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What kind of Bug - Perillus circumcinctus

What kind of Bug - Perillus circumcinctus
Brighton, Northumberland, Ontario, Canada
June 5, 2008
Size: 1/2 inch app.
This colourful bug was resting deep inside the petals of one of my roses. It took some shaking to dislodge it. I photographed it after if fell to the ground. Help with ID please.

Moved from Stink Bugs.

Moved from True Bugs.

Looks like
a species of Mormidea. I don't think it's Lugens.

not an expert but...
Please see Stink Bug Perillus circumcinctus


Stink Bug
WOW, that was fast, thanks Ron.

Thank you.
now all we need is to make sure I am correct :) Please wait for an expert to confirm this. I always like to be sure.

Consensus, maybe:-)
I'm no expert either (Dr. David Ryder is, but he visits infrequently, if at all anymore). Still, I think it is safe to place this image with the Perillus species you suggest. Nice detective work, Ron.