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Upcoming Events

See Moth submissions from National Moth Week 2023

Photos of insects and people from the 2022 BugGuide gathering in New Mexico, July 20-24

Photos of insects and people from the Spring 2021 gathering in Louisiana, April 28-May 2

Photos of insects and people from the 2019 gathering in Louisiana, July 25-27

Photos of insects and people from the 2018 gathering in Virginia, July 27-29

Photos of insects and people from the 2015 gathering in Wisconsin, July 10-12

Previous events

New Mexico Gathering 2022

We have been discussing a possible Gathering to coincide with National Moth Week held in San Miguel County NM this year, 2022. The Highlands University at Las Vegas, NM is willing to welcome a summer conference for BugGuide Gathering attendees, opening student housing to us at a discounted rate. Single and double rooms will cost between $45 per night without amenities to $65 for full service and linens provided. There is a 10 room minimum for summer conference eligibility, so I am gauging the interest in this venue to determine that we can meet this minimum. Your response only is requested at this time, deposits and registration will follow if we meet the attendance requirement.

Deadline to reserve room at Days Inn
Hi All,

Just want to remind everyone who is interested in booking a room at the Days Inn Las Vegas with the BugGuide Gathering rate must do so before June 29, 2022. Looking forward to seeing you there!

We tried to make a reservation and the woman found the group of set aside rooms, but said there was already a credit card on file for those rooms. She was surprised that we wanted to use our credit card for one of those rooms. Is there a special procedure set up?

nothing special
I was asked to provide my credit card to hold the room rate, but it was my understanding that as each person reserves one of that block with that rate, the participant substitutes their own credit card for guarantee of the room. The person who took your call may not understand what the manager and I discussed. I just spoke with Jasmine at the Days Inn and she is on the same page now.

I called last week and no one that was on site could help. They said to call back before 3 pm NM time and ask for Jasemine. I just did this and booked my room @ 72.99 per night.

While in NM
Join the BioBlitz in Santa Rosa, NM anytime from the afternoon of Friday, July 22nd to Monday morning July 25th. Explore the accessible Karst lakes, springs, spring brooks, marshes and fens, and even a disjunct patch of tallgrass prairie. If you are traveling thru on I-40, please stop in to add your observations and expertise. These are unique habitats that need entomological attention. Contact me for details.

Contact information
Hi Robert. No email associated with your bugguide profile. I am definitely interested in stopping by on the 23-24.

We need
contact information.

Contact info
My email is

I hope you don’t mind a spider guy! I will talk it out with my parent due to the fact I am not n adult yet... I am interested in collecting H. Carolinensis (Carolina wolf spider)
Cool plan!

Max Wilde
Master Wilde, please don't give up your love of entomology or in your case the Wolf Spider. I was a budding entomologist as a child- and I mean "child"! At seven I was collecting grasshoppers in my hand and wasn't afraid of any bug- even stinging insects and it cost me almost my life (bee stings). Back then it was not cool to be nerdy and smart. School kids are cruel, and instead of nurturing my brain I instead dulled it and pretended I was as dumb as my schoolmates just to "fit in". Now I am far into adulthood and regret sorely letting my love of insects "go", and not furthering my education, just because I was too embarrassed to admit I liked books and science and I let slide my goal to become an entomologist. I hope you don't have the same kind of culture in your school, where the smart kids are beaten up and the cool kids grew up to be on social welfare. I do hope to attend the bug event wherever they put it- and I DO hope to meet YOU at that event if your parents can bring you. I think it would be an exciting event, and Ive no doubt you, Max, would be a star at these things! Just show your family the comments and they can't let you NOT go.. We all here would be thrilled to meet you and talk to you. Good luck!

Thank you for the kind words!
I am debating Kansas or New Mexico... But you know gas money is super crazy right now... Hopefully I will be able to meet you all there!

Registration link

BugGuide Gathering July 20-24
Accommodations for this year’s gathering will be available at $72.99+tax per night at the Days Inn by Wyndham located at 2000 N. Grand Ave, Las Vegas, NM - (505) 425-1967
A block of rooms, single or double, has been reserved under the name of BugGuide Gathering
Participants are requested to call the Days Inn and identify yourself as a member of the BugGuide Gathering to secure the room or rooms needed before June 1,2022, after which time the unused rooms will be released to the public.

I am working with a local resort, Pendaries Lodge in Rociada, NM, to secure suitable sites for the installation of mothing stations as well as restaurant space for our use July 20 and 21. I would like to know how many are interested in joining the group for dinner and mothing afterward.

