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National Moth Week photos of insects and people. Here's how to add your images.

Photos of insects and people from the 2019 BugGuide Gathering in Louisiana, July 25-27

Discussion, insects and people from the 2018 gathering in Virginia, July 27-29

Photos of insects and people from the 2015 gathering in Wisconsin, July 10-12

Photos of insects and people from the 2014 gathering in Virginia, June 4-7.

Photos of insects and people from the 2013 gathering in Arizona, July 25-28

Photos of insects and people from the 2012 gathering in Alabama

Photos of insects and people from the 2011 gathering in Iowa


Family Araneidae - Orb Weavers

Phylum Arthropoda - Arthropods
Subphylum Chelicerata - Chelicerates
Class Arachnida - Arachnids
Order Araneae - Spiders
Infraorder Araneomorphae - True Spiders
No Taxon Entelegynae
Family Araneidae - Orb Weavers

Genus Acacesia
Species hamata - Acacesia hamata
Genus Acanthepeira
Species cherokee - Acanthepeira cherokee
Species marion - Acanthepeira marion
Species stellata - Starbellied Orbweaver
Species venusta - Acanthepeira venusta
No Taxon juveniles
No Taxon cherokee / stellata
Genus Aculepeira
Species carbonarioides - Aculepeira carbonarioides
Species packardi - Aculepeira packardi
No Taxon Undescribed prairie species
Genus Allocyclosa
Species bifurca - Allocyclosa bifurca
Genus Araneus
Species alboventris - Araneus alboventris
Species andrewsi - Araneus andrewsi
Species arizonensis - Araneus arizonensis
Species bicentenarius - Giant Lichen Orbweaver
Species bispinosus - Araneus bispinosus
Species bivittatus - Araneus bivittatus
Species bonsallae - Araneus bonsallae
Species calusa - Araneus calusa
Species cavaticus - Barn Spider
Species cingulatus - Araneus cingulatus
Species corticarius - Araneus corticarius
Species detrimentosus - Araneus detrimentosus
Species diadematus - Cross Orbweaver
Species gadus - Araneus gadus
Species gemma - Araneus gemma
Species gemmoides - Cat-Faced Spider
Species groenlandicola - Araneus groenlandicola
Species guttulatus - Araneus guttulatus
Species illaudatus - Araneus illaudatus
Species iviei - Araneus iviei
Species juniperi - Araneus juniperi
Species mammatus - Araneus mammatus
Species marmoreus - Marbled Orbweaver
Species miniatus - Araneus miniatus
Species montereyensis - Araneus montereyensis
Species niveus - Araneus niveus
Species nordmanni - Araneus nordmanni
Species partitus - Araneus partitus
Species pegnia - Araneus pegnia
Species pratensis - Araneus pratensis
Species saevus - Araneus saevus
Species thaddeus - Lattice Orbweaver
Species trifolium - Shamrock Orbweaver
Species yukon - Araneus yukon
No Taxon holding bin for green Araneus
No Taxon illaudatus/gemmoides
Genus Araniella
No Taxon displicata/proxima overlap
Species proxima - Araniella proxima
Species displicata - Sixspotted Orbweaver
Genus Argiope
Species argentata - Silver Argiope
Species aurantia - Black and Yellow Argiope
No Taxon juveniles
No Taxon egg sacs
Species blanda - Argiope blanda
Species bruennichi - Argiope bruennichi
Species florida - Florida Argiope
Species trifasciata - Banded Argiope
Genus Cercidia
Species prominens - Cercidia prominens
Genus Colphepeira
Species catawba - Colphepeira catawba
Genus Cyclosa - Trashline Orbweavers
Species caroli - Cyclosa caroli
Species conica - Cyclosa conica
Species turbinata - Cyclosa turbinata
Species walckenaeri - Cyclosa walckenaeri
Genus Cyrtophora
Species citricola - Tropical tent-web spider
Genus Eriophora
Species edax - Eriophora edax
Species ravilla - Eriophora ravilla
Genus Eustala
Species anastera - Humpbacked Orbweaver
Species californiensis - Eustala californiensis
