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Unknown Asilidae - Microstylum galactodes

Unknown Asilidae - Microstylum galactodes
Near the Pedernales River, Gillespie County, Texas, USA
July 26, 2008
Size: Not measured.
I have spent a few days working on this Robber Fly and am no closer to ID'ing it than when I started. BTW, I believe the victim grasshopper is Aulocara femoratum.

The grasshopper
is Encoptolophus, probably E. subgracilis.

That's great information!
Thank you for the correction, David.

You're welcome

Moved from Microstylum.

Fantastic image
And this is a Stenopogoninae member. It is very difficult to ID robbers from photos in TX. Frankly this looks like a Microstylum. Massive robbers. This is a female and M. galactodes is the only species I have not seen in Texas in this small genus. I have no idea if the female has this distinctive silver and black pattern of yours. I will check my papers at home. Very impressive animal.

Thank you!
That looks right! I can't tell you how much I appreciate your help!