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Beetle - Phaenonotum exstriatum

Beetle - Phaenonotum exstriatum
Block Island, Washington County, Rhode Island, USA
June 10, 2021
An onshore (easterly) wind washed up a very large number of beetles, and I collected all individuals either alive or dead but intact from probably 100 or 200 feet of shoreline to document this bounty. Most were alive, though many were dead or dying, and at least some likely are not represented by breeding populations on Block Island. Nearly all the insects washed ashore along the stretch of beach I inspected were beetles, though other orders were represented: Hemiptera (mostly Miridae and Pentatomidae), Hymenoptera (mostly Formicidae and Ichneumonidae), Lepidoptera (one individual), and Blattodea (a single roach).

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Beetle - Phaenonotum exstriatum Beetle - Phaenonotum exstriatum

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