I continue working toward a group excursion to the Sabinoso Wilderness and would like to know how many participants want to explore there to arrange transportation.

I have asked John to set up a registration link which will appear soon.

Past bug lighting events in the northern mountains of NM
I have never been to the Sabrinoso, so am looking forward to it. As for other places in northern NM, here are links to insects photographed from my bug lighting trips there to give folks an idea of what to expect:

Aspen Ranch 2014-05-31, Santa Fe Co., NM (35°47'53.6"N 105°49'59.6"W)
Aspen Ranch 2014-08-31, Santa Fe Co., NM (35°47'53.6"N 105°49'59.6"W)
Woodard Ridge 2017-05-27, Sandoval Co., NM (35°48'09"N 106°30'04"W)
Spruce Loop, 2020-09-05, Sandoval Co., NM (35°48'49.0"N 106°40'58.0"W)

Also, here is a picture of a bit of Stewart Lake and the wet meadow to the north.

I'm in
I'm in for everything. Have you determined if we will be able to set up a moth station at Sabrinoso Wilderness? From the Sabrinoso website directions and map linked on that page, we're being directed to a particular parking lot off County Road C51A at the SW tip of the Wilderness. That would be a perfect place to set up. It looks like there is some sort of lake or dammed river there. Bugs like water, and water is where they will be in this sort of semi-arid environment.

There are also what look like vernal pools or cattle "tanks" (that's what they're called; they're not really tanks) along the road to the parking lot. They are worth checking out. These are usually teaming with insect life in and around them.

The website, though, warns of possible impassible conditions if there has been a recent rain. 4WD and a plan B is prudent. I have a Nissan Xterra and can take two passengers if I bring my bug lighting equipment.

Hope to attend
I hope to attend, including a dinner and mothing afterwards, as well as a group excursion to the Sabinoso, though will not have any high clearance or 4 wheel drive transportation. Thanks Marcia for working so hard on this.

I'm up for dinner and/or excursions (as long as the transportation brings me out of the wilderness too! ;)

in 2022 gathering

suggestions about lodging
Hi all, we have a couple of choices as to lodging, 1. The Days Inn that I mentioned earlier at about $65 a night which is at the northern end of town with open space around it, or a Grand Hotel in Old Las Vegas for about $100 a night. What is the consensus as to preference in lodging?

Grand Hotel?
What is the web address for the Grand Hotel? I can only find one in Los Vegas, Nevada.

Or once-grand hotels
I may have confused things by telling Marcia that in Las Vegas NM there survive several grand hotels from its late 19th/early 20th century heyday. These are the Plaza Hotel, the Castaneda Hotel, and the El Fidel Hotel.

I am very interested
and I will probably attend.

Pecos options
Here are some locations to consider for daytime exploration, at least. It would provide an opportunity to sample different environments. I haven't inquired about any restrictions associated with bug lighting yet:

Winsor Ridge Trailhead
Winsor Creek Trailhead
These two are about a mile apart on paved roads, but away from campsites that might be disturbed by the noise. They are both located at different trailheads that lead up to the same mountain lake (Stewart Lake) with surrounding wetlands, but that would be a major day hike for a fit subgroup. There is plenty to explore near the trailheads for others.

FR 645 Low
FR 645 High
These two are deep in the wilderness, and require an SUV for the first and high clearance or even 4WD for the second. It'll be monsoon season, so I'll bring a tow rope and pull you out if you get struck in the mud on the second one. Maybe we'll skip that one.

I am very interested
will be camping with dog.

July 20-24 dates?
Have we finalized these dates? I am traveling with my dog and will be camping. May need to make reservations but do want to do so until we are sure of the dates.

the dates
The alternative lodging is not yet set, but I will update and open registration as soon as we get things in order. The July 20-24th are the dates we want.

Still in
I'm still attending. I live in Albuquerque and have collected in the Pecos area many times. I'll post a list of suggested sites to visit with descriptions. I have not been to the Sabinoso Wilderness, but it looks like an excellent choice.

moth stations
There is an invitation for us to erect our mothing stations on private property - with your set-up and my 2 or 3 we can choose several spots that will yield a good sampling over the 4 nights in relative safety. More details to follow.

Fine with us
count us in

Allens still on board

Highland University pulled out
Hi All. Highland University just pulled the housing for our event, the athletes will be using that space this summer. I am hoping that this little speed bump will not deter anyone from gathering in NM this summer. I am quite looking forward to seeing some old friends and new. I browsed some of the hotels in Las Vegas NM and found a reasonable Days Inn by Wyndham with a cost similar to the student housing rate with linens. $68 per night 2 guests, $73 per night 3 guests. There is a continental breakfast included in the rate, a pool and it looks like there is a small area where we can gather. Thoughts?

athletic first! I should have been a sports coach...but no, I pick science and beetles....

still interested
I'm still interested - mainly looking for the group observing/collecting experience, and someone familiar with habitat in this part of the country. I've been to 45 states (not counting those from airport layovers) but NM is one of the 5 remaining!