Species cepina - Eustala cepina
Species conchlea - Eustala conchlea
Species emertoni - Eustala emertoni
Species rosae - Eustala rosae
No Taxon anastera / brevispina
No Taxon anastera / cepina
No Taxon anastera / conchlea
No Taxon juveniles
Genus Gasteracantha
Species cancriformis - Spinybacked Orbweaver
Genus Gea
Species heptagon - Gea heptagon
Genus Hypsosinga
Species funebris - Hypsosinga funebris
Species pygmaea - Hypsosinga pygmaea
Species rubens - Hypsosinga rubens
Genus Kaira - Frilled Orbweavers
Species alba - Pale Frilled Orbweaver
Species hiteae - Smooth Frilled Orbweaver
Species altiventer - Kaira altiventer
Genus Larinia
Species borealis - Larinia borealis
Species directa - Larinia directa
No Taxon famulatoria / borealis
Genus Larinioides - Furrow spiders
Species cornutus - Furrow Orbweaver
No Taxon juveniles
Species patagiatus - Larinioides patagiatus
Species sclopetarius - Gray Cross Spider
No Taxon cornutus / patagiatus
No Taxon patagiatus / sclopetarius
No Taxon juveniles
Genus Mangora
Species gibberosa - Lined Orbweaver
Species maculata - Mangora maculata
Species passiva - Mangora passiva
Species placida - Tuftlegged Orbweaver
Species spiculata - Mangora spiculata
No Taxon maculata / spiculata
Genus Mastophora - Bolas Spiders
Species bisaccata - Mastophora bisaccata
Species cornigera - Mastophora cornigera
Species hutchinsoni - Mastophora hutchinsoni
Species leucabulba - Mastophora leucabulba
Species phrynosoma - Mastophora phrynosoma
Species stowei - Mastophora stowei
Species timuqua - Mastophora timuqua
Species yeargani - Mastophora yeargani
Genus Mecynogea
Species lemniscata - Basilica Orbweaver
Genus Metazygia
Species wittfeldae - Metazygia wittfeldae
Species zilloides - Metazygia zilloides
Genus Metepeira
Species arizonica - Metepeira arizonica
Species comanche - Metepeira comanche
Species crassipes - Metepeira crassipes
Species datona - Metepeira datona
Species foxi - Metepeira foxi
Species gosoga - Metepeira gosoga
Species grandiosa - Metepeira grandiosa
Species labyrinthea - Labyrinth Orbweaver
Species minima - Metepeira minima
Species palustris - Metepeira palustris
Species pimungan - Metepeira pimungan
Species spinipes - Metepeira spinipes
Species ventura - Metepeira ventura
No Taxon unidentified spiderlings/juveniles
No Taxon Coastal Counties of California
Genus Micrathena
Species funebris - Micrathena funebris
Species gracilis - Spined Micrathena
Species mitrata - White Micrathena
Species sagittata - Arrowshaped Micrathena
Genus Neoscona - Spotted Orbweavers
Species arabesca - Arabesque Orbweaver
Species crucifera - Neoscona crucifera
Species domiciliorum - Spotted Orbweaver
Species nautica - Neoscona nautica
Species oaxacensis - Western Spotted Orbweaver
Species pratensis - Neoscona pratensis
Species utahana - Neoscona utahana
No Taxon unidentified juveniles
Genus Ocrepeira
Species ectypa - Ocrepeira ectypa
Species georgia - Ocrepeira georgia
Genus Scoloderus
Species nigriceps - Scoloderus nigriceps
Genus Singa
Species keyserlingi - Singa keyserlingi
Species eugeni - Singa eugeni
Genus Trichonephila - Golden Orb-weavers
Species clavata - Joro Spider
Species clavipes - Golden Silk Orbweaver
No Taxon juveniles
Genus Verrucosa
Species arenata - Arrowhead Spider
Genus Wagneriana
Species tauricornis - Wagneriana tauricornis
Genus Zygiella
Species atrica - Zygiella atrica
Species carpenteri - Zygiella carpenteri
Species dispar - Zygiella dispar
Species nearctica - Zygiella nearctica
Species x-notata - Zygiella x-notata
No Taxon atrica / x-notata overlap
No Taxon unidentified egg sacs, spiderlings, & young spiders
No Taxon Reviewed / Currently No ID
No Taxon holding bin--ventral sides only