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ichneumon wasp - Enicospilus purgatus

ichneumon wasp - Enicospilus purgatus
Portland, Cumberland County, Maine, USA
July 26, 2008
Size: 1" or larger
I believe this is the same individual.

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What fly? - Enicospilus purgatus ichneumon wasp - Enicospilus purgatus

Moved from Enicospilus.

Moved from Ophioninae.

Several spots in the DM cell of the forewing and an adventitious vein place this in this genus.

See reference here.

Moved from Ichneumon Wasps.


Ichneumon Wasp
see comparison images here

can be moved to Ophioninae page

Thanks Lynette - I didn't even think of a wasp! I'm learning...

you're welcome
wasps usually have two sets of wings and flies have one set. But honestly that's not how I tell them apart. Flies usually have short stubby antennae and they have the stubby wings (halteres), those pretty much are dead give-aways.

antenna here

halteres here

Thanks for the clues - that is very helpful!