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Stenopogon californiae - male

Stenopogon californiae - Male
Below Barley Flats, San Gabriel Mountains, Los Angeles County, California, USA
July 15, 2008
Size: 20 mm
Looks like a Stenopogon, male, though I'm not certain. This one is sitting on a buckwheat (Eriogonum fasciculatum ), a good place to find prey.
I do have the specimen and will try to get it identified.
Update: ID with help from Jim Hogue (CSUN), using key in Wilcox (1971; see INFO page). Subsequently matched with vouchered specimen.

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Stenopogon californiae - male Stenopogon californiae - male

Shot and excellent detective work. Would love to see some of these western Stenos identified to species.

Thanks, Herschel -
Perhaps, with some more specimen we might arrive at a few more species identifications.