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Unidentified Crabronidae...or potter wasp? - Taeniogonalos gundlachii

Unidentified Crabronidae...or potter wasp? - Taeniogonalos gundlachii
Dearborn, Wayne County, Michigan, USA
July 10, 2008
Size: 4 mm
I first suspected this might be Ectemnius or somewhere in that neighborhood. The distinctive pattern on the thorax should help, but I don't see a match in the Guide. Any suggestions?

Moved to species gundlachii
Moved from Taeniogonalos to species gundlachii, since it seems the species ID seems to be certain

i was stunned by your wasp and followed the developments although had nothing to contribute myself... Keep working! thnx!

No, much more interesting: this is a member of the rare parasitic wasp family Trigonalidae. Excellent find!

With only 3 distinct eastern species, does that then make this Taeniogonalos gundlachii?

Yes indeed!
The only other two trigonalid species (Lycogaster pullata and Orthogonalys pullchella) look quite different; Lycogaster is almost completely black and Orthogonalys looks very much like an ichneumonid. Awesome find by the way! I've always wanted to see a live trigonalid!