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Sphinx 3 - Eumorpha typhon

Sphinx 3 - Eumorpha typhon
Madera Canyon, Mnt Baldy Trailhead, Pima County, Arizona, USA
July 20, 2008
Size: 5 in span

Great find...
Wonderful pic of the Typhon sphinx (Eumopha typhon). Not many of these in the index, and this is the best one so far. Too bad for the rest of us that southern Arizona is the only place in the US anyone will see these.

See reference here:

you say Souther AZ, but my caterpillar photo was from Prescott. was the ID of the cat correct then? (same reference as yours)

Yes, your photo of your cater
Yes, your photo of your caterpillar was ID correctly, I because I did the correction. I lived in Lake Havasu City, Arizona for seven years, 1992 to 1999. I collected many species of moths in Kingman and Lake Havasu City that many people believed only could be found in southeastern Arizona. Surprise, some of these moths do exist farther north in Arizona.
Now that I am in the Orlando area of Florida, I am seeing many south Florida moths showing up in central Florida. There has not been a killer freeze in this area in the last five years. People are now planting plants and trees from south Florida in central Florida. These plants and trees are helping these moths to breed in this area. But a killer freeze could end this northern movement.