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Unknown 01 - Trigonotylus

Unknown 01 - Trigonotylus
Kenner, Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, USA
July 27, 2008
A plant bug? Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

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Unknown 01 - Trigonotylus Unknown 01 - Trigonotylus

I suggest T. americanus
T. americanus is similar to T. caelestialium and T. ruficornis. According to the key given by Kelton (1), T. caelestialium has A1 with red stripes and it is excluded from the candidates. The key difference distinguishing T. americanus from T. ruficornis is that black hairs on A1 of T. americanus are fine, while those of T. ruficornis are stiff. But, unfortunately, it cannot be checked by this photo. (Higher magnification required).

Instead, it seems that T. ruficornis is somewhat oval as compared with your bug as can be seen from the below-linked pictures. So, I suggest T. americanus.

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After looking at example images from the info page links I do believe you are correct!

Thank you very much, WonGun Kim (or is it Kim WonGun?)

Probably Trigonotylus...

I'm fairly certain it is a plant bug in the family Miridae anyway, but....

Again, problems recording the size :(
I think ~3/8"