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Uloma punctulata

Uloma punctulata
Parkwood, Durham County, North Carolina, USA
July 28, 2008
Size: 7.5 mm
Found at a lighted window, captured, measured, etc. Seems to key to Uloma punctulata--see references in new guide page.
A bit of spider silk is clinging to the tip of the abdomen.

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Uloma punctulata Uloma punctulata Uloma punctulata

I had one come to light also recently. First one ever!
Considering how common the species is around here it must come to light very infrequently.

yes, puzzling
I was surprised we did not have this one in the guide already. I think perhaps that some Uloma species we have in the guide are this one:

The trouble is that you need to see the underside to use the keys, mostly. Seems like a couple of those could be placed under punctulata with some careful examination of the dorsal surface.

I erred :-)
What I had come to my lights recently was Uloma impres*sa, or so I suppose. I have only encountered what might be U. punctulata once, dozens overwintering in a maple snag.