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Click Beetles (Coleoptera: Elateridae) of the Southeastern United States
By Mathison B.A.
Occasional Papers FSCA 13: 1-414, 2021
Cite: 2070062 with citation markup [cite:2070062]

"Full Text" link only loads first page
I rarely use BugGuide aside from looking at photos so I'm not sure if it's normal for works to not be fully accessible.

works for me, but it did take a sec to load
also, print copies are available upon request (they will print per request). Contact Paul Skelley at the FSCA. I am not sure Paul wants his email broadcast on this forum thread, so people can email me if you don't know his email, and I'll pass along the info. Paul asked a couple of us to 'spread the word'

The limited printings were sold out long ago
per Paul Skelley:
"The limited printings were sold out long ago."

Just fantastic!!! This resource will be used for generations and generations! Thanks for everything you do, Blaine.