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family? - Canifa pallipes

family? - Canifa pallipes
Medford, (~25 miles east of Philadelphia, PA) Burlington County, New Jersey, USA
June 12, 2008
Size: ~3.5mm
not sure what the family is on this one either. sort of reminds me of a soldier beetle, but I've never seen one this small or plain brown. suggestions welcome :)

came to uv light

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family? - Canifa pallipes family? - Canifa pallipes

must be C. pallipes (Melsheimer)
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Canifa, i believe -- nice

thanks so much!
after reviewing Downie and Arnett for keys and species for our area, I think Canifa is correct, based on the more elongate and narrower maxillary palpomere (difficult to see in ventral image but I re-examined under the scope). The lobed 4th tarsi and long 1st hind tarsi rule out the single Allopoda species. Scraptia sericea seems to fit (and is recorded from NJ) except for the shape / size of the maxillary palpi. My only hesitation is that all 4 Canifa species listed in D&A are stated as 2.5mm and under. The good news is that the MCZ as all 4 of these imaged, and C. pallipes (Melsheimer) (originally named as S. biimpressa Haldeman) is clearly at least 3mm based on the scale shown.

Regardless, this is yet another new family for my backyard survey - Thanks!

it's funny...
...that it took a Canifa to herald a 'new-to-my-backyard' family, not some pretty common Anaspis, among which i have a couple of deck light regulars here in Essex Co, NJ

lots of strange things
there's probably many strange things about my current backyard survey list, including the one you mention. I probably have several dozen un-IDed species of Roves, weevils, and carabids awaiting a time of more ID work and less collecting and sorting. That said, I'm fairly certain that I'm not seeing Anaspis in my UV trap samples, as the diversity isn't really that large, so the different species really tend to stand out. Still, I really need to employ some different collecting techniques - the UV trap is just too easy.