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New distribution and adult host records for longhorned beetles (Cerambycidae) from Iowa
By Marlin E. Rice and Doug A. Veal
The Coleopterists Bulletin 60(3): 255–263, 2006
Cite: 2071162 with citation markup [cite:2071162]
ABSTRACT: Thirty-nine species of Cerambycidae are recorded for the first time from Iowa. New state records for the Cerambycidae are: Analeptura lineola (Say), Anelaphus pumilus (Newman), Astylopsis collaris (Haldeman), Astylopsis sexguttata (Say), Ataxia brunnea Champlain and Knull, Ataxia hubbardi Fisher, Bellamira scalaris (Say), Centrodera decolorata (Harris), Centrodera sublineata LeConte, Clytoleptus albofasciatus (Laporte and Gory), Clytus ruricola (Olivier), Dorcaschema wildii Uhler, Encyclops caerulea (Say), Goes pulcher (Haldeman), Goes pulverulentus (Haldeman), Grammoptera exigua (Newman), Grammoptera haematites (New- man), Heterachthes quadrimaculatus Haldeman, Leptura subhamata Randall, Lepturges pictus (LeConte), Lepturges regularis (LeConte), Mecas cineracea Casey, Micranoplium unicolor (Haldeman), Monochamus carolinensis (Olivier), Neoclytus approximatus (LeConte), Neoclytus mucronatus mucronatus (Fabricius), Neoclytus scutellaris (Olivier), Oberea ocellata Haldeman, Obrium maculatum (Olivier), Oncideres cingulata cingulata (Say), Saperda imitans Felt and Joutel, Stenocorus cinnamopterus (Randall), Stenocorus vittiger (Randall), Strangalia bicolor (Swederus), Trachysida mutabilis (Newman), Trigonarthris minnesotana (Casey), Typocerus confluens Casey, Typocerus deceptus Knull, and Xestoleptura octonotata (Say). New adult host records are given for Brachyleptura circumdata (Olivier), Charisalia americana (Haldeman), C. ruricola, Goes debilis LeConte, G. exigua, G. haematites, Neoalosterna capitata (Newman), S. vittiger, T. minnesotana, and T. confluens.