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Bee Fly - Villa arenicola - female

Bee Fly - Villa arenicola - Female
Adams County, Pennsylvania, USA
July 11, 2008
Size: 3/8 inch

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Bee Fly - Villa arenicola - female Bee Fly - Villa arenicola - female Bee Fly - Villa arenicola - female Bee Fly - Villa arenicola - female

Moved from Villa. I checked with Joel Kits, and he agrees that this looks like V. arenicola. Many of the other V. lateralis images look just the same but I will leave those untouched for the moment.

I guess we posted at the same time, Matthias. Thanks for creating the page and moving them.

Rather than be totally wrong, I will move the photos back to villa. There doesn't seem to be a page for V. arenicola anyway. If it can be safely confirmed either way, they can be moved later.

Thanks Ron and Matthias.

Moved from Villa lateralis.

Bee Fly (Bombyliidae)
Bee Fly (Bombyliidae)

Thanks for getting me in the proper family. No wonder I couldn't find it. Appreciate your reply.

Looks like Villa.
Nice fly, nice shots.

Thanks Ron.
I am leaning towards V. lateralis. Do you know how reliable wing venation is in IDing this genus? I am looking at your photo and comparing it to the venation on my second photo. Looks the same as far as I can tell. I compare venation in odonata but that is possible only in some species, not all. So I am told. :)

Villa arenicola?
What key did you use to identify the species? There are many species in Villa, and they are often difficult to determine. I checked your photos against the Villa key by Kits et al. in CJAI, and the species seems to come out as V. arenicola, not V. lateralis.

Didn't use a key.
Original ID (IDs?) came from Bug Guide people. Subsequent self-IDs from appearance.

There's some confusion in this genus and I don't quite get it.
With one this color and veins like that, I'd say you're safe with V. lateralis. (Brown Villas are another story.)