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Red creatures found in lawn

Red creatures found in lawn
Lytle....just outside San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas, USA
July 3, 2008
Size: 1/8"-3/16"
These were discovered by a friend of mine in his back yard. His lawn is St. Augustine and has dried up from the heat and lack of rain. These creatures are in a small hole about 2" deep that my friend's dog had dug in the yard. photo #197136
May I have permission to use photo #197136 of ground pearls for an online turf insect pest course?

Absolutely. Thank you for yo
Absolutely. Thank you for your courtesy in asking.

You may have to email John VanDyk,
his email can be found by clicking on the Iowa State link at the bottom of every page. This is the only image ever posted by Crowbar so they may not see your request. But John V can email them and tell them you want to speak to them.

Red Bugs
I've enlarged it here..

You will want to go to this image and click subscribe so you get the automatic emails.

Jim McClarin put a link
to Ground Pearls, Margarodes, on this image and that's what we're reminded of. What do you think? Michael Garcia's comment says they are a pest of grasses!

that is definitely a good posibility
I wish that linked image was larger, so I could see more detail.

You can click on the original
here and it gets bigger, but not clearer :(

And check out the first image here!

one more

your "one more" link is a good one. The only difference I see is that the legs in your link are quite curved and fang-like (more like my image of the one w/the springtail) while the ones in this image seem to have more bug-like legs like something you see on a pill bug.

Think you might be able to get a close-up on those small objecs/critters?

I will email him and ask him for a better photo. Thanks

I am the friend with the red
I am the friend with the red bugs....I have taken the closest picture my camera will take...sorry. I have also found the bugs in semi-dead areas of the lawn.