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Ootheca - Mantis religiosa

Ootheca - Mantis religiosa
Union, Union County, Oregon, USA
June 7, 2005
I have these all over my back yard ..they have attached themselves to wood and metal .. just wanting to know what these are ..



European mantis
I think its a mantis religiosa ootheca

Moved from Mantidae.

Appears to be the ootheca of
Appears to be the ootheca of the europen mantis.

Coccoon of Praying mantis
It is were they put their eggs in, and when the young have hatched you can see the slit like holes in the coccoon!
Gerard Pennards

Oh wow cool
I didnt know what it was and we have alot of PrayingMantis in the yard I really like them ... ive even got pics of preagnant ones and ones eating grasshoppers .. they r just kool lil creatures ..
thanks for the ID