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Fly - Poecilanthrax lucifer

Fly - Poecilanthrax lucifer
Marion, AR, Crittenden County, Arkansas, USA
July 31, 2008
Size: .5"
Large feathery wings that rest far out to the side.
Abdomen is striped...
Is this a type of Picture wing fly?
It is resting on top of a dried coreopsis flower
Thanks in advance.

Moved from Poecilanthrax.

Not an ID -
but I suspect that this is a bee fly (Bombyliidae) - maybe something in the Villini tribe? Here is a similar fly, although probably not the same species:

I believe this IS the same species, Poecilanthrax lucifer. The colors are more pale because the fly pictured is freshly emerged from the pupa.

thanks to all for the direction and ID.
It's really a beautiful fly and was excited to find this one.