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Snail-eating Beetle - Sphaeroderus stenostomus

Snail-eating Beetle - Sphaeroderus stenostomus
Dixville, Coos County, New Hampshire, USA
July 30, 2008
Size: 12mm

Moved from Sphaeroderus stenostomus-lecontei. The old page is deleted. It's easy, just tag and move the image, and when the old page doesn't have any images, you can go to "info" and edit, then delete at the bottom of the page.

but one more thing. While image is now in proper subspecies page, why does image give only the species name and not the full subspecies name?

That's the way the system is set up now
by not having a category for subspecies. When the system gets upgraded to bugguide 2.0 that might change.


Sphaeroderus stenostomus lecontei (subspecies)
based on my microscopic examination of this specimen. Thanks Tom.

In an attempt to override BugGuide's insistence for "no subspecies guide pages", I created this test page for the subspecies "Sphaeroderus stenostomus lecontei". Note that BugGuide does not allow a space between species and subspecies names, so the best I could come up with was a dash mark for the separator. I would have preferred the use of separator "_" as in "stenostomus_lecontei, but not allowed. I'm hoping there will be no confusion or other downsides to BugGuide users if we adopt such a trick for all subspecies? I'm also assuming that searches within and outside of BugGuide (e.g. Google) for either the species name or full subspecies name will produce a successful hit for this page. I have not yet tested such searches. What do you think Tom? I'm unaware if other BugGuiders do same so this idea is either unpopular or unknown.

Thanks for the identification to subspecies. It looks like a page for the subspecies already exists here.

Thanks for getting me up to date. I had thought that BugGuide for a long time did not permit subspecies pages, but I realize now that the option exisits! Was there a recent upgrade for this? If you don't mind Tom, are you able to eliminate this particular guide page and transfer your good image to the valid subspecies page named "lecontei"? I'm afraid my editing skills are not up to par for such a project. Sorry for making a mess.

Moved from Cychrini.