I'd be interested (if you don't mind a beetle guy), including more details when available. I can also help with any stargazing you want to do (bring your binos). Looks really dark east of town, and the moon comes up late, especially later in the week.


Last year in Louisiana we encountered a vast number of beetles and no "beetle guy" was there to collect, photograph, and otherwise record the findings with any expertise. Much to the consternation of the beetle experts here at BugGuide who assisted in their identification with only dorsal shots. :)

I hope someone who attends wi
I hope someone who attends will consider collecting cerambycids, buprestids, cicindelids and odonates and donating them to the Arthropod Collection at New Mexico State University where I will be happy to process and identify them (as time allows). It would be great to get vouchers and keep them in state. Just a thought, I realize most people are going to be photographing and not collecting.

I will collect
I am a collector, and live in Albuquerque. Beyond what I collect for my own studio imaging of mounted specimens for posting on BG, I will collect these taxa, Carabidae for Peter Messer, and any other specific taxa that specialists ask for in this thread. I'll bring a heated desiccation chamber and store them in glassine envelopes in containers labeled with date and locality. I also will also offer to consolidate the specimens that others collect in these taxa to donate to you and Peter, or at least bring to my attention for me to collect.

Keep in mind, though, the primary purpose of these gatherings is BG's mission to create a virtual collection of arthropods on the internet. What I hope for in return, then, is that you spend some time to identify such taxa when you see them posted on BG, with the help of the specimens you receive if needed. I will retain a specimen or two of each species for this purpose.

As for Odonata, If we make it up to Stewart Lake, that will be well represented. There's a darner up there that could carry away small children. I've been thinking of backpacking up there for an overnight stay after the gathering with anyone who may wish to come and is prepared. I may have to lose my Covid-19 (pounds that is) first, though :-).

hand delivery?
Would you trade specimens for a tour of the collection? A drawer full of beetles always brings a happy smile :)

I'm sure a tour can be arrang
I'm sure a tour can be arranged even without a trade. :)

I will add this inquiry to my notes of project requests.

All taxa welcome
BG gatherings do attract a lot of moth fans because they generally have mercury lamps with white sheets set up at night, and most of the invertebrates that show up there are moths. Many beetles and other taxa are attracted too, though, and there is plenty of interest there. And, this is just at night. There will be opportunities to explore wilderness areas of northern NM during the gathering. Do a search for gathering_2013 to see what was found in neighboring AZ then. There were lamp setups at night and field trips during the day. Replace 2013 with any other year back to 2007 to see bugs from other events.

It's great to have at least one beetle representative present!
Regarding my current revisionary work on the difficult beetle genus Discoderus, I find that New Mexico holds important transitional forms of certain Discoderus species in an apparent morphological continuum from Texas to Arizona.

Dear Tim and others, any captured series of such beetles from New Mexico would greatly help in my understanding the intraspecific variations. Capture methods would be black lighting, pitfall traps, and hand-picking beneath ground cover. I will be happy to pay expense for packaging and mailing of specimens. Sadly, I'm unable to attend this gathering. I hope it is a success.

Recently I encounterd a mysterious Selenophorus species from Arizona and New Mexico that was not reported in our recent revision of Nearctic Selenophorus. It is either an unfamiliar Mexican species or it is undescribed. Specimens of Selenophorus, a sister to Discoderus, are also requested. Thank you.

I've requested the Revision via ResearchGate, per suggestion on the Books entry. I had already planned to run pitfall traps there and in the Sandia Mountains this summer. I will keep an eye out for these genera.

Edward, It's so nice to have the cyber-company of others in hot pursuit of these little gems.

Will likely attend
Me and a friend are tentatively planning to be there.

plan to attend
three people

Count us in for a room
Jane and John

Sign me up (1 attendee)
Discussion of this 2022 Gathering can be found in BugGuide Gathering future interest. Highlights from there are:
National Moth Week is July 17-25 (BG dates TBD).
Marcia and I will provide light and sheet setups (see mine).
Sabinoso Wilderness and the Pecos River valley are attractive options about an hour away each from Las Vegas.

Thanks for the response
And we are looking at both of those options! The tentative dates for the "official" Gathering (summer conference) if we are in agreement will be July 20-24. I plan to attend.

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