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Beetle - Anisodactylus

Beetle - Anisodactylus
Kenner, Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, USA
July 16, 2008
Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

Moved tentatively
Moved from Anisodactylus.

Moved from Harpalini.

Moved from Harpalinae.

Moved from Ground Beetles.

its a Carabid
One of the Harpalines I believe.

I just looked through the Subfamily Harpalinae. I am now thinking this guys will never find a home...

Thanks for the nudge in the right direction.

This harpaline could find a home
if you were to mail me this specimen (to keep) for accurate species identification. Instructions for mailing unpinned carabids to me: Wrap fresh (flexible) specimen with pencilled data slip inside alcohol-dampened paper towel wad, inside small plastic vial, inside small cardboard box.

I didn't collect this guy. If I happen to come across anything similar, I will collect it for you...

They are quite difficult to species without the specimens to examine. One of the reasons that a comparative collection is important in this family. Carabids are quite an undertaking to get familiar with.