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Robber Fly? - Leptogaster flavipes

Robber Fly? - Leptogaster flavipes
Framingham, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, USA
July 4, 2008
This one is tough for me - went around and around and I think it might be a robber fly, though that certainly wasn't my first, second or third guess! Is this subfamily Leptogastrinae? Unfortunately, I am not too sure about the size, just that it was larger than the normal green bottle fly I see around, but smaller than the typical cranefly. Maybe 1.5cm long?

Found in a spider web on the side of my house.

Moved from Leptogastrinae.

Is correct. And they often actually steal spiders out of their webs. Only three members of the family in MA and this is Leptogaster flavipes. A fine shot.

Thank you so much for the quick ID!