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Longhorn Beetle - Necydalis mellita - male

Longhorn Beetle - Necydalis mellita - Male
Winfield, DuPage County, Illinois, USA
June 12, 2005
Size: 20mm
The antennae of a longhorn beetle, the wings of a sawfly, the body of an ichneumon wasp, and some sort of nub elytra wannbees.. ? What izzit?
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Possibly Necydalis melita, longhorn beetle
Agrees on size, general description, range and visual in plate 15 of Yanega's Field Guide to Northeastern Beetles.

Did I find a female? http:
Did I find a female?

You did!
Indeed. Wow it only took me 18 years to see your comment and look at your pic. :) Cheers! (Feb. 2023)

I agree.
Bingo! A very distinctive genus. This one is a male, as females are larger, with a tapering ovipositor at the tip of the abdomen.

Thanks, Jim
Wow, thanks, Jim. I never would have found that in a million years.