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Robberfly / yellowjacket mimic  - Callinicus pollenius

Robberfly / yellowjacket mimic - Callinicus pollenius
Big trees state park, Calaveras County, California, USA
August 2, 2008
Size: 3/4 "
There were many different Robber fly fellows in the area , but this is the first time that I came upon this one . It was interesting that there were many yellow jacket wasps by a nearby stream and here this guy looks like one of them , but I knew he was a Robber fly by his eyes . He did not stay still for long , otherwise I would have gotten a better photo ... , but hopefully he/she can be identified by this shot. Thanks , sincerely Beth

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Looking thing. I am guessing it is in Dasypogoninae. And possibly a different Saropogon. Dr. Fisher will comment.

Robberfly / yellowjacket mimic:
This is Callinicus pollenius - indeed a great vespid mimic.