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Lestes? - Lestes congener

Lestes? - Lestes congener
Espanola, Rio Arriba County, New Mexico, USA
July 19, 2008
In my yard, less than a mile (maybe 1 km) from the Rio Grande and backwaters, altitude about 5600 feet (1700 m), apparently resting for the evening. If it helps, the Lestes species known from my county are congener, disjunctus, and dryas, according to Damselflies of New Mexico. This looks a lot like the pictures of a female alacer to me, though they're not supposed to be this far north (or this high up?).

I have a dorsal view if that will help, though I don't see that it shows much that this doesn't.

Moved from Damselflies.

I agree that this is a female Spotted Spreadwing (L. congener). The blocky posterior edge to the dark humeral stripe is a good mark, as is the dark ventral spot. Chalky Spreadwing also has this shape but would not be in your county and looks different in other ways. I'm pretty sure Plateau Spreadwing would have a broader pale humeral stripe.

I would say likely L. congener because you can see at least one of the spots in this photo.

Thanks. Now that you mention
Thanks. Now that you mention it, it's strikingly like the one here (only mine's not as good).