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Cicada exoskeleton - Platypedia

Cicada exoskeleton - Platypedia
Lakeport, Northern California, 1350 Ft. level, Lake County, California, USA
June 10, 2005
I run across these husks attached to leaves.
Maybe I will get lucky and find one in progress.

Moved from Okanagana.

Okanagana nymph
There are two genera in the west whose nymphs have banded abdomens like this one: Okanagana (with a head narrower than the thorax) and Platypleura (with a head wider than the thorax). There may be other genera whose nymphs are unknown at present, but these are comparatively rare.

My first thought was Platypedia, though I suppose it is a bit late for them.

I agree!!!

Cicada skin
I'm certain this is the shed skin of a cicada. They emerge from the ground as nymphs and climb onto a surface to molt and become winged adults, leaving behind their shed exoskeleton.