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Moth on siding - Anisota stigma - female

Moth on siding - Anisota stigma - Female
Hall County, Georgia, USA
July 19, 2008
Size: 1.5-2 inches
I've looked at many websites and haven't been able to identify this moth. I saw him one morning as I was going to the mailbox. Any help is appreciated!


Pink-striped Oakworm(scientific name:Anisota virginiensis)

Oakworm moth...
Anisota of some kind, a female. Very pretty!

The moths are pretty,
but the caterpillars are gross! we struggle with an infestation of them in our one tree every year.

Thank you so much! So, my sons and I found an orange striped oakworm last year. Is it the same species or just a relative?

I recently found a mating pair here myself. Then my curious father broke up the poor pair.