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Unicorn nymph - Phyllovates chlorophaea

Unicorn nymph - Phyllovates chlorophaea
World Birding Center HQ at Bentsen-Rio Grande Valley State Park, Hidalgo County, Texas, USA
September 16, 2007
The nymphs of this species are frequently mistaken for a different species of mantis due to their very different posture, curling up the abdomen almost like a scorpion's tail, and different coloration, generally dark brown. The adults are mostly brown as well, but the green wings cover up most of the thorax and abdomen. The nymph's curled posture actually makes them look remarkably like a dead leaf, and they enhance this by spending most of their time hanging upside down from twigs or stems much as a dead leaf would do.

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Unicorn nymph - Phyllovates chlorophaea Unicorn nymph, close-up - Phyllovates chlorophaea