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Hairstreak: Banded or Hickory? - Satyrium caryaevorus - female

Hairstreak: Banded or Hickory? - Satyrium caryaevorus - Female
Lowville, Halton, Ontario, Canada
July 22, 2008
Mount Nemo Conservation Area

Taken in a field of clover and wildflowers beside a mature dec forest with lots of oak, maples, hickorys and such. I was hoping for some Hickory Hairstreaks but the more I look at these photos the more I think all I have are Bandeds. (I did have a number of Stripeds that day too but they are easy to ID.)

It's a female Hickory Hairstreak
Moved from Banded Hairstreak.

a few
The wide bands, dislocated (not straight) on the front wing, tapering from narrow to wide on the hind wing, with white on both edges, and the very long blue spot on the hind wings are a few clues.

Striped is similar too, but usually with even wider bands.

I strongly suspect that a few identified as Hickory Hairstreaks on BugGuide are really Banded, and that adds to some of the confusion. I haven't really looked at them closely yet.

Any tell tail hints that swayed you?