Spider
Species montana - Neriene montana
Species radiata - Filmy Dome Spider
Species variabilis - Neriene variabilis
Genus Oreonetides
Species vaginatus - Oreonetides vaginatus
Genus Oreophantes
Species recurvatus - Oreophantes recurvatus
Genus Ostearius
Species melanopygius - Ostearius melanopygius
Genus Pityohyphantes - Hammock Spiders
Species costatus - Hammock Spider
Species cristatus - Pityohyphantes cristatus
Species minidoka - Pityohyphantes minidoka
Species rubrofasciatus - Pityohyphantes rubrofasciatus
Species subarcticus - Pityohyphantes subarcticus
Species tacoma - Pityohyphantes tacoma
Genus Pocobletus
Species coroniger - Pocobletus coroniger
Genus Poeciloneta
Species lyrica - Poeciloneta lyrica
Genus Porrhomma
Species convexum - Porrhomma convexum
Species terrestre - Porrhomma terrestre
Genus Saaristoa
Species sammamish - Saaristoa sammamish
Genus Stemonyphantes
Genus Tapinopa
Species bilineata - Tapinopa bilineata
Genus Tennesseellum
Species formica - Tennesseellum formica
Genus Tenuiphantes
Species sabulosus - Tenuiphantes sabulosus
Species tenuis - Tenuiphantes tenuis
Species zelatus - Tenuiphantes zelatus
Species zebra - Tenuiphantes zebra
Species zibus - Tenuiphantes zibus
Genus Wubana
Species pacifica - Wubana pacifica
Species drassoides - Wubana drassoides
Species atypica - Wubana atypica